Date: 10/14/2004


The beastly character of MUSALMAN is eternal just as Koran is eternal to him.

It is vicious just as the CONTENT IN KORAN and merciless and unforgiving towards the Kafirs (Hindus).

The "bastards" lie low, swear by secularism and talk Geneva Convention and sweet while at the same time RAPIDLY INCREASING their numbers.

Come the deadly figure of 51%, the non Muslim is DOOMED. They simply wait for the moment. That moment to the so-called INDIAN MUSLIMS came in 1947. Into EXPLODED into THREE PARTS and a MILLION OF US were slaughtered with utmost bestiality.

Older Hindus will testify that they were the same devils as today who lived cheek by jowl among us, and then under the BRITISH BOOT, times were peaceful. Then suddenly the "Sons of Mohammed" showed us their true colours, just as they did in America on Sep 11.

While America shuddered and RETALIATED, we collapsed and till today most of us have Gandhi as role model INSTEAD OF SHIVAJI and GURU GOBIND SINGH.

It is INCOMPREHENSIBLE that the Hindus could feed and fatten the enemy who will DISEMBOWEL us and abduct and RAPE our girls when he attains that magic figure of 51%.

Our love for EXTINCTION is proverbial. It is 2004 and yet we have NOT got our TERRITORY and TEMPLES in our own hands. We have allowed the KHANS to demoralise us and ridicule our Holiest of Holiest in Bollywood. It has not yet shown one Hindu actor marrying a Musalmani and her embracing Hindu Dharma. They threaten to burn down cinemas showing such films just like their threat of CIVIL WAR over the reconstruction of Sri Ram Mandir in AYODHYA.

So friends, it is time to spread the word about the ENEMY that is talking sweet and secular today but will come out into streets to do what the INDIAN Musalman did to country and nation in 1947.

We should also know that after a so-called kind Akbar there is always a BLOOD THIRSTY AURANGZEB. The ENEMY cannot make a damn fool of me twice. I AM A HINDU who has woken up from deep INDUCED sleep by (Abdul) KALAMS AND (Sonia) KHANS.. Now my motto is-


(We will chase them all OUT [to Italy and Arabia] and reconstruct our MANDIR on the SAME spot.

We do not need approal or permission of these FOREIGN and ALIEN "bastards & bitches" whose only job is to demoralise, confuse and debilitate (divide and WEAKEN) the Hindus in order to OVERWHELM and ENSLAVE us again in Delhi as in LAHORE and EAST BENGAL.