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date: 9/11/2004

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.... pleasing the sikhs, the other (alarming) side.

we are delighted at the celebration of the 400th. anniversary of the inauguration of sri guru granth sahib in secular bharat.

the government of traitor nehru? congress party disregarded the strict command and constraint of secularism to despatch president abdul kalam to sri harimandir sahib in amritsar to confer high profile recognition on the sikhs. it seems so wonderful that a religion of the people is getting the attention that it deserves. this is certainly the case in the islamic world and the christian west. but hark! ask questions.

only 20 years ago the sikhs were labelled ?errorists?across india and were being hunted down and killed. they were killed on trains, on buses, in cars and taxis, in shops, and even in their own homes.

thousands were massacred, not only in delhi. they were killed in the most gruesome manner. some were dragged out of houses and clubbed, beaten and stabbed to death. others were made to drink petrol and then set on fire. they were not spared even in military uniform. it is all well recorded, only if we were to look at the past, even recent past, leave aside the islamic onslaught of partition that slaughtered half a million sikhs besides two million hindus, and reduced india's surface area by one third overnight.

there has been no official enquiry into both these calamities and none has been declared guilty, punished or hanged to death- neither mohammed ali jinnah and hussain shaheed suhrawardy, nor rajiv gandhi (son of feroze khan, later the notorious ?ofors chor? and jagdish tytler.

the sikhs, like the rajputs, marathas and gurkhas, are renowned for their martial spirit, and have an excellent fighting record. during the treacherous army assault on golden temple to catch a few outlaws, not one sikh put up his hands or begged for his life. their dead bodies were disrespectfully dragged across ground and piled up on trucks and taken away for secret cremations.

no list of prisoners was released to public. they were sent off to jails located as far away as tamil nadu and assam to give utmost discomfort to the relatives who were forced to travel such long distances to meet the prisoners. to their credit the sikhs assassinated the erring prime minister of bharat, while the hindus, with a few exceptions, were (and still are) ?icking?anyone from dirty dynasty, and whoever calls himself/herself a ?andhi?(to fool us). in one second we forgave the traitors who surrendered one third of bharat unconditionally to mohammed and his islam from arabia, and started ?elebrating?partition, calling it independence.

a country who does not recall 1947 in its true light, cannot grasp the need of the hour when the sikh religion began and nearly bled to death under fanatic aurangzeb who swore to convert or kill every hindu.

despite such history, the hindu society did not recover, but could be enslaved, misled, brainwashed and manipulated so easily by ?andhis?as no other people on earth. india under congress has been bashing the hindus and openly persecuting another native minority that is regarded the sword arm of defence of hindustan, the sikhs. its cultural heart, lahore and gujranwala and its spiritual soul, sri nankana sahib, were surrendered to the enemy without a challenge or fight. it was then the official policy of india to reward the musalman in lahore and dhaka but demoralise, intimidate and kill the sikhs in amritsar. bhindranwale was the product of that high treason of 1947 and a convenient excuse to ?ash?the sikhs.

what about the hindus? their status in lok sabha is nil. mention ?indu rashtra?(after conceding pakistan) and there will be uproar in lok sabha. cabinet ministers like laloo prashad will ensure death to the one who mooted the idea. the hindu nation, by popular vote, gave hindustan to a semi literate worthless white elephant from europe. the hindu nation has not been able to stand up in ayodhya, nor recover north kashmir. the hindu nation watches helplessly when their stalwarts are arrested for flying bhagwa flag anywhere, or, are seen walking towards ayodhya.

the hindu religion is being denied attention and support at state level. it is like a flower that has not been watered for 14 centuries on its own soil. it is, therefore, no wonder that hindu religion has vanished across western india (now called pakistan) and eastern india (bogusdesh). it is being hammered in the middle fragment that we call bharat. we have let go of it in the best of india while precariously holding on to it in the rest of india.

the muslims are rapidly increasing in nombers once again and the next onslaught on the surviving hindus is approaching relentlessly. hindu leaders, who never held any post mortem on partition, are incapable of mobilising public opinion to rally around the cause of hinduism in bharat. without state support, it is withering and vanishing. it is being replaced by cult of congress and the tide of computer age.

in such a situation to focus attention on the identity and pride of the sikhs has a dark side. the implication is as follows:

the rulers (congress, italy & islam) now know that the decline of hinduism (ironically at the hands of hindus themselves) will soon produce a mighty power vacuum in which the two foreign minorities, now fattening themselves like leopards and wolves, will suddenly attack and divide bharat between themselves. yet there will be no change in the status of the hindus. they will remain servants, serfs and slaves exactly as today.

even if sonia carves out a kingdom and gets the title of queen and a crown on her head, and even if jenab abdul kalam becomes the head of islamic republic of hindustan, and assumes the title of emperor, hindus like laloo prashad will only celebrate the event.

what about the sikhs?

they will be given khalistan by the two new countries on the sub continent, one catholic republic like italy, with its capital in goa, and the other islamic republic like pakistan, with its capital in delhi.

to see a safe future, one had to see the rulers of india paying double attention to hinduism than to sikhism.

the only question now is, "what can the hindus do, watching tables turned on them?

even our own sikh brothers and sisters are being groomed in separate identity in east punjab that shares the frontier with west punjab, not to speak of kashmir where the north is out of our maps while south is ?o go?area for hindus.

today, september 11, 2004, the united states is commemorating the 3rd. anniversary of the attack on wtc towers in new york. how does broken bharat commemorate her worst ever defeat and her bloody partition in 1947? that is the sole reason why india's future is now seriously threatened while america's is safe.

we would like to see or hear the reaction of all the hindu cultural, social, religious and political parties to the rise of foreigner on our sacred territory and the enemy? ability to ruin the image of hindus on our own territory while boosting that of the sikhs, muslims and catholics.

in the case of the sikhs, who are suddenly basking in the sunshine of smiles, such "sarkari" attention would have been genuine, well meant and most welcome, had the ideological as well as the political head of hindustan been a committed hindu.

today it is abdul kalam, who can only be a pakistani as per "act of partition, 1947". the other head is a thoroughbred italian, and a committed catholic female called sonia maino, whose citizenship by birth cannot be revoked.

when islam struck, all these aspects (cultural, social, religious and political) got wiped out in lahore on one day. it is time to look back and see the same ?easts?chasing us at the gallop.

the natives of india do not even have the donkey? memory. when the rulers smile (akbar) they all rally round him and lick his feet but when the rulers turn nasty (aurangzeb) they run for life.

accordingly, in 1984 the sikhs were running for life but today (2004) they are appreciating abdul kalam? and sonia khan? secularism and love for sri guru granth sahib.

for them to show some brains, they had to demand that the word hindu is put in constitution and their own east punjab is granted autonomy, one tenth of the full sovereignty that indira khanum conceded to shaikh mujiburrahman of east bengal.

unless this is done, make no mistake, the hindu is a fool and the sikhs a damn fool. let us watch out! sometimes ?olitical correctness?that only favours the foreign minorities, turns into death as in lahore. the treacherous rulers of hindustan are showering attention on a native minority. they are going to use that as cover to shower a hundred times that attention to the foreigners among us. their love of sikhi is not altruistic or in the spirit of our ?ishkam sewa?

i saw a happy frolicking rabbit in green meadow on the edge of a deep pond. a crocodile lay on shore, basking in the sun, its mouth open. the rabbit approached it innocently, seeing its smile. in a second it was in crocodile? stomach. it never returned to tell its story.

none of our own (hindu) dead ever returned to tell us of the horrors of 1947 nor did the (sikh) dead of amritsar ever returned to tell us as to why indira gave freedom to islam in east bengal in 1972 but ?loody nose?to the sikhs in 1984.

we need to fix our gaze on the tightening noose around the hindus?necks in bharat that could not emerge as hindu rashtra from the fires of partition. we need to fix our gaze on the tightening noose around the hindus?necks in bharat that could not emerge as hindu rashtra from the fires of partition.

finally, the sikhs?joy will be lasting only if the hindus get some joy out of their lok sabha. september 11, 2004.


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