Date: 10/28/2004


..............Thursday, October 28, 2004 5:32 PM

..................Sikh Rememberance Vigils

Plea to the Sikh Youth: Unite and Remember on Wed 3rd November.

"Victims speak of mobs led by notoriously unruly youth congress activists armed with voters lists from which Sikh homes and businesses could be identified. How did kerosene materialise so effectively? Why did the police declare open season on Sikhs?"

..................(Daily Telegraph, Nov 1984)

The week commencing Monday 1st November marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most ruthless and bloody chapters in Sikh history, when the mirage of Indian secularism and democracy was exposed and Sikhs suffered state orchestrated brutality across the country.

In the hours that followed the assassination of Indira Gandhi, by her Sikh bodyguards (Beant Singh and Satwant Singh), on 31st October 1984, her son Rajiv Gandhi instructed the powers that be to "teach these bastards (the Sikhs) a lesson". The state run media vilified Sikhs, broadcasting proactive slogans such as "khoon ka badla khoon" (blood for blood), and spreading fake rumours e.g. Sikhs had poisoned Delhi's water supply and that trains from Punjab were arriving with dead Hindus on board.

What followed was the systematic and co-ordinated massacre of Sikhs, not only in Delhi but also in Uttar Pardesh, Haryana, Bihar and Kanpur amongst others.

The attacks followed a chilling pattern. Local politicians from the ruling Congress party mobilised mobs of Hindu youths and armed them with swords, iron rods, knives, clubs and combustible material, particularly kerosene. Using electoral lists and ration shop records, the Congress party leaders guided the mobs to Sikh homes and businesses, moving from one district to another in jeeps to personally supervise the murder and rape of Sikh men and women.

(This is just a glimpse of the atrocities that occurred, for more, go to, [other sites?] )

Two of the Congress Party politicians implicated by eyewitnesses were Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. You will not be surprised to learn that neither has ever been successfully prosecuted, as attempts to do so have either collapsed as a result of witness intimidation or been locked in the judicial process.

To add insult to injury, not only are these men still at large and playing an active role in the Congress Party, but Tytler has recently been appointed to a government ministerial post, having the portfolio for NRI, meaning Non-Resident Indians ... yes, thatís US!!!

Is this some kind of sick joke? Ö And the man responsible for appointing Tytler to this post? Our very own much heralded 'Sikh' Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Behind all of the glossy headlines, this single act speaks volumes.

Lawyers in India are trying to bring Kumar and Tytler to account for their actions, but their quest for justice faces immeasurable obstacles as attempts to commence legal proceedings get wrapped in red tape.

We must also show that we have not forgotten, and that we too will continue to demand that these criminals Kumar and Tytler are brought to justice.

The Sikh youth of the region will congregate at Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre on Wednesday 3rd November, from 3pm to 7pm to raise awareness amongst the wider community as to the injustice and suffering endured by Sikhs in their 'homeland'. Speakers including British MPs will be invited to show their support.

Above all, however, your support is required. Spread the word and let us ensure there is an overwhelming attendance on 3rd November, just as there was at Hyde Park in June.

Very few of our gurdwaras have chosen to organise programmes in remembrance of these events, so it is up to the Sikh youth to seize the initiative.

In the same way that the attacks on Sikhs were indiscriminate, regardless of caste, wealth, social status and irrespective of whether they were practicing or not, each and everyone of us, whether amritdhari or not, should feel the pain that still haunts many of our brothers and sisters in India every day.

Show your support on 3rd Nov.

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How amazing this land of "INTIMIDATED AND MANIPULATED HINDU SERFS AND SLAVES" is, although such INDIA is a candidate for permanent seat at Security Council.

Those "Excellencies" at United Nations, if they are genuine and decent, will order DOG COLLARS for such a rotten "Government of India" that is under the foot of ABDUL KALAM AND SONIA KHAN.

After that the UN ought to order their TRIAL at NUERNBERG or HAGUE.

The International Court of Justice should order ABDUL KALAM (masquerading as Supreme Commander of Hindustan) to go to PAKISTAN, as per "ACT OF PARTITION, 1947," under which there is NO "INDIAN" Muslim now in PARTITINED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (PISS), and also order Sonia Khan (a.k.a. Gandhi) to return to her LAND OF BIRTH, thus emancipating India's MAJORITHY COMMUNITY at last.

The GENUINE "Excellencies" at UNO, worth the salaries they draw, already know that the Sikhs are NATIVE to Hindustan and laid down their lives by the tens of thousands to SAFEGUARD secularism in Amritsar and Delhi when LAHORE, KARACHI and DHAKA were surrendered in utmost haste and PANIC by Hindustan. They ensured the survival of HINDUS in the "REST OF INDIA" after the cowardly HINDUS (majority Community) surrendered the "BEST OF INDIA" to ISLAM in 1947 without demanding guarantees for safety of Sikh life and property in WEST Punjab.

Those who are now ruling by fooling the vast "herd of ignorant Hindu cattle," therefore, must be devils or the real enemies of secularism, democracy, civil liberties and human rights, who cornered the Sikhs in EAST Punjab, particularly in Amritsar, for the brutal army assault in June 1984, having granted full SOVEREIGNTY to EAST Bengal in 1972, and letting the MUSLIMS retain NORTH KASHMIR, too.

If the ENSLAVED Hindus have no idea of friend and foe, then UNO ought to ensure the survival of PERISHING NATIVES, particularly the SIKHS, in their HOSTILE surroundings in South Asia where the native "human herd" is helplessly WEDGED IN between two wide open "jaws" of ISLAM, ONE PAKISTAN AND THE OTHER BANGLADESH.

That is why UNO ought to hit this "P.I.S.S." (Partitioned Indian Secular State) hard on its head and shout in their deaf ears,



Anyone who KNOWS the history of the HINDUS and Hindustan, will see why INDIRA KHANUM selected the SIKHS in 1984 to give them a "bloody nose".



Two valiant knights STRUCK under Divine Will on October 31, 1984 after discovering that all the "EXCELLENCIES" at the UNO were a USELESS "BUNCH OF EUNUCHS" and wouldn't lift a finger to put INDIRA "GANDHI" in the dock like the NAZI generals, like Radovan Milosovic, like Saddam Hussein.