Date: 11/5/2004




That the BJP - SS lost in Maharashtra polls is a fact, but the reason cited by A. S. Thomas (ToI- Nov. 4, 2004) is incorrect.

He has stated that the reasons were non-performance and divisive policies.

First, since the Congress alliance was in power, the non-performance applies to that alliance.

Second, the BJP-SS feels that all Muslims and Hindus should also be regarded as Hindus, according to the definition given by Savarkar, and that there should be common civil code for all, no minority – majority consideration based on religions and that all Indians must be considered as Indians first and last. The word “Hindu” does not mean a religion, but the culture of this land.

The defeat of the BJP- SS is because of their failure to explain the real meaning of Hindtva to the masses and the success of the opposition in demonizing Hindtva.

Yours faithfully,




Sir, your letter is excellent. We Hindus, includingn our top scholars, thinkers, professors, and CONSTITUTION, are all deeply wedded to our OWN unilateral way of thinking that "all in Bharat are HINDUS," that we are ONE nation like the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States. Nothing of the sort! We are a DIVIDED and BROKEN nation and recovery will NOT begin till we see, comprehend and realise that our INDIA lies in death throes, bleeding and restless, in THREE fragments.

Lahore, Sylhet and Dhaka are AS INTEGRAL to the body of Bharat as Amritsar, Srinagar, Mumbai and Chennai.

Our FALLACY and SELF DELUSION have abdolutely NOTHING to do with Koran, Bible, and the MINDSET of the OTHERS (the non Hindus, the ENEMIES of the Hindus) who can FIRE THE SHOTS in today's Broken Bharat.

It is amazing as to what clarity of vision and intention THEY have, and show to the whole world, when they call the Indian held Kashmir "MAQBOOZA" KASHMIR, or "OCCUPIED KASHMIR."

The worst thing we have done, unilaterally, is to call that permanent divide, PARTITION, simply "independenc" and NOT talk about it to see reality. Actually it amounts to HIGH TREASON for which the penalty is DEATH by firing squad.

But our top leader, "Brown Sahib", Bandit Jawaharlal NEHRU, pulled us all neatly (treacherously) away from that kind of LAW by deleting the word "Partition" from our Vidhan and Vocabulary.

Now who (who?) will hold OUR trial? Definitely NOT the Congress that is Party to Partition. It is like expecting Manmohan Singh today and Rahul Gandhi tomorrow to hold the trial of BOFORS CHOR in Bharat.

Even when CRIES of "Pakistan Zindabad" were raised in towns and cities all over "AKHAND BHARAT" by Muslim multitudes before August 1947, we Hindus remained blind and failed to COMPREHEND the hatred in the OTHERS' minds.

Our Constitution does not mention the words PARTITION and HINDUS. For it, PARTITION never took place and MUSLIMS are again, legally, loyal citizens, and so are the CHRISTIANS who see rich pickings (of Hindu souls) in our "cuckoo-land".

Only yesterday the world knew why George Bush won another term of office. It is because of FAITH, FAMILY and FLAG, three pillars of his Party.

How about our Abdul Kalam and Manmohan Singh? What FAITH is in their hearts or enshrined in Congress Constitution?.

What the learned writer says, is our eternal bad luck, just THEORY that has only seen us PERISHING and goind down. The REALITY seen on earth is the SEPARATE homeland of Indian Muslims. The Christian majority areas in the north east, too, are heading towards their own separate republics like East Timur in Indonesia.

So long as this DIABOLICAL reality does not enter the heads of INDIAN Hindus, the concept of "people of the soil", like the Palestinians in Palestine and the Iraqis in Iraq, will not enter our heads, either. Our boat will just be floating with the wind, with the Christians, including Mr. A.S. THOMAS, and the Muslims, including ABDUL KALAM, making holes in its hull.

Their own self preservation dictates to them to KILL OFF THE HINDUS, to CONVERT US, or to WEAKEN us.

To us Secularism is a virtue. To them it is anethema. It is their death knell. Secularism to them is dark and menacing HInduism in another garb.

What did the Pope declare in New Delhi? What did the Muslims show us in 1947?

We have SLIPPED so badly, AND SO FAR, down the slippery slope of our own version (imagination) of Secularism that recovery seems such an uphill task. Our first challenge is to "educate" the educated Hindus.

The perception of the world about the NATIVES of Bharat and those whose SPIRITUAL LORDS are in Jerusalem, Rome and Mecca, is POLES APART.

For us they (ISHWAR ALLAH) are one and the same things.

In fact, for us Mohammed is above Sri Rama in Ayodhya (where we cannot stand up) and above our own Guru Nanak Dev ji in Sri Nankana Sahib where we, and our Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam and our Rashtramata Sonia Khan are quite happy to see the PROVOCATIVE Mohammed's flag overhead.

Due to this BOGUS "bhai bhai" business, the Hindu nation is again drifting towards a VIOLENT CLASH on the sub continent.

We will remain ignorant till the last moment like the Americans on September 11. Like them, we, too, have had our PEARL HARBOUR in 1947 without learning anything from it.

The beneficiary of the Hindus' BELIEF of "all are Hindus in Hindustan", and all are "bhai bhai", are the FOREIGNERS and the ALIENS on our soil.

It is a pity that the sacred SOIL of our brutally violated and fragmented Motherland cannot cry. Otherwise the two MUSLIM- OCCUPIED hostile FRAGMENTS of India on either side, that are under the FLAG of Mohammed, would have cried out so loud in agony as to pierce the ear drums of all the Hindus across the world.