Date: 9/10/2004


BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION (BBC) WORLD SERVICE, is going to broadcast "Talking Point" programme on ISLAM on Sunday, Sep 12, 2004.

Here is our letter:


We hope you will invite President Vladimir Putin to this Sunday's discussion on Sep 11

.........(Global TERRORISM = Global ISLAM)

A few question for you to put on air if you feel them appropriate. Thank you.

If Russia grants full independence to Chechnya they will obviously go for ISLAM and declare themselves an ISLAMIC Republic.

In that case, could they keep the country safe, secular and democratic for all the citizens and grant equal rights to women (that is against the teachings of Koran)?

Will the NON Muslims living there feel safe, and enjoy equal status along with the Muslim citizens?

Will free Chechnya NOT "decompose, degenerate and regress" under Islamic motivation and inspiration like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and AFGHANISTAN?

The motivation towards an ISLAMIC constitution, wherever the Muslims are a majority, begs the question, "Will they accept, if America or Germany promulgated a CHRISTIAN Constitution and the Indians adopted a HINDU Constitution, were these countries to show SIMILAR love for their religions, too?"

How is it that the Muslims cannot tolerate any NON MUSLIM minority among them, while expecting full human and civic rights and equality in countries where they are a minority?

Lastly, how would the Muslims feel if the world asked them to DELETE the word Kafir (Infidel) from the KORAN? Why don't they see the feelings of the "Infidels" towards them and their KORAN?

Therefore, would it not be better for the Chechens to accommodate themselves with the Russians with whom they share the language and history, rather than look towards Iran, Pakistan and Syria for weaponry, drug import and financial help?

If Islamic Jihad continues across the globe, one of the worst sufferers will be the KASHMIRI Muslims with DIVIDED loyalties.

Some wish to be in India, the others wish to join Pakistan. Trade, development, industry and investment, have all gone to dogs.

Friday, 10 September 2004