Date: 10/25/2004


....................THE HINDU PENTAGON

Defence of the United States is planned and EXECUTED from a building with FIVE sides. It is called the Pentagon. Commander of world’s most formidable FIGHTING machine has his office there.

Hindusthan’s defence, too, ought to rest of FIVE PILLARS. At present they lie smashed and in ruin like Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. The nation is called upon to UNITE in order to re-build the five pillars of our own Pentagon.

Here they are:

1. DHARTI. TERRITORY is the foundation stone of any defence. Communities and nations without TERRITORY are scattered across the globe with the FOREIGNERS arriving to grab their territory.

Sadly, our leaders are still not aware of the KEY ROLE that “dharti” plays in our national defence and are not taking any steps to dissolve Pakistan or recapture BOGUSDESH and NORTH KASHMI.

2. DHARMA: The second pillar, too, lies SMASHED in our Hindustan where State and Constitution do not wish to “touch” our NATIVE religions but have gone “pseudo-secular” in order to appease and accommodate the aliens and the foreigners, and to put their interests above our own.

It is ludicrous to expect the native religions of Bharat like HINDU and SIKH faiths to rest on scattered individual shoulders instead of receiving COLLECTIVE support. We can already see the result of leaving this VITAL pillar in the hands of individuals. Sri Nankana Sahib is under the flag of Mohammed and our Sri Ram’s Temple in Ayodhya is still in ruins.

Furthermore, thousands of temples have been destroyed or vandalised in Pakistan and Bogusdesh with Hindu congregations totally wiped out, without any individual or collective response from our side.

3. “DHYAAN”. This means SPIRIT and MORALE of the nation. People whose “dhyaan” is smashed perceive themselves to be “goats” and the enemy as “tigers”.

It is not uncommon to hear remarks like this, “Thank God, Indira Gandhi did not annexe EAST Bengal after capturing it. Bengal would have been swamped with Muslims, sounding death knell of the Hindus there and in five neighbouring states, too.”

In sheer contrast, the Muslims, who were one third of the population in 1947 perceived themselves to be a hundred times more powerful than the Hindus and ATTACKED. We know the result- India’s new frontiers down from Khyber to Wagah near Amritsat.

Guru Gobind Singh ji was a great “Rishi” when he declared, “One of my followers will confront and destroy a hundred thousand Turks.” As a result his followers could hoist BHAGWA DHWAJ on Khyber, driving the Pathans in front of them like the sheep.

Sadly, our top leader most recently was Mahatma Gandhi whose perception of his own Hindu nation was a “flock of sheep”. He could not see the martial Marathas, brave Rajputs and the sword bearing Khalsa around him who kept on waiting for his orders to COUNTER attack while helplessly watching the cities in West Punjab, Sindh and Kashmir on fire and tens of millions of Hindus on the run.

Gandhi’s suicidal appeasement of our ENEMY and his love of “Ahimsa” froze the guts of his own warriors. As a direct result, his betrayed and forsaken HINDU followers were brutally killed and slaughtered across the newly (needlessly) created Islamic State of Pakistan.

4. “DHANN” This means cash, bank balances and also all the property and POSSESSIONS, be they natural like silver and gold mines, oil fields and fish stock in rivers and lakes and holiday resorts, even schools, shops, houses, temples, gurdwaras, colleges and universities. More the Dhann (WEALTH), richer and stronger the nation.

When we look at our own DHANN, we notice that the Hindus are supporting NON HINDU, even anti national, causes more than our own. Parliament of India voted to donate Rs. 100 CRORES to “Rajiv Gandhui Foundation”, named after the BOFORS CHOR, yet our own causes lie badly neglected. The vast FUNDS at the disposal of “Indira Gandhi Foundation” and those in the bank account of “Guru Gobind Singh Foundation” tell the story of Hindu collapse most eloquently.

Pandit Nehru’s bogus “Socialism”, Indira’s strangulating bureaucracy, Rajiv Gandhi’s reign of unfettered corruption and Sonia’s loot and plunder of national treasures were all meant to rob the nation of wealth and keep the Hindus impoverished, intimidated and ignorant. The flight of intelligentsia for foreign shores was the direct result of India’s official policy to tie the hands of natives behind their backs.

5. DAUGHTERS: We know the Code of Conduct of Muslim and Hindu soldiers in battle. The former immediately start abducting and raping helpless females (including MUSLIM as in East Pakistan in 1971) after gaining victory while Hindu and Sikh soldiers and officers have always treated the captured females with respect.

Hindu women have ALWAYS been prime target of Muslim invaders. They were not spared even by the so-called indigenous Muslims as we know from NOAKHALI district massacres in August 1946 and throughout Pakistan at Partition a year later.

There is also the other side of this coin called "DAUGHTERS" upon which we must now reflect in all earnest and shame:

How have WE Hindus defended our daughters through centuries? History is full of accounts of countless barbaric invasions of Hindusthan when the Arab, the Turk, the Afgthan, the Persian and (more recently) even the PAKI generals and commanders addressed their soldiers in these words,

"O followers of Prophet MOHAMMED, go into battle against the KAFIRS with the sword and the KORAN in your hands. After victory you will be rewarded with the wealth, and DAUGHTERS, of the Hindus, and with countless virgins in Paradise if you die."

Every year when my sister sends me Rakhi, a reminder of a brother's pledge to defend her honour, I feel sad and say to myself,

"I am ashamed, sister, along with the entire Hindu nation, for FAILING to defend the honour of our sisters in NOAKHALI, Multan, Lahore, and Rawalpindi at the time of PARTITION."

I think most Hindus feel the SAME way. They regard the Muslims as eternal predators and rapists who will abduct and rape a Hindu girl whenever opportunity comes their way, A tiger, even in a cage, eyes the passing goat with the desire to overwhelm it.

Therefore, our daughters are NOT safe from seduction and abduction even if there is ONE secular MUSLIM in our Bharatvarsha.

To recapitulate, the five pillars of our national defence are: (DHARTI); (2) DHARMA; (3) DHYAAN; (4) DHANN; and (5) DAUGHTERS. We can call them our own Pentagon.

It is high time to attend to our HINDU PENTAGON and to make sure that it is strong like steel with the COUNTER ATTACK CAPABILITY OF 100 NUCLEAR BOMBS.


............................October 25, 2004.