Date: 10/27/2004





The Chief Minister of Gujarat Shree Narendra Modi has appealed to all India-Loving persons (SIC) to email a message supporting the claim of India as permanent member at UN SECURITY COUNCIL.


COMMENT with regard to: Appeal to "all India loving persons" (see above):


FIRST WE NEED TO DEFINE, OR IDENTIFY, THIS "INDIA" OF YOURS so that you do not send a goat under a lion's fur to represent us in New York that is still commemorating the ATTACK of Sep 11 while OUR MAN will look a DAMN FOOL if questioned by a New York fireman about the DEVASTATING ATTACK of August 15, 1947. While every square inch of United States still remained within the country, ONE THIRD OF INDIA (100sq km or 307,374 sq mi) was wiped out from her maps overnight. Will it be Italian born Catholic, Sonia Khan, who will be your “man” to take India’s application to New York?

No, Mr. NARENDRA MODI, India, that will be eligible for such membership, will be the one that looks complete, with her HEAD (North Kashmir) on her shoulders, and an ARM (Pakistan) and the LEG (Bangladesh) put back in her body.

We are afraid, as HINDUS, we will have as much say in naming our ambassador there as we had in putting Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam right on top of ONE BILLION "silent and motionless dead mass" with all the INTELLIGENTSIA now called “NRI’s”.

We are also AFRAID that if our Bharatvarsha IGNORES her own Sushma Swaraj's, Sadhwi Ritambras and Uma Bhartis, but sends a Shabana Azmi, Salman Haidar, Rahul Khan, Priyenka Wadra or PC Alexander to NEW YORK, we shall all have to silently "lump" it (like the “SH*T” called “Pakistan”).

What is this "India" with her POROUS BORDERS through which MORE Muslim Mujahids are coming in, some with four wives and seventeen children each, others from starving BOGUSDESH and yet others with Kalashnikovs, rifles and grenades from North Kashmir, day and night, than the number of all the Hindus going out to see the “shamshaan-bhoomis” (cremation grounds) of their ancestors in Pakistan?

What is this India that cannot try BOFORS CHOR, LALOO PRASHAD, JAGDISH TYTLER, and EVERY other crook and criminal who robbed the poor in broad daylight, and "sucked the blood" of the innocent?

What is this India where Mohammed is above Sri Rama in Ayodhya and Guru Nanak's Janamashthaan in under Mohammed's flag?

What is this India that rewards the traitors like Jawaharlal NEHRU by empowering and enriching his unworthy offspring down to Rajiv, Rahul and Priyenka, while ignoring real native heroes whose counterparts in Britain would have got VICTORIAL CROSSES by the dozen? Did we not expect our INDIA to honour, in public, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and to confer the highest awards for bravery to great patriots like NATHU RAM GODSE and NANA APTE (January 30, 1948), the two Sikh bodyguards (Halloween, 1984) and the Tamil tigress (May 21, 191) for acts of exemplary courage and heroism, leaving a billion of us hiding behind the bushes or under skirts?

What is this India that cannot (and will NEVER) recover North Kashmir but helplessly watch the extermination of the HINDUS in the Valley, and tolerate the misery and suffering of poor Kashmiris who have to depend on their BOGUS Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam in New Delhi?

What is this India that ACCEPTS Partition without challenging the ISLAMIC onslaught on her body?

What is this India that is under the TERROR OF ITALIANS AND MUSLIMS as to IMPOSE a Constitution on us that meets with THEIR approval?

What is this India that cannot ensure the dignity of Indians in Uganda and Fiji and cannot ensure their safety in Riyadh, Bagdad and Kabul, nor in East Bengal and West Punjab, leave aside AYODHYA if they approached the city, chanting peacefully, "Om Shanti Shanti," and "Ishwar Allah Tero Naam", to build the Sri Ram Temple there?

How does the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of this India compare with the MAJORITY COMMUNITY in each and every other permanent member of Security Council? Do we wish to see how our Gandhian "rabbit" is mauled and mutilated if he goes there to sit among the pack of WOLVES who decide the fate of Taliban, Saddam Hussein and the HINDUS, who notice the “absence of human rights” in Myanmar but NOT of the tens of millions of Hindus in every Islamic Republic?

What is this India that has consistently acted as the "TAIL OF P.L.O. & the POPE" at United Nations since its birth and voted exactly as THEY told her?

What is this India where the MAJOITY COMMUNITY is GAGGED and "BASHED" constitutionally and publicly?

What is this India, known by its other name of "HINDUSTAN", where the Hindus are under surveillance and suppressed while NON HINDUS have a chip on their shoulder, some getting Hajj subsidies and their Kashmir getting special benefits under Article 370 of Constitution?

What is this India whose cabinet has more criminals, rogues, loafers, fraudsters, murderers, rapists and killers than in any other cabinet on earth?

What is this India that has TWO laws, one for the inferior and timid native (Hindu) "rank and file" and the other (SHARIA) for the much feared Muslims?

What is this India whose President is a MUSLIM despite PARTITION?

What is this India that cannot demand any price or compensation for all that TERRITORY surrendered to Mohammed in 1947? Why not, if the MUSLIMS are allowed to stay back to preach, procreate, seduce, abduct and rape and convert, and also terrorise the Hindus?

What is this India that calls her WORST EVER defeat in her entire history as "Independence", and expects the ignorant and intimidated citizens to sing, dance and celebrate?

What is this INDIA where the most influential and powerful woman is not a NATIVE HINDU, but a CATHOLIC from ITALY?

What is this INDIA whose Supreme Court cannot pronounce its judgement on the case, "BOFORS CHOR vs SWEDISH GUN MANUFACTURING COMPANY"?

What is this INDIA that cannot retaliate despite all the INCURSIONS, PROVOCATIONS, PENETRATIONS and MURDERS of innocent people by MUSLIM killers from across the border in KASHMIR, but has stopped counting even the dead?

What is this India that IN OTHER WORDS is P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State) without a clear HINDU identity?

What is this INDIA if not a puff of wind from BANDIT NEHRU'S backside, if her frontiers and borders were carved by Sword of Mohammed in 1947 and ONE BILLION of us accept them silently?

"WHAT IS THIS INDIA OF YOURS, SIR?" begs an answer FIRST before her application for membership of Security Council is worth the postage on it.

The voiceless PEOPLE of India, who were NOT consulted on the PARTITION of their country in 1947, want to know what the separatist MUSLIMS are doing among them in their "much reduced and truncated" country, facing the threat of nuclear onslaught or the prospect of civil war any time?

The voiceless HINDUS of India, especially the FIGHTING stock among them like the Marathas, the Rajputs, the Tamils, and the SIKHS, wish to know why their Supreme Commander is a MUSLIM when the NEXT war, or the imminent CIVIL WAR, is going to be fought against the separatist MUSLIMS?

The voiceless and gagged people of EAST PUNJAB, with its capital on "UNION TERRITORY" want to know why EAST Bengal was let off so quickly after its CAPTURE by India in 1972?

Dear HINDU nation, do not let your identity resemble that of a mongrel dog in order to appease the FOREIGNERS. Let us first sort out our IDENTITY as a Hindu nation before asking for a permanent seat at Security Council.

Who will fight our battles if we SINK DEEPER AND DEEPER into the QUAGMIRE of Nehru's bogus secularism that is meant to make the Muslim identity clear in Islamabad and Dhaka, but the Hindu identity a murky porous concept everywhere? Nehru's Constitution intends to make a Muslim a tiger but the Hindu a goat ON OUR OWN TERRITORY. We are going to be KILLED by DECEPTION.

Behind the “lollypop” of a seat at Security Council there is a plan for our death in South Asia just as the sweet and charming face of Edwina Mountbatten (Viceroy's compliant wife) could HIDE the horrendous calamity of Partition from the eyes of Pandit Nehru.

We are sure the others, too, have their views on "this" India, and WHEN she can enter Security Council with DIGNITY, befitting her size and civilisation.