Date: 10/16/2004


In a message dated 16/10/2004 20:24:00 GMT Daylight Time, a nice Sikh friend writes in all good faith:

Past (the brutal and sudden ISLAMIC ATTACK ON THE PUNJAB IN 1947 that killed a million innocent citizens of the doomed State) must be used to build future but not to create hate, that is the true definition of being Sikh.

We must move forward. I was born in Pakistan and my parents remind me of many good and bad things but my grandfather and father had never shown hate or dislikesness of the opposition.

I am so grateful to them to leave that link in me. They fought great wars (sic) but never hated the soldier of the enemy.


They fought great wars (sic) under BRITISH OFFICERS but were defeated this time when the officers changed and we had the native "dogs and mice" called NEHRU and GANDHI to lead us into battle after the enemy turned out to be the MOHAMMEDAN next door instead of the distant German and Japanese.

There are a few good reasons to HATE.

1. To hate is to be prepared for the enemy. To love is to trust and then be defeated. That is why the Hindus hold world record in slavery and the Sikhs hold WORLD RECORD in martyrs. Do we AT LAST now wish to change the trend or continue? The choice is hard for those CONDITIONED to love, and PERISH.

I am sorry to say that my parents LIKE YOURS, were FORCED to leave, did not go voluntarily as I came to the UK.

2. Islam is not like the ebb that rises and then ALSO subsides. The damn thing rises and rises and then covers the earth for mile upon mile. Finally it starts going separate ways to the point of declaring war on secularism and the INFIDEL.

3. Islam's appetite for more and more TERRITORY is the defeatist mentality of its victims. Its enemies look at themselves through the eyes of Gurus while the Muslims look at the non Muslim world as devils to be tolerated till the last moment.

When that moment passes, they lash out and murder and rape and even brick up small children alive and behead grandfathers. We call it "history" the next day and FORGET it all.

Islam's good luck is that their victims cry out, "Forget it, It is history." For Islam it is NO history but one victory is incentive for the next onslaught.

After capturing Lahore and exterminating all the Sikhs they went straight for Srinagar. Not one Sikh or Hindu was left alive in North Kashmir. Now they are bound to go for Delhi, too. A simple "nishkam sewak", forgetful type Sikh is their best ally.

4. Islam's record of capture and conquest was never reversed.

This time we have to say, "Capture of Lahore was your last misdeed against humanity and secularism. Now vacate THAT AGGRESSION or we shall chase you BEYOND KHYBER, back to Mecca.

5. Islam is propelled by KORAN and their good luck is that the "damn" thing is in Arabic which the non Muslims do not understand, or see only selected portions.

Koran is MY death warrant, if one can understand simple English. Its contents as given and explained in the book "ISLAM AND TERRORISM" (by Anwar Shaikh), are never mentioned by the Muslims themselves. In ignorance we are supposed to call it Holy Book at par with Guru Granth Sahib, in order to perish.

6. Koran is the same thing as MEIN KAMPF by Hitler. When Hitler was advancing across continents, there were countries that remained neutral "bhangi" and those who united to end his menace.

When Mohammed advanced, all those who came in his way, PERISHED. Others can thank God that he DIED before conquering all the continents. But he died on a spot to rob the Jews of their ancient Temple in Jerusalem. The mischief in his death is like the Hindus being robbed of their grand Temple in Ayodhya. The mischief is all those SURRENDERED (not sold or gifted) gurdwaras about whom the Simple all-loving Sikhs all over the world pray, "May Waheguru grant us "darshan deedar" of them in our dreams."

7. What does Islam mean to the Sikhs? From the days of being one glorious Panth, now we lie scattered, no force on globe, no seat at UN, and with the only recourse in life and Faith being total submission, or attacking fellow Sikhs for one reason or another.

We cannot even raise a Memorial to the Dead of 1947. Can we? It might "offend" the KILLER Muslims who despatched our kith and kin by sword in the past centuries.

8. As we have been SLAVES since our inception (for centuries), we have NO territorial concept.

We are nomads since the time of Guru Nanak and the Hindu has been a MIGRATORY nomad since Mahmud of Ghazni appeared in 11th century AD.

Those Hindus put to flight then, are now called GYPSIES. They did not drop from the moon.

So, it is time to turn the Arabs and the Afghans and also the Turks and the Persians into gypsies for a change so that they KNOW what it means to kill the parents and children of the others and what it means to SIKH families driven penniless, MINUS DAUGHTERS, from Lyallpur and Rawalpindi to Jalandhar and Jagadhri.

How does the future look for the Sikhs, under ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN at home, who can launch Operation Blue Star any time again against us? They will not even consider dual nationality for the wretched DOWNTRODDEN Indians. (Not that the downtrodden Indian coolies mind that!)

Our own cause ought to be to push the frontier back to Khyber and wrest Nankana Sahib from the bullies and go sovereign in EAST Punjab like the Muslims of East BENGAL. Then "amrit" will come to mean what it ought to. It is not just wearing FIVE K'S.

We shall not give the last laugh to the MOHAMMEDAN bullies and "bastards" who turned our happy young women into GRIEVING WIDOWS for the rest of their lives.

The aggressors of 1947 and the cowards who collapsed (Gandhi, Nehru and the entire HINDU nation) are all our ENEMIES. We cannot love them. We are not such fools to drink poison and call it amrit.

Islam has to get out of Lahore before anyone could love the violent savage and CRUDE creed.

Pakistan has to COMPENSATE your parents for the wretched refugee status inflicted on them for no sin of theirs.