Date: 1/8/2005


Now on name of secularism the present government of India'S Defence Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee is increasing the Muslims in our army, air force and nevy by a large percentage which will be a blunder because Muslims cannot be trusted when they are called upon for Jihad.

According to past record Muslims have betrayed India and people of India.

The solution of the problem lies in the reason of partion and that is transfer of population on the basis of religion . This is never too late to do it for the peace.

The coward (TRAITOR) Nehru kept these Muslims BACK AFTER BLOODY PARTITION OF INDIA, and we are paying the price in terms of insecurities at borders, terrorism,assassinations, loot, plunder, kidnapp, conversions, infiltrations etc.


During MASSACRES of Hindus and Sikhs, the MUSLIM members of police force and ARMED FORCES fired on the trapped and helpless Hindus instead of protecting them from Muslim wovles and hyenas who were after Hindu blood and our property and daughters.

It appears that COOLIE COLONY OF HINDUSTHAN learnt no lesson from history's worst ever defeat and surrender.

Now, who will catch this bogus Defence Minister of BLEEDING BROKEN BHARAT, and hang him from the nearest tree for the HIGH TREASON?