Date: 10/16/2004



We Hindus, still regarding ourselves as the humble subjects of any damn "Sarkar" and brought up obediently in the lore of calling the ENEMY "brother", need to wake up at last.

We must PUBLICISE our own good causes. All around us we see bis appeals and large posters and attractive posters for funds that aim to weaken, harm and destroy HINDU nation.

Some of our ENEMIES are using good Hindu names like "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation," to which Hindus have contributed MILLIONS though everyone knows of his worthless Italian import, his attack on Tamils in Sri Lanka and his being notorious BOFORS CHOR, So, what is wrong with us, individually and COLLECTIVELY?

Then there is the equally anti Hindu and deceptive "Indira Gandhi Foundation", secret cover name for PRO PAKISTANI (anti Hindu) causes in our Bharat, and so on.

These are all SWORN ENEMIES OF HINDUS and work underhand and secretly for their own version of secularism that is, "Give them Lahore and East Bengal, and shut up.", "Let them keep North Kashmir and shut up." "Let them even go to MECCA to pray to Allah to put an end to everything HINDU, but do not ask for any support for a HINDU pilgrimage to Pakistan, or pay passage of Sikhs going to Sri Nankana Sahib , and so on.

The Hindu heart is the SOFTEST on earth that MELTS readily. It is easily "moved". Funds flow out in BILLIONS from the pockets and bank accounts of Hindus, to support and strengthen non Hindu causes.

There is now dire need for starting ALL KINDS of "Hindu" causes. Our organisations must give us a LEAD in this respect.

Let us think of some suitable names and then entrust our organisations like HINDU MAHASABHA to co-ordinate the funds coming in. They need to be wary of side attacks from the likes of ABDUL-BULL KALAM and SONIA-MUSSOLINI KHAN, and their VAST and POWERFUL establishments that hold Bharat in their firm grip tightened around our necks by their so-called "VIDHAN". Be careful and be wary: The "Constitution" of India was the "constitutional of Nehru's dogs," or the BIG GUN, made by Nehru, to shoot the Hindus in the foot but protect, elevate and strengthen the MUSLIMS and the CHRISTIANS on our own territory, HINDU territory, HINDU DHARTI, that many of us even call "Dharti Maata".

Here are some suggestions for our own new Foundations:-

Foundation for Genuine Democracy

Foundation for Genuine Secularism

Foundation for MAJORITY rights

Institute of Hindu Ideology

Foundation for Hindu Uplift.

Educational Foundation for Merit

Foundation to strengthen PATRIOTISM

Foundation for Akhand Bharat (NOT THE BOGUS BHARAT OF TODAY THAT WAS CARVED BY SWORD OF ISLAM in 1947, BUT THE GENUINE BHARATVARSHA in decent frontiers between Khyber and Chittagong.).

Foundation for Restoration of India's Frontiers.

Foundation for DISSOLUTION of Pakistan on West and BOGUSdesh on East.

Foundation for Smashing the Jaws of ISLAMIC Crocodile and Freeing Bharat from Fear of Islam.

Foundation for RECOVERY OF seduced, abducted and "nikaahed" HINDU GIRLS from Muslim abductors and predators.

Foundation for Reconstruction of sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Foundation for Hindu Broadcasting Station

Foundation for Hindu Television.

Foundation for smashing all the Gandhi/Nehru Foundations, etc. etc.

The List is endless.

The one that deserves supporting right now is

Foundation for Hindu Dharma in Eastern Europe. DONATIONS WELCOME.

That is the way forward my dear Hindu nation, where Hindu MAHASABHA is still FIGHTING for its corner in Bharat while Muslim League is in full occupation of FIVE provinces of our Motherland.

By the way, has anyone got an idea of the BILLIONS that HINDU and SIKH businessmen and women donate to political organisations and parties in the UK and the USA? These are mindboggling astronomical sums that could have built our Sri Ram Temple a hundred times over.