Date: 10/25/2004


To the people of Israel, through this List.

Dear Sons and Daughters of Israel,

By trick or force, you are being FORCED into surrendering your TERRITORY that you captured in a rare historic moment by spilling the blood of your youth in battle-field.

Your Government is now committing HIGH TREASON against the State just as the TOP HINDU LEADERS committed High Treason in 1947 by unconditionally surrendering one third of our Motherland to the ENEMY.

Those despicable cowards, or ignorant fools, were "buying" peace from the MUSLIMS who are on (PERENNIAL) course to grab more territory and kill or convert more non believers.

The free, secular and democratic world is SHRINKING or perishing since it cannot COUNTER ATTACK to keep the "Land Grabbing Army of Mohammedan Locust" under check, or push it back to Mecca.

Surrendering Gaza is like Mahatma Gandh's "buying" peace but will it bring peace to Israel? NO.

Has the surrender of five provinces brought peace to India? NO. They claim the whole of Kashmir and have their eyes set on Delhi.

The Indian Muslims, after getting their Pakistan, instead of being satisfied with their VAST land grab, went straight for the HEAD of Hindustan by invading Kashmir. Their HATRED of the infidels was (and is) equal and diametrically opposite to the LOVE for them in Hindu (and SIKH) hearts.

Now the ISLAMIC State of Pakistan, born out of buttock of Lady Hindustan, has developed such a formidable NUCLEAR arsenal that even India seems ONE THIRD of her real size and her inhabitants seem "ants" to the indigenous Muslims.

"Partitioned Indian Secular State" (P.I.S.S.) is forced to stay on the perpetual course of appeasement under which her current PRESIDENT and SUPREME COMMANDER is a Muslim. Pakistan has nothing to fear from OUR side and can press home her attack in Kashmir.

It appears that ONE BILLION Hindus have no tongue to say, "Pakistan and Bangladesh must be WIPED OUT for the sake of peace in South Asia,"

But we do hope that Israel can still demand that all the Palestinians, who insist on remaining refugees for ever, ought to be sent off to PAKISTAN and given the lands and houses vacated by the HINDUS.

The Muslims, for want of better occupation, make a lot of noise about infringement of THEIR rights. They seem perpetually aggrieved with endless lists of grievances and grudges.

India let herself be deceived at tremendous cost in lives and territory. Will ISRAEL now willingly SHRINK in size and thus ENCOURAGE the morons?

After Gaza they will demand Jerusalem and after that it will be their NUCLEAR bomb.

The JINN (Ideology) that escaped Mecca 14 centuries ago has to be pushed back into the bottle.

It will require global effort like that required to destroy the NAZIS. Please encourage (not just ask or expect) Partitioned India to step forward and give a hand.

Israel and India, coming together on ONE platform, ought to declare, "Not another inch to the ENEMY unless and until they vacate Northern Turkey, North Kashmir, West Punjab and the whole of EAST Bengal.

Mohammed ought to be declared an OUTLAW in the land (Hindustan) that has herself given birth to genuine "Rasul Allahs" by the dozen.

The whole of Palestine originally belonged to MOSES the NATIVE "Rasul Allah" of your land. Mohammed entered as an aggressor whose followers are still on the attack, claiming more territory.

Seeing you STAND UP, the demoralised Hindu leaders across Bharat, too, will sit up and feel fit. It is a case of the rabbit resuscitating the elephant.