Date: 12/3/2004


A nation without memory is nothing but "rats" on way out to extinction.

This occurred to me when I heard that Sri Amritsar was illuminated to welcome the head of a regime of bandits, plunderers, rapists and KILLERS, the chief minister of West Punjab, with seat of government in the city of MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH, as compared to our "rat" sitting on Union Territory, miles away and OUT OF PUNJAB.

An elderly Sikh told me that when young, he walked from Amritsar to Lahore one day while today the man from Lahore will take a WEEK walking to the new and bogus capital of DO-AB (Land of TWO Rivers).

A nation that has NO ASPIRATION, NO EXPECTATION, NO DEMAND, too, is "rats."

Since 1947, the Sikhs (and Khalsa) are HINDUS. Overnight the nation of "rats" called PARTITION its Independence so that any aspiration to recover LAHORE, or get back to Rawalpindi is CRUSHED before even its birth. Why did the PALESTINIANS not call their Partition Independence?

Since they didn't, the whole world, including Tony Blair and George Bush is supporting them to RETURN and RECOVER their lands and homes.

Even the Hindu "rats" welcomed Yasser Arafat three times in India, each time honouring him with awards and sending him back with his bags full of MONEY.

The starving Arab went back, bags full of money, whether he visited London, Delhi or Washington, EVEN TOKYO, who ought to have looked at the Hindus' case to return to North Kashmir and the Sikh's case to return to Lahore.

Yes, the "rats" have NO DEMANDS, NO ASPIRATION of any kind.

They are out to please and appease. Muslim is still the MASTER in Delhi. At Partition they were not asked to leave. The godforsaken WRETCHED Sikh and Hindu had no such choice in Lyallpur, Sargodha and Rawalpindi. He was killed, converted, abducted OR CHASED OUT, penniless, in three clothes, starving.

"Rat" Amarinder Singh, chief minister of much reduced EAST Punjab ought to have asked his counterpart, THE LION OF LAHORE, to look at the plight of our PUNJAB that had FIVE RIVERS FLOWING through it, not long ago. Then the Muslim took out Lahore, the Hindu took out Shimla and Ambala and the Sikh is left HANGING FROM THE ROPE OF "UNION TERRITORY" where Sonia Khan and the Pope and Abdul Kalam would be welcome any time.

Here are the ETERNAL demands of the Sikhs:

To start with: Grant VATICAN TYPE STATUS to Sri Nankana Sahib.

Invite the Sikh owners of all the property left in 1947 to get back to their homes just like the PALESTINIANS insist on doing. Or pay compensation at market rate of today.

Have a Record of HOLOCAUST prepared for each and every town, village and city in West Punjab. It ought to resemble the List of "SIX MILLION" that is painstakingly prepared by the HONOURABLE Jews.

Give the damn thing ANOTHER name that corresponds to reality. A land of three rivers on one side and of two rivers on the other side ought to have OTHER names, NOT Punjab.

Declare Guru Nanak, Prophet of Soil, the Saviour of Pakistan, NOT MOHAMMED OF ARABIA.

All SIKHS ought to be allowed to go to Pakistan without the need for Visa. No damn Sarkar comes in between a man and his place of birth. Sonia Khan has the eternal RIGHT to return to Italy any time. She can never renounce its citizenship.

Encourage the "RAT" called Hindustan to put the Act of Partition of Punjab, Bengal and Assam, as CHAPTER ONE in its CONSTITUTION.