Date: 12/24/2004




Earlier this month, a play written by a renegade Sikh female, seeking cheap publicity like those who feel important by "selling" their wives and daughters, if not their principles, wrote a play in England that makes a gurdwara as the scene of sex and murder.

There was an outcry and hundreds of Sikhs protested vocally in Birmingham where the play was to be shown. In view of this show of anger, the theatre cancelled the showing.

Thereafter the mischievous media, particularly Muslim journalists, highlighted the fact that the playwright is a Sikh, in order to justify the showing that aims at ridiculing gurdwaras and insulting ALL (not some) Sikhs while pleasing SOME (not all) non Sikh viewers.

But wrote one outraged Sikh,

This lady obviously has a chip on her shoulder with Sikhs. This playwright is as much a Sikh as Ian Huntley is a Christian. Religion is not what you're born into or you say you belong to. It is all about practising what your faith teaches. Neither have excelled in that.


"As much a Sikh!"


This lady is as much a Sikh as BANDIT NEHRU was a Hindu who surrendered one third of India to Islam on one day, and as his daughter Indira, too, was a HINDU who returned East Bengal to Islam after its capture and also as much a HINDU as Rajiv who called his father FEROZE KHAN "Gandhi" not KHAN of Allahabad, and as much a Hindu as "Fodder Thief" LALOO PRASHAD or "Muslim a*** licker" MULAYAM SINGH YADAV who will shoot dead any Hindu procession marching towards AYODHYA to raise the grand temple.

Or even as much a Sikh as "Buckree" Baldev Singh, who readily surrendered SRI NANKANA SAHIB and LAHORE without suggesting ONE condition in turn (we see none on record anywhere), and "Zaleel" Zail Singh in whose time in the highest office, Sri Akal Takht Sahib in Amritsar was reduced to ashes.

We do need some more SIKHS LIKE THIS, to see Sikh Faith extinct not only in Lahore but also in Amritsar.

And we do need more SUCH Hindus to surrender the Rest of Hindustan, too, to Mohammed.

The good news for our UBIQUITOUS enemies is, that we do have SUCH Sikhs who are tirelessly and relentlessly working towards this very goal, and who are willing to sit on "UNION" TERRITORY instead of sitting on the TERRITORY OF PUNJAB.

The Hindus have already surrendered the HIGHEST office in their decomposing Hindustan to a Musalmaan (Abdul Kalam) with an Italian "consort", DESPITE partition, and are refusing to reconstruct their Grand Temple in Ayodhya, having thrown the thought out of their minds to return to South or North Kashmir.

Are there also SUCH Muslims who are aspiring to bringing EAST Bengal and Sindh back under ONE secular umbrella of Akhand Bharat of Bapu Gandhi?

But there are millions of such Hindus who are even DELIGHTED to note that to date not one Hindu actor has dared to do a love scene with a Musalmani actress, leave aside wed her on stage for any Bollywood movie.

Such Hindus are mighty embarrassed as to why NEHRU and GANDHI did not surrender the whole of India on that day in 1947 in order to save the indigenous MUSLIMS the trouble of advancing on HINDU territory, inch by inch.