Date: 1/7/2005


.........Hinduism is in real disastrous difficulty-

...........By G.C.Asnani Date: 25th November 2002

1. Inside the country of India, Hinduism is under severe attack from Islamist terrorists, Christian Church, Hindu Communists and Hindu Secular Politicians. On the borders of the country, are threatening Pakistani army, international Islamist terrorists safely housed and heavily equipped in Pakistan as well as in Bangla Desh, Maoist warriors near Indo-China border, and strong and well-equipped Chinese armed forces in Tibet. The selfish criminal politicians of India are also no small danger to the country.

The western Christian countries are no friends of ours; they would feel delighted to see India disintegrated, Hinduism weakened and eliminated from the surface of the Earth. This danger is of no sudden development; anti-Hindu work done in the western world has the history of at least the last three centuries; the Christian Missionaries have spread poison against Hinduism through poisonous writings of the die-hard Christian Missionary scholars, particularly the Jesuits. These scholars did real hard work, it must be said to their credit, to discredit Hinduism in the western world, to justify the financing of Missionary work by the Governments of Europe and USA, philanthropic institutions and gun-manufacturers of those countries. The problems which IDRF is now facing in USA are not the making of one Mr. Mathew; he is just giving a helping hand to the army of Churches and gun-manufacturers of USA.

The ignorance, indifference and fool-hardiness of many Hindus in refusing to see or even sense the developing danger to Hinduism and Hindustan is also a major contributor to this catastrophic situation in which Hindus find themselves in Hindustan and elsewhere. This ignorance-indifference-foolhardiness can be named as Secularism, Saintliness or Silliness, whichever word the reader may like to use; the choice is left to the reader.

2) What is the way out? In my view, the first step is to understand this situation. Are we prepared even to understand the source of this situation? Understanding comes through study and analysis of the past and the present. Not many Hindus have facilities or even aptitude to study the History of this dangerous development.

There are three classes of public opinion-makers in this religious problem: politicians, press and religious leaders.

Our political leaders are innocent in the field of study; they cannot sit and study; they have passed that stage; it is now too late for them to undertake this job of study. They are experts in talking, giving sermons on the subjects which they even do not know. The bureaucrats under them had at one time some faculty of study to guide the administrative policy-makers. During the last fifty years of our Independence, the political leaders have succeeded in keeping away honest and learned bureaucrats who were guiding British rulers in taking policy-decisions; these political leaders are now surrounded by flatterers who just please their bosses. In a way, ICS cadre under British Government was a very efficient and professional class in administration. IAS which replaced ICS has been reduced to a class of very junior-grade people who are now mainly meant to arrange facilities and receptions for worthy or unworthy politicians.

By and large, Press in India is infested with mercenary hirelings, who have brought down the prestige of the Press profession itself which used to be called the fourth or fifth pillar of the State; there is hardly any hope of replacing these mercenaries with people really worthy of that noble profession; it is too late now. Money is too strong a temptation.

As far as Hindu Sadhus are concerned, persons of the caliber of Guru Gobind Singh and Samarth Swami Ramdas are missing. Swami Vivekananda rose, he started an organization with great far-sightedness but he did not live long to give it sustained orientation and strength; the Churchmen and women finished him and partly his organization also. Was he not administered slow poison after his stupendous success at Chicago Parliament of Religions? Read the Comprehensive Biography of Swami Vivekananda written by S.N.Dhar; published in 2 Volumes by Vivekananda Prakashan Kendra, Madras; read his experience in Detroit, some three months after the close of Parliament of Religions and read his letters written to his close associates in India around and after that time. This great hero of Hinduism who could sleep in the open in the freezing temperatures of Chicago before the commencement of the Parliament of Religions, soon lost energy of his body and wrote to his friends that perhaps his bones alone will reach India. What happened to him? Was it excessive work? I dare say: NO; something else happened to him. Attempt to give him poison through a cup of coffee (page 549 of his Biography, Vol.1) is almost well-known today; that it was discovered well in time is also known. But then after that failed attempt, what happened that he lost energy, never regained health and passed away within a few years! Be that as it may, the question is: Will Hindu Sadhus do what was done by Guru Govind Singh, Swami Samarth Ramdas and Swami Vivekananda?

There are hundreds and thousands of Hindu Sadhus around, inside the country and outside the country. If they make a sangathan and resolve to save Hinduism from extinction, they could possibly help Hinduism and Hindustan.

Hindus Sadhus must recognize the enemies of Hinduism- the Muslim Maulvis, the Christian Missionaries, the Hindu Communists and the so-called Secularists. The Sadhus must study and understand the methods employed by our adversaries; simply saying that all religions teach the same thing and hence to close the eyes and also close the heads against understanding the situation will bring their own ruin also; now the Hindu temples and places of pilgrimage are repeatedly under attack. Will these Sadhus survive? First their disciples and then they themselves will be killed. They can act before it is too late for themselves and for their disciples.

What instructions are given in the Holy Quran are now well known to those who care to read something other then secular newspapers. What is written in the Holy Bible is now less known; the History of horrible Inquisition conducted by the Church under the authority of the Holy Bible is nearly forgotten. The summary of those Teachings is available as “Jesuit Oath” on the website: http://www.reformation.org/jesuit_oath_in_action.html maintained by some non-Catholic Christians, not by Hindus. Read that Jesuit Oath. Terrible torture, war and monstrous type of killing is awaiting those non-Christians who shall not open their eyes and read even a few pages. I am giving as Item 2, that Oath from the website mentioned above, downloaded right today 25th November 2002. Will Hindus care to read these few pages at least? If there be any doubt, please download it from the Internet yourself.