Date: 10/12/2004


Vibrant Gujarat : Navratri Festival

(October 14-22, 2004)

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are aware that Navratri Festival of Gujarat is a Carnival of nine nights involving Garba (Gujarati Folk Dance) with devotion and colour. This is the most prominent cultural icon of the State celebrated at the best time of the year. Alongwith dance, this festival involves music, colourful costumes and is participated by all sections of the society. This is the longest dance festival of the world wherein millions of people rejoice. In every city, town and village, thousands of men, women and children dance together for the whole night. The basic spirit of Gujarat, which is vibrancy and colour, courtesy and hospitality, enterprise and cooperation is best reflected in this festival. Its dance forms like Garba and Raas are not only known in India but beyond the national boundaries. The festival is now celebrated across the globe wherever the Gujarati diaspora resides. No wonder, the festival has been attracting large number of tourists from India as well as abroad.

Last year, we had celebrated this festival on an international scale with intense participation of people from within and outside the country. I am thankful to many of you who had supported or participated in making this festival a memorable international event. This year again, we are organizing this festival on a greater scale between 14th and 22nd October. We are combining with these cultural festivities, the Seminars on Culture and Heritage Tourism, Religious Tourism, Adventure and Eco Tourism as well as Medical Tourism. We are also organizing theme pavilions and exhibition on various facets of tourism potential in the State, its culture and society. A Global Garba Festival is also being organised so as to enable the national and international troupes to participate and add colour to the event.

I feel delighted to tell you that Gujarat has got immense potential for tourism. With the biggest coastline in the country dotted with picturesque beaches and robust ports, its ancient heritage and magnificent monuments, fascinating landscape and the only national park and sanctuary of Asiatic Lion in the world promise exciting destinations to the tourists. More than all this, the visitor is received with an all pervasive warmth and mouth-watering cuisine wherever he goes. We have planned to showcase this potential to the world community. We are also inviting large number of national and international tourist operators and travel writers. We would be glad to take the participants around the state at specific tourist destinations. While you are here, you will also get the feel of the modern day development which has taken place in Gujarat in terms of infrastructure, industry, agriculture, connectivity, entertainment and medical services. Due to this impressive pace of development and State’s contribution in the national economy, Gujarat has acquired the place of a jewel in the Indian Crown.

I sincerely request you to visit Gujarat during this time and enjoy the festival. I also request you to highlight this event at various forums and solicit participation of your friends including Indians and Non-Indians.

Further details of the Navratri Celebrations can be seen on our Website and We shall be pleased to provide any further information or assistance required.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Narendra Modi