Date: 10/29/2004


...................TACTICS AND STRATEGY

To cry over North Kashmir is tactics. To recapture the whole of Pakistan and Bogusdesh ("Bangladesh" for the Supreme Commander of Hindusthan, will be strategy.

To call Nehru’s daughter Indira "Mrs, Gandhi" is tactics. To call her "Indira KHAN" will strategy.

To admire Indira Khan for her slogan “Garibi Hatao,” is tactics, To ask her, “Who gave us Garibi after the British left?”, is strategy.

To go for the Temple in Ayodhya is tactics. To “gherao” the Rashtrapati Bhawan and OUST THE USELESS HINDU BASHING "RUBBER STAMP" is strategy.

To call it INDIA despite fragmentation of 1947 is tactics. To call it “Partitioned Indian Secular State” is strategy.

To call Khalistan a threat to secular India is tactics. To call Pakistan the “FINAL SOLUTION to secular India,” is strategy.

To criticise the baby (Khalistan) is tactics. To kill its mother (Pakistan) will be strategy.

To abuse and curse All India Congress Party for its “Hindu bashing" is tactics. To wipe out Congress Party (Italy & Islam) is strategy.

To “gherao” Rashtrapati Bhawan will be tactics. To drop an atom bomb on the former VICEROY’S HOUSE in New Delhi, or raze it to ground, will be strategy.

To re-build Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be tactics. To turn the Jama Masjid in Delhi into SRI RAM TEMPLE will be strategy.

To call August 15 Independence Day is tactics. To call it PARTITION DAY will be strategy.

To adore the apparently secular Abd-ul-Kalam is tactics. To ask him to drop his ARABIC name and become a Hindu, will be strategy.

To accept and recognise the ISLAMIC Constitution imposed over LAHORE and KARACHI is tactics. To enact a HINDU CONSTITUTION in Bharat will be strategy.

Tactics is to admire Yasser Arafat of PLO for patriotism and guts and to confer cash awards for bravery on him. Strategy will be to follow his example and repudiate and reject our own bogus Partition.

Tactics is the limitation of a rat looking for its next meal. Strategy is the ability to look into the future in order to ensure the safety of our great grand children from foreign predators on our own territory, and to ensure that the Hindus are never again DEFEATED in Hindusthan (or put to rout as in West Punjab, East Bengal and Kashmir) as in 1947.

Tactics is to pull BACK the troops after every unilateral cease fire and return the territory captured by Indian troops, e.g. EAST Bengal in 1972. Strategy is to recover every bit lost to the eternal ENEMY in 1947, and since.

Finally, tactics is to celebrate the so-called “martyrdom” day of the “Son of a Witch” BOFORS CHOR (Rajiv, son of Feroze KHAN) on May 21. Strategy is to designate a few days in our calendar to celebrate decisive VICTORIES scored by HINDUS in Hindusthan. One such day will be when Sikh soldiers under General Hari Singh Nalwa captured KHYBER and hoisted BHAGWA flag over it. Let us think of ten more days of HINDU victory.

Tactics is to see Mr. MK Gandhi as a warrior who scared the British into granting us freedom and call him Mahatma and Bapu. Stratergy is to see him as the British “plant” who signed history’s quickest UNCONDITIONAL surrender within hours when even the Germans and the Japanese had taken six years to sign such a despicable document.

Tactics is to grumble over every Hindu female seduced, abducted and wedded by a KHAN. (And they are in their tens of thousands in Bharatvarsha). Strategy it to “gherao” the despicable “Son of a Khan” and ask him to embrace HER (his wife’s) native faith instead of imposing his Crude Koran on HER.

Tactics is to go about saying “Id Mubarak” to every Mohammed, Ali and Jinn in Bharat. Strategy is to make the word “MUSLIM” sound like “NAZI” in Partitioned India.

Tactics is to shout “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!” to fool ourselves since no one (NO ONE) tells such a LIE in Pakistan and Bogusdesh. Strategy is to MILITARISE THE DISARMED HINDUS and make them well prepared for the next Hindu-Muslim WAR on the sub continent.