Date: 10/14/2004



Put all the Holy Books of the world together and read them simultaneously. Only form one will the heat of fire of hatred and savagery ooze out to burn your brain. It is the Koran that divided people into Momins and Kafirs, a division that is as bogus and ludicrous. Yet anyone saying a word against the Book of Mischief & Separatism will be beheaded or stoned to death. If they cannot dump their Koran, they will never advance and progress in life. They liberated Germany and Japan and they bounced back with redoubled vigour. Germany registered a WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER within 2 years. They liberated Pakistan; the country has reverted to medieval feudal system, driving millions abroad. Hundreds of girls refuse to visit their country of birth due to fear of HONOUR KILLING. Gen Musharraf has called the brutal custom as scourge of Pakistan but he failed to put his finger on the root cause, the Koran. The news has come at the time of writing (October 1, 2004) that a bomb blast in a Shia mosque in Sialkot in POP (Pakistani Occupied Punjab) has killed at least 15 worshippers- naturally all male. That is the way all ISLAMIC republics will go eventually, “Insha’ Allah” (God Willing).

They liberated Afghanistan and the country is promptly reverting to the Culture of Drugs. They are still trying to liberate Iraq. They liberated Arabia whose good sons are trying to kill off all the royal ruling family.

An Islamic country reverts to chaos and anarchy after its liberation unlike the example of Germany and Japan after World War 2.

So why do people stick to ISLAM and KORAN? They have NO choice and no option to escape the dictatorship of Mohammed. Since it is a male dominated society, the men are mighty happy with a Rasul Allah who promises them virgins after death. The women, who can be beaten up and locked up without food and water as per Mohammed, no voice. Not one can escape the prison of Islam. Ashamed of their degradation many do not show their faces in public.

An Islamic land is like Germany under HITLER. None could escape. In the end they all perished. But thank God, they were not Muslim and had NO Koran to turn them into morons. They could rise again in prosperity and freedom of expression.



Having exterminated the Hindus in North Kashmir, Gilgit and Chitral, having broken the backbone of the Sikhs in Lahore, and having terrified the surviving Hindus in EAST Bengal, the Muslim was a proud cock.

Having established his ISLAMIC republic that stretched from Karachi to Khyber, they arrived in droves in the UNITED Kingdom. Greatly incenses over the word UNITED, they set about destroying it. They increased their numbers rapidly and taking over the media, climbed high up on the political stairs of Europe and America.

Saudi money and donations from oil rich Islamic lands they established mosque after mosque, each one grander and bigger than the previous one. Mighty boxing champion converted to Islam and called himself Mohammed Ali, like the notorious “father” of Pakistan, the rascal JINN who smashed the peace of India in 1947.

Mighty singer and musician Cat Stevens called himself YUSUF ISLAM to encourage fellow Britons to kill the Koran of which they hardly understand a single word. All was going well and media were speaking of “the fastest growing religion on earth,” sending shock waves among the clergy and the establishment in Europe who saw the Dark Medieval Age once again that encouraged the crusaders to travel a thousand miles to punish the Islamic “devils” who had occupied Palestine after conquering Arabia and were about to conquer Persia, the size of a goat, Afghanistan, the size of a horse and even Hindustan, the size of an elephant. By the end of 20th century, they had KILLED both Iran and Afghanistan and MUTILATED Hindustan beyond recognition.

Then they talked of resurrecting KHILAFEH. The Hindus know their own Khilafat Movement that was blessed by Mahatma Gandhi, the Servant of Islam, in 1920’s when thousands of Hindus were killed as if they opposed the idea!

It was at this moment in time, around the year 2000 AD, the turn of the millennium that the West rallied round under the banner of the UNITED States to confront the savages head on. For this resolve, the US lost two World Trade Centre Towers. More innocent Americans were killed on September 11, 2001 than during the Japanese surprise attack on PEARL HARBOUR.

There is a country to the East, the size of an elephant that is so scared of ISLAM that having surrendered Secularism and Lahore unconditionally to it in 1947, she votes at the UN as directed by PLO chief Yasser Arafat and the Pope in Vatican. A few scant voices in it say, “Gaurav se kaho, Hum HINDU Hain.” Who can take them seriously if they adore Italy ON TOP and kiss the constitutional stick called ABDUL KALAM?


Have you seen a circus? The animals are trained, some conditioned, to obey commands that make them perform ridiculous acts for the entertainment of the spectators.

There is another kind of circus. It is HUMAN CIRCUS in which the people perform as per wishes of their rulers. Once the Germans “performed” to the tune of their FUEHRER. But soon they got rid of their dictator and began to think for themselves. The most notable change was that the “sarkari” birthdays were dropped and instead, new festivals and days of celebrations were designated.

One of those “sarkari” birthdays is that of MK GANDHI, still called “mahatma” by India’s ruling and FOOLING establishment. The people are simply performing as the animals in circus.

Gandhi “LED” into talks for Independence but he returned home minus one third of India with all the doomed inhabitants. Which one of them will today “celebrate” Gandhi’s birthday unless he is an INDIAN “monkey” or “donkey”?

This year the date again reminded me of the anniversary of a very INAUSPICIOUS timid, COWARDLY & COMPROMISING “SMALL SOUL” called MK GANDHI. His inglorious end was the culmination of his patriotism, “desh bhagti”, defence of secularism and Hindu Dharma, and his service to his nation. In the last year of his life, it was to see the genocide of Hindus in North Kashmir, West Punjab and East Bengal, and the permanent loss of one third of India’s territory to the sworn ENEMY called Mohammed on August 15, 1947.



India has 25 States. So has European Union. But there is the difference between a mountain and a mound.

In India the political system is so corrupt and centralised that a semi literate anti Hindu female from Italy, who has NO clue to national history, customs, culture and traditions, can drive 1000 million humans by a "constitutional" STICK called Abdul Kalam.

In European Union (EU) different sovereign states come together without such control and terror of Centre. They all enjoy EQUAL political status as per Constitution. In Bharat EAST Bengal is sovereign but WEST Bengal is the SLAVE of (Nehru) Dynasty, Italy & Islam.

In EU the association of nations speaking different languages is voluntary, based on people's free vote. There are freedoms of all sorts for an individual and progress in all fields is visible. Elections are free and fair and governments change as often as the people's mood.

So, what is wrong with Bharat having the same kind of Constitution as the European Union?

What is wrong with Gujarat sending an ambassador to UNO like Holland, or Maharashtra having its own armed forces like Germany and Denmark?

What is wrong with the HINDU becoming a man, equal to any Christian in Portugal?

What is wrong with NONE to pull an Indian down and push him back as there is none in Europe?

What is wrong in having our status raised worldwide so that NONE could kill an Indian in Uganda or kick one in Fiji?

What is wrong with Bihar having its own national airlines like the Austrian Airlines, the Lithuanian Airlines and the Czech Airlines?

What is wrong with Bengal supporting and encouraging the Bengali language with the same enthusiasm, devotion and commitment as Latvia supports Latvian and Hungary supports Hungarian.

What is wrong with Tamil Nadu having the Tamil Language Institute like the LITHUANIAN LANGUAGE INSTITUTE in Lithuania (www.lki.lt)?

What is wrong with our INFERIOR "desi" governments of States in Bharatvarsha sending their education ministers to countries in EU to see Education and BE EDUCATED? At present many so-called Education Ministers in Bharat are themselves at the level of cattle and ignorant like their electorate.

In fact our “hijacked” Mother India (Bharatvarsha) is so terrified of such prospects that it is not prepared to open a diplomatic mission in any of the three Baltic States in the EUROPEAN UNION just in case the Hindus "get an idea" of the free world outside their dark "cage". The people in these countries (especially the Lithuanians with strong historic and spiritual connection with Sanskrit and the Vedas) are required to travel to Warsaw in Poland to apply for a visa to visit Bharat, the land of their dreams.

In Vilnius (population under 500,000 people), the capital of Lithuania (population just three and a half million), the following countries, including super powers and permanent members of Security Council, maintain their embassies:- Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, CHINA, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, FRANCE, Georgia, GERMANY, Iceland, ITALY, JAPAN, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, RUSSIA, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, (even) TURKEY, the UNITED KINGDOM, Ukraine, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and (of course, the) VATICAN.

Now think of U.P., the size of GERMANY and FRANCE put together, population 120 million, or Maharashtra (much bigger than SPAIN and PORTUGAL put together), population 80 million. There is NO trace of them as individuals or as a limp limb of India, either in the whole world or at the United Nations.

Now tell this to ABDUL KALAM or SONIA KHAN!



MUSLIM IN GREAT BRITAIN will show his true colours tomorrow. The Musalman in Pakistan and Bangladesh is showing his true colours today. See them escaping their ISLAMIC republics by the million.

The Musalmaan BEIMAAN-Shaitaan-HAIWAAN showed his true colours in United India in 1947 on the eve of Independence. He suddenly rose in frenzy and rage and slaughtered two million and abducted and raped thousands of helpless, defenceless females. He showed his TRUE colours.

Now by threatening civil war over the re-construction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, he is showing his true colours within PARTITIONED India.

The Hindu tolerance is his declared wish to die. It is limitless and HE KNOWS IT and is encouraged to launch onslaught after onslaught on the Hindu body here and there and all over, including Kashmir. When will the Hindu body UNITE in order to call the SHAITAN’S bluff at last, and counter attack, “Come on you two legged camel, let us have civil war.”?

While every Muslim has told his children how they inflicted a crushing defeat on the Hindus to capture LAHORE, the Hindus allowed Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru to make a FOOL of their own children by calling it Independence. The result? The Hindu nation is again SOFT LIKE JELLY to be easily cut in Kashmir and intimidated in AYODHYA.


The Sikhs and the Olympics (August 2004).

DISGRACEFUL COLLAPSE OF PARTITIONED INDIA UNDER ITALY & ISLAM. “Hang the minister of sports and physical fitness of so-called Bharatvarsha!”

A certain country, the size of Much Reduced East Punjab, won OVER HUNDRED MEDALS at the last Olympics held in Athens, while the whole of India barely managed one.

The reason? The Sikhs are the stalwarts of Hindustan but while Hindustan is under the foot of ABDUL KALAM and the yoke of ITALY, none will look at them to bring home laurels.

That is why UNDER THE WILL OF BANDIT NEHRU while Bengal and Kashmir were broken up into TWO PARTS each, the Punjab was FRAGMENTED into FIVE.

(North and South Kashmir, East and West Bengal, while the Punjab is now in TATTERS, West Punjab, East Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory. That is how the backbone of India and Punjab was BROKEN. Recovery must get under way quickly.

While the sleepy Sikhs may live on in ignorance, the Hindu nation ought to realise its responsibility and challenge. The enemy, who is breaking the limbs one by one, will finally go for the HINDU HEAD. Let there be no doubt about it.


The foreign minister of LITHUANIA was not puzzled any more. He had just been to INDIA with his PRESIDENT and held talks with the rulers of that country. They pointed out common history of slavery under the Germans and the Soviet Union and India’s MOHAMMEDANS (MOGULS) and the British, and urged India to open an embassy in the capital VILNIUS and increase bi-lateral trade and cultural exchanges. They met with cold response. Then they KNEW that India was not free like Lithuania.

Bharat was in the suffocating grip of (ABDUL) KALAM AND (SONIA) KHAN who did not want their Hindu subjects to “get ideas” from the brave and fiercely free Lithuanians.

When I met His Excellency in Vilnius, and asked him about the progress on the issue of Indian embassy in Vilnius, he looked up at the picture on the wall behind his chair.

HE IS RESPONSIBLE for India’s alienation towards our republic. My mind was illuminated in a second and I said, “The Hindu nation is rising and soon you will see a similar picture in each and every office and public building in Bharat.”

I added, “There will be NO dual nationality for us, no visit by India’s President to your country and also NO Indian embassy in Vilnius. Indians wishing to visit the land of Sri Krishna and Sri Rama will have to travel to MINSK or WARSAW for visa to visit my land of birth.”

Let me explain: When his President visited Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, they way the pictures of an emaciated lean and senile man, leaning on his stick. They called him the Father of Hindu Nation. In Lithuania the Father of the Nation, seen everywhere is the brave Duke GEDIMINAS, riding a horse, SWORD DRAWN facing Germany. The picture is like our own Maharana Pratap, on horse back, sword drawn facing MECCA, if you can visualise it.



Show courage, you coward, to say, “I liberate myself from the morass of Islam that can only pull me downwards towards 7th century AD. I liberate myself to breathe fresh air of mental freedoms and will give the same freedoms to my wife and daughters. I liberate myself from the cage of Koran to listen to, and enjoy the sweet music of hymns of Guru Granth Sahib, imbibe the moral code of Gita and the soothing chants of “bhajans” as the peaceful teachings of holy men of Bharat.”

“Show courage, you brainwashed ideological coolie of Mohammed of Arabia, and listen, you suppressed moron, “Leave the dream of Arabia and live in the reality of your sacred land of birth, India.

“Progress from Haiwaan, Shaitaan, Beimaan, Musalmaan, to INSAAN.”

FOR UNITY AND PROSPERITY OF PUNJAB AND FOR PEACE WITHIN HER BRODERS, THERE IS ONLY ONE KEY TO IT ALL- THE PUNJABI LANGUAGE. That is the only COMMON denominator in the Land of Five Rivers, now reduced to Land of ONE River, thanks to their Mohammed and Koran.

The Musalmaan has to put his own mother above the Mohammed of Arabia with regard to language, and the Hindu has to cherish it for several more reasons, e.g., Punjabi is the direct descendant of Sanskrit and it belongs to the HINDI family of languages on earth.



Big volumes were written on the causes but here are the reasons in one sentence:

“We FOOLS have neither the territorial sense nor conviction in religion.”

The extreme example of both is the MUSLIMS and the CHRISTIANS. That is why one can see their occupation of Lahore and their civilisation in Europe and America while we see our territory gone and religion being diluted and weakened all the time. Quoting Guru Nanak, “If you are a Muslim, then be a BETTER Muslims,” means,” You do not have to embrace Sikh or Hindu religion at all, that is, you do not have to become civilised at all.”

One has NO spirit of enquiry to find out what Koran tells them about the Hindus five times a day. So the fools got wiped out in West Punjab and East Bengal.


News on Mon 27 Sep. 04. BBC World Service, a.m. India to celebrate 350th anniversary of Taj Mahal. Built by 20K men over 22 years.

Glory to Moguls and Islam. Is anything built by the Hindus worth celebrating in Hindustan?


Sunday 26 Sep 04: Israel struck in centre of Damascus to kill a HAMAS activist. It was a warning to Syria, not to support the terrorists. Also shows the long arm of tiny State of Israel.




1947: The account is unmentionable in social circles because the Hindu is not to know the manner of his extermination in West Punjab and NOAKHALI nor is the Buddhist to learn of his existence in Afghanistan when the country was in perfect peace, following the teachings of Buddha with enlightened soul.

The Hindu is to believe that the Muslim carnivorous (flesh eating) hyena is a vegetarian rabbit like him with same mother and same family.

The Sikh is to believe that in this world where the NON Sikhs are out, gunning for his blood and soul, what Guru Nanak preached about all humans being one family, is the eternal Truth.

None is to look back at the manner of perishing of families, communities, tribes, nations and countries that stood before the advance of Mohammed and his Jehadi armies with darkened souls.

The world is not to know the manner of treatment of the vanquished, including the Hindus in Kashmir and the fate of their women and girls trapped for molestation, rape, mutilation and death whose cries for help and mercy went unheeded and are NEVER recalled in public.

Only the Europeans have literacy and raised conscience enough to write up the accounts of their victories and defeats. The Rest of mankind, advanced in Scriptures and Spirituality, are ZERO when it comes to writing up the accounts of defeat and devastation that they suffered in the wake of rowdy Mohammedan mobs and victorious armies.

The Jews are well able to read up the account of their fate in every town, city and country in Europe. They have written up accounts for centuries and built holocaust museums that put the Hindus and Sikhs to shame.

These are the "vegetarian", "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma"-smitten communities who have lost MOST to the sword of Islam, continuously and over centuries, yet have NO proper account of how they perished all along, especially more recently, in 1946 and 1947.

Oriental life is dirt cheap. In order not to remember and write up, they can appoint a Muslim and a Catholic on top to impose AMNESIA. While the Sikh breathes the air of Sri Guru Granth Sahib with its sweet words and the Hindu does "havan and puja" to forget it all, the Muslim and his Christian counterpart perpetually renew their mission and motivation to kill or convert while reading the Koran and the Bible that have NO sweet talk or tolerance for the Hindu INFIDEL. Would a Buddhist find such a derogatory and insulting word for another human being in his Scriptures, or in the teachings of Buddha?

This fact alone determines the fate of those who will be attacked and made to run for life, as we did in Lahore and North Kashmir, and as the American Indians did before the Bible reading Spaniards centuries ago.

There is peace in Turkey and Argentina because there is no other religion with enough following. There is peace in Lahore over the dead bodies of Sikhs and there is peace in North Kashmir over the dead bodies of Hindus.

The motivation of Muslims to murder is so strong that they do not hold back from further attacks and conversions knowing the quality of life of Afghanistan before and after the Muslim occupation. Nor has any Pakistani cried, "Let us get back to Secularism to live happily like those days when there were Hindus and Sikhs living among us."

Thus the Catholics and the Muslims are like the maggots that are so used to STINK of uniformity of religious belief that they cannot smell the flowers of different colours nearby. They are "programmed" to spread the stink. Watch the young missionaries from America who descend upon the poor East European countries to chat up the natives. You will see them at bus stops, at railway stations, at airports and in restaurants. They will simply come up to you, clutching a couple of copies of the Bible and address you without hesitation. They are trained in their Bible universities to approach unsolicited, to ATTACK, not to stay back feeling shy.

They are as many girls in late teens as women in early twenties as there are young men. Their passage and accommodation are paid by churches and congregations back home. One will not find a Hindu or Buddhist approaching you with same conviction and devotion even in China or Bharat. Every evening they report back on the score. Some are now at universities in these countries, including Russia doing courses in varied subjects from Economics to Engineering while connected to their churches back home by e-mail.

It is a vast though invisible organisation covering the globe. Sometimes you can see a Mongolian, Chinese and Korean nun or missionary in their company. There is NO Hindu organisation to ask, "Who is paying for these vast armies of Jesus and Mohammed, walking and traversing the globe?"

To our utmost shame we see these foreign missionaries on the territory of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram. The Sikhs are now reduced to "sheep" on their own territory if you care to notice the growing number of mosques and churches even in EAST Punjab. From these buildings the TEN Gurus are BANISHED. Yet there is NO shame, disgust, retaliation or COUNTER ATTACK. It is just like the collapse, run and rout of 1947 when Mohammed of Arabia prevailed over Guru Nanak of Nankana Sahib.

The warrior Sikhs, who once hoisted their flag over Khyber Pass, are now REDUCED to "praying" and dreaming of free access (visa free travel) to the holy places surrendered by cowardly Indian leaders to the advancing crude and savage armies of Mohammed who, like the locust, descend on the colourful spiritual landscape, and leave it totally DEFOLIATED.

Oriental leadership is also the most inferior. How did the Indian LEADERS, professing loyalty to secularism, stand up to the "Declaration of War" by Mohammed Ali Jinnah who challenged, "Accept Partition, or rivers of HINDU blood will flow across your India."

What did the Indian stalwarts do to defend the betrayed non Muslim minorities in West Punjab and East Bengal, or to launch prompt and fierce COUNTER ATTACKS in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Assam?

Our most useless leaders have FAILED to fuse and weld the various elements, sects and sections of the vast Hindu nation into one strong and solid whole that could react and retaliate, feeling the pain of the "toe and the arm" of India being chopped off.

The map of India is a testimony to every Hindu's MOTHER INDIA with her head, arm and leg chopped off.

Today, leave aside Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan, not even Manmohan Singh and Laloo Prashad react with revulsion and disgust seeing a big dark gaping HOLE in the map of their country where once EAST Bengal filled the gap.

Gutless Oriental "coolies" have NO brains to assess the defence potential of the Hindu nation after surrendering vast natural and human resources that were lost overnight in the shape of Pakistan.

Instead of securing peace for itself, she invaded Kashmir and is now in possession of nuclear weaponry to be dropped over DELHI.

What worth are the so-called "Institutes of Strategic Studies" in Hindu India if they have not sounded alarm bells and shouted that even South Kashmir is indefensible if we don't recover North Kashmir.

The vast Hindu nation with its days numbered in Delhi, moves on and on like the poor eye-capped OX that goes round and round for ever, drawing water from a well. It does not show any INITIATIVE. It cannot change direction. It cannot leave the round and walk off in a straight line. What a shame if our Hindu nation, too, is going round and round, around the axis called Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam. Can it break out of the circular orbit simply to challenge that PARTITION, or the presence of a MOSQUE or MOHAMMED in our midst?

Will there be ANY left standing if they partitioned the United States or the United Kingdom? So, why is Hindustan tolerating the incorrigible enemy, that is, the indigestible Muslim STONE, in her belly? Will there not be a final show down (ENDLOESUNG) one day?

We only REACT to hits, slaps, beatings and massacres by quickly forgetting and ADJUSTING to the new disadvantaged situation. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, later notorious as BOFORS CHOR, once charged the Sikhs in tiny East Punjab, "They are threatening our Akhand Bharat," the s.o.B. declared, forgetting so quickly the real “AKHAND BHARAT” of his bogus “bapu” Gandhi.

The nation of "mules" swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. Hindu leaders like Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and Laloo Prashad and countless more, called him "Saviour of Hindustan," even "Mr. CLEAN."

Today many a Hindu and SIKH fool donates richly to a foundation named after the "CHOR" (THIEF). His worthless Italian import, called the "uncrowned queen of Bharatvarsha", is the real POWER behind the Lok Sabha, the long STICK behind the Prime Minister.

To "recognise" the illegitimate, bogus and "bastard" state of Pakistan and to tolerate the presence of its diplomats in Delhi even sixty years on, is the proof of defeated psyche of the Hindu nation that cannot rally for the defence of Sri Ram even in Ayodhya, the heart of Hindustan.

To be equal to the Mohammedans we Hindus had to raze to the ground the grand mosque in Mecca and then dare the Muslims to come and re-build it. Watch the treacherous INDIAN Muslims visiting Mecca not protesting at the sign, "NO NON MUSLIM (HINDU) BEYOND THIS PONT."

Even the world, leave aside the poor ignorant Hindu, does not yet speak of Mohammed being the role model of Hitler who said, "NO JEWS HERE."

What a rotten quality of collective Hindu brain that has not realised the fact that every Muslim in our midst, however secular like Abdul Kalam and mild like the Nawab of Sharmila Tagore, is a Jehadi, a POTENTIAL murderer, rapist, plunderer and destroyer, a TERRORIST. In a non Muslim country he is slowly and invisibly burning like a long fuse wire with a bomb at the other end.

Like a volcano, he is inactive today but we saw the ERUPTION in Noakhali and Lahore yesterday. It will be active in Mumbai and Kolkata in the future.

There is NO escape for the green Hindu landscape that is covered by foliage and fruit today. Tomorrow it will turn into molten rock, lava and ash, with cries of "Allah Hu Akbar" coming down from every minaret, five times a day, to wake up the sleepy MORONS and force march them to the nearest mosque. God help a Hindu house along the route, especially on a Friday.

The account of moving, roaming, Muslim mobs, torching Hindu homes along the routes to and from mosques in every town and city in WEST PUNJAB during the summer of 1947, ought to have been written up somewhere by Hindu journalists and editors for a better understanding of our neighbours now respectfully accorded full citizenship rights in PARTITIONED India.

We will begin to see the enormity and savagery of their attack, inspired by that inflammatory “Book of Sedition” called the Koran, that PARTITIOEND Kashmir, Punjab, Bengal and Assam, too, in that year forcing tens of millions of their fellow citizens in rags to flee in all directions.



When a nation watches in horror its spiritual or religious leader being jailed, tortured or beheaded and can do nothing.

The last Mahatma was Guru Tegh Bahadur to go the “Gandhian way”. Then Guru Gobind Singh showed us a NEW WAY but we failed to comprehend and surrendered everything in 1947.

After Guru Gobind Singh’s passing away, NO HINDU should have discarded his SWORD.