Sexual Mutilations And Islam

Date: 10/17/2004


................Sexual Mutilations And Islam

.......................A. Ghosh

The temperature generally drops several degrees when female circumcision is mentioned by any European when Mohammedans are present. What is interesting from a historical point of view is the fact that both male and female circumcision had been practiced in Ethiopia and Egypt, since remote antiquity. Sanchuniathon, Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, Strabo, etc. have confirmed this. There can be absolutely no doubt that the practice of male circumcision was borrowed by the Hebrews from the Egyptians. To quote Davenport: "Abraham, who had hitherto called himself Abram, added a syllable to his name at the same time that he curtailed a portion of his skin, thus effecting a compromise, or quid pro quo." According to the Bible, the 'covenant' fell into desuetude but was revived by Moses - but not for the reasons given in the Exodus! According to the old scholiast: "Moses, the king and legislator of the Jews, having from want of cleanliness a diseased prepuce, was compelled to cut it off, and fearing that this privation, if known to his subjects, might expose him to ridicule, ordered them all to undergo a like operation."

For males, circumcision is a messy but comparatively trivial operation, whereas for females, clitoridectomy is not only painful beyond belief, but is the equivalent of total castration. All of the women whom I know personally, who have undergone pharaonic circumcision and have been infibulated, say they have never recovered from it - physically or mentally - and of course, they are absolutely incapable of experiencing any sexual pleasure. On the contrary, sex is very painful for them.

No doubt, Eastern men have always nourished , and still nourish, a deep visceral fear and distrust of all infant females - some of the bright ones might grow into brainy women who would go after them with meat cleavers, join "Women's Lib", demand equal rights, etc. So, aeons ago, the ancestors of Semitic 'machos' reached the conclusion that the only way to beat the deadly females of their species was to circumcise them first, then lock them up in harems or zenanas.

Pharaonic circumcision and infibulation is regarded as the only one hundred percent effective way to safeguard a girl's virginity. Indeed, it is so effective that, for intercourse to take place after marriage, the husband or matron has to defibulate the bride with a knife to pry her open.

The ghastly screams and shrieks which have terrified so many foreign tourists at night in the vicinity of "Honeymoon" hotels in Port Sudan are emitted by brides being defibulated. A Sudanese journalist commented, "For us they seem perfectly normal, we all know that the first nights of marriage are agony."

But just what is pharaonic circumcision? I have seen it being done when I was staying as a guest in the home of wealthy Arab friends. A great feast had been prepared to which all female relatives and friends had been invited, and since I was regarded as a guest of honor, I not only had to attend, but was given a ringside seat. The miserable little victim - a beautiful child, incidentally - was grabbed by four women, who threw her upon a sort of pallet on the ground and pinioned her arms and legs. Then the gedda, or specialist, or matron, or whatever you want to call her, kneeled between the little girl's thighs and began the operation by slicing off the clitoris. All of the women present began making the most prodigious din (by ullulations), which they kept up during the whole operation in a futile effort to drown the howls and shrieks of agony of the patient. As soon as the clitoris had been excised, the matron scooped (roughly speaking) it out, then began to pull and tug to extract its roots. Blood gushed left, right and center. This was only an hors d'oeuvre - the next step consisted in shearing off the edges of the inner lips, then carving off the rim of the outer lips, from which the gedda removed a gory ribbon of flesh about 2 centimeters in width. Where the clitoris had once been was a gaping hole from which blood poured. I will spare you a few other details which I would rather not enlarge upon. Finally, the matron stitched up the raw and bleeding flesh, after which she carefully inserted a tiny hollow tube into the lower portion of the vagina, to allow for the passage of urine and menstrual blood. This, so I was subsequently informed, was to remain in place until the scar had formed. The 'operation' had lasted all of twenty minutes. Finally, the patient was bound up with cords from the hips to the knees to prevent her from making any movements which might cause the stitches to burst. For fifteen days, all girls who have been infibulated have to remain motionless, supine, and trussed up like fowls.

As a direct result of this ritual butchery, most Mohammedan women are permanently cowed which is hardly surprising since they have been castrated. A few exceptions react as Cleopatra did. According to many historians, the 'Serpent of the Nile' had been subjected , as most Egyptian females, to pharaonic circumcision, and her whole life was a sort of mopping up action, totally unencumbered by any treacherous below-the-belt emotions.

According to Dr, El Sayed Mirghani El Sayed, the very first African doctor to write a thesis on female circumcision, in Africa alone "fifty million or more female children are circumcised every year". In Somalia, all girls between the ages of seven and ten are forced to submit to this barbarous operation, for religious and social reasons. Most Egyptian girls, including those who attend universities, have been infibulated.

Unfortunately, no one knows how many of the little victims who have been circumcised, die - either immediately due to shock, or a little later due to the infections resulting from this prehistoric butchery. Sometimes, the patients bleed to death; hemorrages which often last for forty-eight hours are frequent occurrences, but generally they succumb to tetanus or gangrene. Whenever a death resulting from circumcision occurs, as Dr. J.G. Taoko reported, it is bruited about that the 'evil eye' was to blame, or else it is rumored that the victim herself was to blame because she had had sexual relations before the ceremony and was 'punished' for her 'crime'.

It is hardly necessary to describe what happens to all women who have been infibulated when they are on the point of giving birth. The vagina, a mass of scar tissue, is far too narrow to permit the baby to emerge. So what happens? They simply slash her open. Then, of course, later she has to be infibulated all over again. Any husband can force his wife to undergo infibulation ad nauseum. One of my unfortunate friends has been infibulated five times.

Mahomet cannot be blamed for introducing either male or female circumcision, which had been practised thousands of years before his birth, but it is relevant to note that he never made the slightest effort to ban, suppress, or even discourage female circumcision. On the contrary!

According to the Omatiya version of the hadiths (sacred words of the Prophet), when Mahomet saw a woman in the Medina busily carving up the genitalia of a small girl, he said: "Do not cut too deeply." According to the second version (Razeen) he allegedly said "Do not cut too deeply. It clears the complexion of the woman and is more agreeable for her husband."

Although the Koran considers excision as an 'embellishment' for women but not a formal command, most Mohammedans everywhere labor under the delusion that female circumcision is a prescription of Islam. Modern Islamic leaders all appear to be bending over backwards to encourage the practice.

The grand Mufti of Mecca - who might be compared to the pope for all of Islam - publicly proclaimed: "The ablation of the gland clitoris is agreeable to Allah." This astonishing pronumciamento was made smack in the middle of this century.

Abraham, according to the Bible, was either on the verge of or over the edge of madness, since he obviously suffered from auditory and visual hallucinations. When in their throes, he fancied or imagined that he saw and heard a god who introduced himself as "el elyon". And, though Time failed to mention in their October 17, 1983 cover story "Luther 500 years young," Luther (who like Calvin suffered acutely from chronic constipation) received his greatest moment of spiritual enlightenment when he was struggling upon the privy - the famous, immortal Turmerlebnis. All atheists who know Latin have laughed themselves into insensibility reading Melanchthon's description of one of Luther's affrays with the devil...

To return to Mohammedanism, which, let us face it, is spreading enormously (even in the United States with the Black Muslims), it might indeed be a good idea, as my three Islamic "closet Atheists" have vociferously and repeatedly suggested, to acquaint Americans with few hard facts regarding Mohammedanism, as well as the fact that every year over fifty million little children are castrated "like animals" in forty countries of Africa, the Middle and Near East (in the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate).

UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO etc., have been in possession since 1958 of 'confidential documents' which informed them of the savage 'mutilations which are inflicted on children, but not one of these organizations has ever done anything constructive. They remain rife with lethargy, or, like frightened cuttlefish, exude inky sophistries. They are pusillanimous and models of ineptitude. As for the "Holy See," well, it seems that the great battle against abortion and the glorious crusade against contraception (the present pope's psychotic preoccupations) prevent the Vatican and "his holiness"from embarking on another battle to relieve the sufferings endured by millions of defenseless children. Although some African countries have legally banned female circumcision, it is still widely practised. Many wealthy individuals now have their daughters circumcised in hospitals who specialize in these black market operations and become rich on the proceeds.

Khomeini's MEIN KAMPF entitled Political, Philosophical, Social and Religious Principles should be a must for all those interested in Islam with the lid off. The ayatollah makes no secret that his goal is "universal Islamic power" - the "holy war" has already begun and will end with the "total victory for Islam". Here are a few gems from this astonishin book:

A woman may belong to a man in two ways: by continuous marriage, or temporary marriage. In the first case it is not necessary to indicate the duration, but in the second case one must indicate whether the period is for one hour, one day, one month, one year.

One of the most serious of all sins, he goes on to inform us, is to refrain from paying one's taxes to the clergy. Oddly enough, anyone who "restrains" himself from urination thereby commits a sin (?!) If a fly enters into one's mouth during Ramadan, one is not obliged to remove the said fly - one may swallow it: No one who has eaten garlic should be allowed to enter a mosque. Wearing an 'occidental hat' is a disgrace and contrary to the will of Allah.

The saintly ayatollah has classified wine and alcoholic beverages as 'impure; but regards both opium and hashish as 'pure'. Incidentally, he informs us that there are 'eleven impure things': pigs, dogs. etc. and also men and women who are not Mohammedans.

Apart from these, "it is forbidden to defecate upon the graves of the faithful," etc. All Iranian women are now obliged to wear chadors whenever they emerge from their homes; failing this they are spat upon in the streets and some have even been knifed. No doubt Khomeini will force all Iranian women to undergo pharaonic circumcision and be infibulated, if he has not already made the practice a legal obligation. In Ethiopia, the Amharas (who are Christians) and the Falashas (who are Jews) as well as some other tribes, also insist that their women be circumcised, but the only people who practice infibulation are the Mohammedans. Excision is bad enough; infibulation is Grand Guignolesque.

To quote Pierre Leulliette, author of LE VIOL DES VIOLS: "Ces mutilations ne sont elles pas des armes imparables pour le maintien de la polygamie selon Mahomet?"

President Reagan named 1983 "the year of the Bible" and exhorted all citizens each in his or her way to re-examine and re-discover its priceless and timeless heritage. The Bible and the Koran are maelstorms of mythological absurdities. But the authors of the Bible and the author of the Koran - one really has to hand it to them - were talented psychological engineers, because in defiance of all laws of logic and common sense, they succeeded - chacun a son tour - in flinging a great bridge of lies over a bottomless gulf of nonsense, historical falsifications, and sheer unadulterated baloney.

In the Old Testament, the Jewish deity is described as behaving with a totally anthropomorphic lack of self control; not infrequently, he carries on like a hungry mandrill who has just been forcibly deprived of a banana. The Koran answers every question, particularly those which are of no interest.

......................Sword of Truth