Date: 1/3/2005


Cry of India, “Either Partition or Mohammed. NOT BOTH.


Dear readers,

Please ask an elderly Hindu to describe the state of Education, Unity and Political Awareness of the Hindu nation prior to PARTITION in 1947.

They will tell you, “We were like a soft mass of PLASTICINE that can be moulded into any shape with bare hands.”

EDUCATION: Most of India was totally illiterate. Some literacy was seen only in large towns and cities. Children had to trek for miles to reach a school. Newspaper readership was minimal. It was zero in villages.

Radio was a luxury, seen only in a few very rich homes. TV was non existent. Electricity was in big towns and cities, not in villages. Light was provided by kerosene lamps and earthen oil lamps (diva) with wick. There were no telephones except with ministers and millionaires. That was the slave colony called India in which only a few barristers spoke English.

With regard to the horrendous events and upheavals that were about to unfold before our eyes, the collective IQ of the entire Hindu nation was that of a five year old infant. And now after SIXTY years, if Italy is still above India in Lok Sabha, then the combined collective IQ of our Hindu nation must have spectacularly leapt up by one notch to six.

Please draw your own conclusions as to what to do now to bring it up to 100, a notch higher than that of the American nation on the same earth as ourselves.

UNITY: The Hindus were separate individual cells while the Muslims were united. When the attack developed, our side was ill informed, misinformed or not informed at all.

For days the general massacres continued in Rawalpindi district in village after village, town after town, with every house and dwelling being looted, set on fire and inhabitants inside killed or chased out, raped and maimed, without any reaction in the neighbouring districts and states, even in the rest of India. Each Hindu was on his or her own.

It was March 1947 and there was peace of the British Raj everywhere. Total collapse (holocaust) was to follow within days.

POLITICAL AWARENESS was, and still is, close to zero. People still regard Partition as Independence and “celebrate” the anniversary. We are told that months after Partition, in the autumn of 1949 to be exact, a good Hindu son, working as a clerk in an office in Madras (now Chennai), posted a letter to an address in- “Lahore, INDIA.“ Readers will know of countless such cases of ignorance. Many did not know that their aunt or cousin was no more with the family that had landed in Ambala or Panipat, but were abducted, raped, then converted to Islam, or abandoned and left to die in West Punjab.

Occasionally, a young man from Sargodha or Khanewal in West Punjab still turns up in East Punjab trying to locate his mother’s family who had escaped from there in 1947.

That is the story of the GUN, the GRANITE and the PLASTICINE. That is why our Bharatvarsha is in three parts today with Kashmir still under the sharp CUTTING edge of the Islamic granite.

Now the story in detail:

On hearing that the British were about to pull out, the mischievous Muslim, known as the Perennial Rascal, “fed” on Koran, Halal and Namaz, suddenly struck a lethal blow on his own land of birth and cut off huge chunks of territory to create his Realm of Allah.

He called it Pakistan to feel great about discarding the “na-pak” land of Hindus. (It is another story that soon afterwards; one fled his Realm of Allah, and was arrested by British police when their sniffer dogs located him dying in a container of frozen meat from France.)

After giving that lethal blow to Akhand Bharat, the Muslims held their breath, waiting for a massive counter attack by the Hindus, from Kerala to Assam like the giant TSUNAMI killer wave of December 26, 2004. They feared the annihilation of tens of millions of Muslims across India within days.

But nothing happened. There was NO stir at all in the “deep frozen” Hindu nation.

They feared there might be some Hindu patriots in Congress Party who would rather break off Independence Talks for a year or two than accept the surrender of huge territories of India for ever.

He thought that those talks concerned Independence but now PARTITION was a new devil that M.A. JINN had pulled out of his hat.

India was stunned like America on September 11, 2001. But while America hit back hard, Hindustan followed her own long established tradition of total paralysis, quickly leading to surrender or cease fire.

Some reflect, “Hindu is a vegetarian while the Muslim is animal flesh eater. It is the diet that makes the goat and the tiger so different from each other. The Hindus look at the Muslims through the eyes of the sheep while the Muslims look at the Hindus through the eyes of a tiger. That makes accepting surrenders and cease fires easy.

Any criticism of that diabolic surrender draws the cold response from our leaders, “It is history now. Look to the future.”

Most of us do not realize that that PARTITION was once only a second old, then a month old, then a year old. What did our leaders do then when it was most certainly NOT “history”? It we are an honourable and a decent nation, Partition will NEVER be history. Could we “dump” Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak Dev simply because they “entered history” centuries ago?

The Muslims were expecting at least one of the barristers to put forth a few conditions. One, like the exchange of population, was most obvious to the dullest among them. But not one stood up to the JINN in a determined manner.

After a long wait the Muslims were mighty relieved to hear our leaders say, “We accept Partition. It is history now.” They sent a powerful signal to the enemy that we care two hoots about TERRITORY and millions of fellow HINDUS. We were treated accordingly, first in Kashmir, then in Uganda and Fiji and now even in starving Bangladesh.

By accepting Partition the Hindus fell straight into the “mouse trap” set up by “Mountbatten, Jinn & Co” who had contingency plans ready if the Hindus had said, “Partition with at least one Condition.”

Accepting Partition meant that all further interest and research into the psyche of Muslim Murderous Morons was abandoned- a tremendous loss of knowledge to the Hindus.

Muslim League “rascals” in Delhi were given farewell dinners by Congress Party members. Tears were shed over the parting of these “Gandhian” brothers. A sad Pandit Nehru said, “Jinnah House in Bombay will be preserved like a sacred temple.”

The victim became at par with the murderer. The bully, the bastard, the abductor and the temple destroyer became at par with the gentle Hindu who in entire history has not destroyed a single mosque, converted a single Muslim by force, or crossed the frontiers to sack Mecca or London.

Pandit Nehru twisted the Hindus’ ears and had them repeat, “We accept Partition. It is history now.”

Ignoring and discarding all the HINDU scholars, patriots and experts, Nehru then spotted one Ambedkar, and asked, “What did you grandfather do for a living?”

“He cleaned the latrines at a British garrison, Sir,” came the reply.

“Ah! You are suitable for the job I have in mind for you,” replied Nehru, and asked Ambedkar to write up the Constitution of India with the opening line, “We accept Partition. It is history now.”

Buddhist Ambedkar did so like a fast bumble bee, and was hailed as the “Father of India’s Constitution.” (Now we have a “Father of Indian nuclear bomb” Abdul Kalam. The only HINDU in “father” class is Mr. MK Gandhi. He is called the “Father of Pakistan.”)

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief that the man chosen to write up Hindusthan’s Constitution was not a Hindu. There would have been a serious dispute over the word “OM” and the symbol TRISHUL in the Book.

Thus the Constitution of Ambedkar stitched up Broken Bharat into Akhand Bharat once again. It was easily done in the Book but not on land, covered in red under two million corpses from Karachi to Gilgit.

Thus, the Muslim, after inflicting history’s worst calamity on India, is again equal to a Hindu in Hindustan. As an EQUAL citizen with the same passport, he has every right to fight for his rights and privileges as before.

With Partition ACCEPTED and the word DELETED in Constitution, the Indian Muslim does not feel any guilt about Partition. Once again he is bold as a bull, causing great worry and fear to the nation.

As an EQUAL citizen, standing beside any smart Hindu, he can block the construction of temple in Ayodhaya. He can exempt himself from family planning, aspire to become the President, even outpace the rest of population in numbers.

Free from shadow of High Treason in Constitution, he is now creating regions, even States, that are becoming Muslim majority areas once again. He is determined to attack anyone who utters the word “Hindu”, while none can object to the word “Muslim” in Muslim League in Kerala, or “ISLAM” in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh (East Bengal).

Some of us have realised the grave blunder in recognising Partition and treating Indian Muslims at par with “The Rest” with regard to loyalty.

We find the Hindu status and standing in Bharat taking severe knocks all the time, not only in Bollywood.

It is time to dump the “Bandit’s & Bhangi’s” Constitution. There is not one grain of Hindu Divinity or a drop of Sikh Amrit in it. It just STINKS.

The new Constitution has EITHER to be on the German model with provision for the breakaway parts to re-join, OR a proper one called “Vidhan of Hindusthan” in which the MUSLIM is described as a “GASTARBEITER.

In any case the new flag must be BHAGWA with green thrown away towards Mecca, for good.

Is Partition a DEVIL of the past, or a TIME BOMB of the future? The Indian Constitution, written after PARTITION, is the Soul of the Rascal. In it a Muslim in Broken Bharat is considered EQUAL in loyalty and patriotism to any Hindu.

If we take off Nehru’s eye-caps, remove Congress conditioning, think with our own heads and see with own eyes, then what is the REALITY that we see?

Why is there NO peace in Kashmir and why are the Temple in Ayodhya, our national pride and symbol, not coming up fast?

Why are Muslim “namazis” blocking our town squares on Fridays in increasing numbers?

Why is Jinnah House in Mumbai not gone like Spandau Prison in Berlin?

Why are Bharati soldiers not in LAHORE and RAWALPINDI as the American soldiers are in Kabul, Karbala and even Baghdad?

Why is Tourists’ Paradise of Kashmir still burning in hell fires of bogus cease fire?

What is BOGUSdesh up to by holding two million strong Islamic conferences in Dhaka every year? How did they say, “Thank you,” for liberating them from URDU and ISLAM in 1972?

Such questions show the great fractures in the hull of ramshackle ship called Hindustan on high seas.

With Indian Muslims given Pakistan, now we HINDUS, are her (India’s) CUSTODIANS. Let us step forward and GUARD her after declaring,