Date: 9/13/2004


A Letter to Mankind >

>Dear fellow human,

> >Today humanity is being challenged. Unthinkable atrocities take place>on daily basis. There is an evil force at work that aims to destroy us. >The agents of this evil respect nothing; not even the lives of>children. Every day there are bombings, every day innocent people are >targeted >and murdered. It seems as if we are helpless. But we are not! >

>The ancient Chinese sage Sun Zi said, "Know your enemy and you won't be >defeated". Do we know our enemy? If we don't, then we are doomed. > >Terrorism is not an ideology, it is a tool; but the terrorists kill for >an ideology. They call that ideology Islam. > >The entire world, both Muslims and non-Muslims claim that the >terrorists have hijacked "the religion of peace" and Islam does not >advocate >violence and terror. > >Who is right? Do the terrorists understand Islam better, or do those>who decry them? The answer to this question is the key to our victory, >and failure to find that key will result in our loss and death will be >upon us. The key is in the Quran and the history of Islam. >

>Those of us who know Islam, know that the understanding of the >terrorists of Islam is correct. They are doing nothing that their prophet >did>not do and did not encourage his followers to do. Murders,>assassinations, beheadings, massacres and sacrilege of the dead "to delight >the>hearts of the believers" were all practiced by Muhammad, were taught by him >and were observed by Muslims throughout the history. >

>If ever truth has mattered, it is now! This is the time that we have to >call a spade a spade. This is the time that we have to find the root of >the problem and eradicate it. The root of Islamic terrorism is Islam. >The proof of that is the Quran. > >We are a group of ex-Muslims who have seen the face of Devil and have >risen to warn the world. No matter how painful the truth may be, only >truth can set us free. Why this much denial? Why so much obstinacy? How >many more innocent lives should be lost before YOU open your eyes? A >nuclear disaster is upon us. This will happen. It is not a question of >"if" but "when". Oblivious of that, the world is digging its head deeper >in the sand. > >We urge the Muslims to leave Islam. Stop with excuses, justifications >and rationalizations. Stop dividing mankind in "us" vs. "them" and >Muslims vs. Kafirs. We are One people, One mankind! Muhammad was not a >messenger of God. It is time that we end this insanity and face the truth. >The terrorists take their moral support and the validation for their >actions from you. Your very adherence to their cult of death is a nod of >approval for their crimes against humanity. > >We also urge the non-Muslims to stop being politically correct lest >they hurt the sensibilities of the Muslims. To Hell with their >sensibilities! Let us save their lives, and the lives of millions of >innocent >people. > >Millions, if not billions of lives will be lost if we do nothing. Time >is running out! "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to >do nothing." Do something! Send this message to everyone in your >address book and ask them to do the same. Defeat Islam and stop terrorism. >This is your world, save it. > >This letter is much too short to discuss the Quran and islamic >teaching. But please come and visit us to see for yourself! >

>The ex-Muslim Movement

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