Date: 12/24/2004


NB: Comment below is in "strong" language. Chicken hearted friends may not read it.



NEW DELHI, DECEMBER 22 (2004): The BJP is set to create a storm in Parliament tomorrow over a letter written by a senior official in the Prime Ministerís Office seeking the re-opening of the case against L K Advani in the Babri Masjid demolition case in which he was discharged last year.



LOOK AT THE FATE OF COWARD, HINDU "HIJDA" ADVANI, ex-refugee, who called his "HIJRAT" (forced migration like that of Mohammed from Mecca) from Karachi "Independence."

Now he is crying like a baby, but WHERE was he when as HOME MINISTER he did not dare to open the case on BOFORS CHOR, "son of BITCH," Rajiv Khan.

"In Politics, Mr. Advani, there is NO mercy for a HINDU in Hindustan."

At CHRISTMAS there is NO mercy for turkeys and at EID, there is NO mercy for the sheep.

There has NEVER been any mercy for the HINDU or SIKH in the heart of any POPE or Abdul Kalam.

Did you NOT know this? If your qualities and virtues are IGNORANCE and COWARDICE, then we shall see you behind bars like the SHANKARACHARYA very soon.

When they had PAKISTAN, they took two million Hindu/Sikh lives and YOU did not have the guts to raise even a tiny memorial to them.

We shall see HINDUSTAN perish in the manner of 12th century AD since the Hindu LEADER has not moved even a centimetre while MOHAMMED has jumped from Khyber to Chittagong ONCE AGAIN.

Very soon the call, "Wake Up dear Hindus!" will be repeated as "WAKE UP YOU DAMN FOOLS!"