Date: 1/2/2005


.........................GOOD NEWS

Hindus will have own patriotic TV Channel, pure MILK without a single dropping from Mohammedan sheep or Christian goat.

We are delighted and wish to send the following letter to the owner/proprietor.


We wish you all the success, luck and happiness in this New Year.

Sudarshan TV with noble perspective is a rare ray of sunshine in the very dark climate of Hindu Bashing in Bharat that has been ceaseless, relentless and often MERCILESS towards our country and noble people.

As we can see, the ignorance, illiteracy, brainwashing and conditioning of the HINDUS, is a deliberate policy of our rulers.

These rulers consist of three columns, all welded together as a sledge hammer to crush the Hindus, who are also deliberately kept isolated and de-linked from one another and their soil of birth.

Thus though we may seem as a ONE BILLION strong nation, in reality we are one billion separate individuals like grains of sand in the desert. With the wind, the sand is thrown up in air to be carried across tens of miles, is raised from ground to build new mounds while flattening the others and creating deep crevices and ruptures.

Like these sand grains, terrified Hindus have been made to leave their hearths and homes and flee in all directions, just think of the gypsies still kept out of towns across Europe, and just think of the millions raised up in air during 1947 and then dumped all over India like a sand storm. Millions are now displaced from Bharat, including Kashmir, Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab and East Bengal.

We were uplifted violently from soil and roots even in Fiji and Uganda. Our so-called Field Marshal was useless and powerless against one tin can colonel in Fiji and the bogus general in Uganda.

Despite this observation on the lack of united strength of the Hindus, none in position of power has thought of giving the nation a sense of attachment to territory, sense of pride in ourselves and a sense of self-esteem.

How low are we sunk now if the top two positions are with foreigners who wish, aspire and hope to keep the Hindus away even from Ayodhya where they seem to have lifted the Hindu by his ears and thrown him 6 kilometres back.

Both Sonia and Abdul Kalam ignored all the Hindus and simply picked out a docile Sikh, who would put Italian above Indian any time, and gave him the post of Prime Minister.

Poor Mr. Singh! A “Bharati” Singh, a mere “SIGH” because he is a Singh in hijacked and then crashed Hindustan. The POOR fellow cannot even go to his place of birth without a visa from the General in Islamabad, and without permission of the new “SHER-E-PUNJAB” sitting in LAHORE who proudly points to the picture hanging in his office, that of Maharaja Ranjit Singh seated on gold throne. Once a year he sends a police escort to accompany SIKH pilgrims’ to Janmasthan in Sri Nankana Sahib.

One asks in delirium, “Did the Sikhs once capture Khyber Pass and defeat the Afghan army in Jalalabad? Did Hindusthan have Partition or Independence in 1947?” The answers have got mixed up in the dust of cowardice, lack of interest and neutrality.

An observer has described the people of Bharat in the following scene:

We see Sonia and Abdul Kalam standing at the head of two foreign columns of vast numbers, standing in a long straight column behind EACH.

The column behind Abdul Kalam is a sea of heads that goes back and vanishes behind the horizon. The horizon represents the year 1192 when the Turks surprised the Hindus of Delhi who had never been to Turkey, and we believe that the brutal black clad column goes as far back as 712 AD.

The column behind Sonia Gandhi (in reality a KHAN since Indira was seduced and wedded by a Sunni Muslim called Feroze KHAN) stretches as far back as the eye can see.

If we were to climb a tall mast, about a kilometre high, we could barely see the end with a powerful telescope. We discern some missionaries on the southern coast of India and a boatload sailing up Bay of Bengal. We see a few in the company of Vasco de Gama in Goa.

The third column is Hindu Column, just a hazy outline. There is a mass of confused people standing on soggy soil with rocks and cliffs here and there. These rocks jutting upwards from the swamp represent the glorious pockets of resistance offered by patriots like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Maharana Pratap and Maharani of Jhansi. The sounds from there are discordant. Chants of “Om Shanti Shanti”, “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai”, and cries of “Har Har Mahadev” get mixed up with the music of “Dev Shiva Burr Mohe,” and show the absence of Collective Head.

Behind these rocks and boulders, the marshland goes back as far as the eye can see. There are also huge chunks of territory, now covered under dark and dirty gluey green moss. Previously, this land showed a spectacular multicoloured display of flowers and plants with chirping and singing birds flying overhead. But now the noise emerging along with the white and yellow fumes that rise from these green mossy swamps, resembles howls of wild beasts hiding deep beneath the surface. They sound menacing to the secular Hindu society.

There is NO man or woman standing in front of this third column who could be clearly identified or recognised like Sonia and Abdul Kalam. This diffused and scattered column represents the natives of Hindusthan in a melting pot. Now and then a head emerges above the heads and shoulders of the others, only to be pushed down, or cut off by the constitutional sword.

If a few heads rise up together, we see missiles fired and daggers thrown from those in the other two columns. The result is obvious. The natives cannot have a head that can rise above the rest and then survive.

This is a horrible scenario of a nation that was once glorious under the grand title of Bharatvarsha.

Great Dynasties like Guptas and Mauryas gave us civilisation, great rishis and sages composed our Vedas and also great kings, rulers and spiritual leaders like Sri Rama and Sri Krishna, who gave us the lead.

But then, the foreigners started coming in, battling and fighting their way in, sailing and flying in, driving and travelling in, and simply, any body and every body, coming in. Initial resistance is gone. The Hindus are standing one on top of the other like a huge pyramid. The foreigners just step on, moving up head to head, they get to the top. From there he can see Mecca, Moscow, Rome and New York without any telescope. Sonia and Abdul can see even beyond.

The earlier foreigners, who had their own gods and goddesses, and temples, and did the puja like the Hindus, did NO lasting damage. But the two who followed the previous ones, taking advantage of ignorance, disunity and mutual rivalries of the natives, have proved a permanent curse.

First Islam, then Christianity, came with the strong sense of God's mission to CONVERT and DESTROY diversity.

The followers of "mad" and wild, all-conquering, intolerant Mohammed, who turned Afghanistan into a cultural wilderness, wish to do the same in (what is left of) India now. But if the Hindus vanish from Bharat like the Buddhists from Afghanistan and the Syrian Christians from Iraq, then the American soldiers will be in Bharat, too, guarding the peace, as in Arabia and Afghanistan.

But Alas! Someone who thinks that Islam is a good idea worth preserving and boosting in Bharat is the man called ABDUL KALAM, standing as a flag bearer at the head of the first column.

He will rather die than announce, "I embrace Hindu Dharma of this noble soil and discard my Arabic name."

The followers of Christ who carried the Cross wearing BHAGWA, soon forgot his message of tolerance and love that he took with him from Kashmir, and turned as beastly in Latin America as the Mohammedans were in Middle East, wiping out native temples and scriptures.

Controlling armed forces (Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam) and vast establishment & resources (uncrowned queen Sonia Khan) they have managed to deny true knowledge of history and culture to the natives.

Since movies are the main tool of dictators (Nehru and Hitler) to brainwash a nation, the ruling (and fooling) establishment in Partitioned India have let loose all the KHANS, from Sameer Khan to Shah Rukh Khan, like wild wolves on the stage, to set the tone for Indian culture and way of life. Nearly all films coming out of Bollywood are trash, making a mockery of our native values, and a laughing stock of our traditional Hindu culture.

In such a climate of demoralised, confused and servile (servant) Hindu nation, there is utmost and urgent need for having a TV channel that will face the uphill task, and also the opposition that is bound to come up.

It is up to Hindu LEADERS and organisations, political parties and the rich NRI's, to COMPREHEND the role such a new movie company is about to play in our Bharat where the rulers wish to see nothing that gives joy to the Hindus.

Finally, it is a NATIONAL SHAME to say this openly, that what you are about to do to raise the profile of HINDU nation and the DIGNITY of Hindu and Sikh females on their own territory, is going to be taken as OFFENCE by the other two columns.

Up to now the ENEMY has been assassinating the patriots one by one here and there. But a moment MUST come when this despicable cowardly betrayal of our finest workers must STOP.

It should be made quite clear to all, that the Hindu will not tolerate any attack on a Hindu just because the latter is a Hindu, trying to raise the image of our Hindu nation on our Hindu TERRITORY.

Should this warning be ignored, then the ENEMY ought to KNOW, that for any criminal attack on ONE actor, actress or worker of your TV company, a thousand “foreign wolves” will perish across Hindusthan overnight.

There is no need to worry about what the Constitution of Rascals, Pandits and Bandits says. It is zero in Lahore. And there is NO need to worry about the UNO who cannot get the AGGRESSION in North Kashmir vacated with suitable punishment to Pakistan. They are all IN LEAGUE with enemy to see the word “Hindu” replaced by “secular”, and every Singh and Sharma called by a number.

Have UNO or Security Council, UK or the USA ever objected to the word ISLAM in the other two constitutions imposed on Lahore and Dhaka? There is only one reason why the word “HINDU” in Bharat’s constitution will set fire to their “bums”, and we know it.

Not one eye brow is raised when one Hindu is killed in Srinagar, 36 Sikhs shot dead in Chattisinghpura, 50 Hindus burnt to death in Gujerat or a hundred pilgrims slaughtered in Jammu & Kashmir in one night.

The massacre of over two million Hindus in 1947 was a very "small price" to pay for escaping from the yoke of Imperial Britain, while the assassination of an evil, arrogant, divisive and malicious political "witch" at Halloween in 1984 was compared to the fall of an oak tree, regarded "the king of forest", by BOFORS CHOR, the Son of a "Bitch".

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR and the BEST OF LUCK in your movies. We are sure they will become blockbuster hits very soon. The field is vacant, Sudarshan Ji, TAKE IT AWAY.

..........................2 January 2005