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date: 11/3/2004

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open letter to the new president of the united states of america.

............congratulations on your victory.

your first challenge.

mr. president,

now here is the letter from the lethally wounded soul of the whole indian nation that was forced to accept the unconditional surrender before islam at partition (the word is euphemism that is still used to describe the savage mutilation and illogical disfigurement and fragmentation of india, and the massacre in cold blood of some two million innocent people, mostly hindus, who became victims of the world? most brutal and destructive ?illing machine?called islam.).

we, the gentle and peace loving hindus, were no nazis of adolf hitler? ?hird reich?or the japanese imperial war machine threatening anybody in 1947.

mr. president,

your first concern and duty as the supreme commander of world? most powerful secular and democratic power on planet earth is to free the helpless civilian female aid worker margaret hassan from the clutches of ruthless savage ?evils?in whose eyes her dignity as daughter, mother, sister and wife is no more than that of a sheep in the abattoir awaiting the butcher? knife.

her degradation and despicable captivity seems to be ?s per?koran, the muslims?holiest book since no imam, maulvi, mullah or qaid-i-azam on earth has appealed to the rascals to let her go to meet her family in ireland.

in 1947 all the indians remained de-linked from one another while our enemies could unite like a boxer? punch to wield the sword of islam on our common motherland.

the result was death to secularism and civilisation in our five provinces on one day where the sun of liberty and women? dignity set for ever, giving way to perpetual dark night of islamic intolerance, lunacy, savagery and feudalism.

with mrs. hassan, an aid worker, in captivity and held in such appalling and excruciating psychological conditions under which she looked a living dead and fainted while being displayed to the world on al jazeera television, the world? soul and conscience is in the firm grip of these bandits.

a so-called religion that keeps quiet over the misery and captivity of a human soul, the divine spark in each of us, is a devil? creed and no ?eligion of peace?at all. by submitting to such a diabolic falsehood, we are all showing our collective cowardice. it is the kind of fraud on mankind that our bandit jawaharlal nehru committed by calling our worst ever defeat and surrender of history ?ndependence?in 1947.

another scene like the captivity of mrs. margaret hassan flashes before our eyes. something similar happened in our own bharatvarsha that lay helpless before the invasions, aggression and occupation by ?arriors?of mohammed when they captured the two little sons of guru gobind singh ji and sentenced them to death by being bricked up alive. they were barely 7 and 9 year old little kids.

the whole of india ought to have declared their murder in cold blood as a day of remembrance, and declared a gazetted holiday to condemn the manner of their killing from every platform. but india remained silent and paid the price of her collective cowardice and lack of resistence at partition.

we appeal to you, mr. president, not to let them get away with this hostage taking and the murder of innocent civilian captives this time.

their crude bestial ideology is not confined to north kashmir only and the once grand cities of multan, lahore and sarhind but has advanced to baghdad, to hold mrs. margaret hassan trembling for her life.

she was no soldier, she did not condemn mohammed or koran or islam. she married a muslim, believing islam to be a ?eligion of peace? and she was active in humanitarian work in iraq. she was a well wisher of the iraqi people suffering under bombardment.

those who hold her captive must be tracked down, captured and then executed by firing squad and shown on every major tv channel, not only on al jazeera, to serve as a warning to the others.

you, mr. president, ought to declare within five minutes of taking the oath of office, ?ot this time, you mohammed!? and then go out to get them.

only then can the people of united states believe that they have chosen the right man for the top executive office of president and supreme commander.

please do not follow the example of our own little "man? president and supreme commander abdul kalam in new delhi, who is more of a gandhi than a gun with no designs to either repudiate partition or recapture north kashmir.

america is the last bastion of democracy and the hope of billions (hindus, buddhists, pagans and all the christians on earth) for safeguarding our survival. the murder of one weakens us all while strengthening the dark and savage forces of mohammed who take great islamic satisfaction and spiritual exhileration by holding a woman hostage, and reducing her to physical and mental wreck.

whether margaret hassan comes out alive or dead, will she ever forgive or forget mohammed as the post-partition india has done?

jai hind.

wednesday, 3rd. november, 2004


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