Date: 1/9/2005


Mr. Blair and his cabinet have let in thousands of Muslims in the recent years. With increase in numbers, the Muslim clout is getting LONGER and STRONGER in the UNITED Kingdom. One does not know how long will it remain "United".

The MUSLIM, like his KORAN, is the same today what he was in 7th century AD. No change in his inspiration, instigation, brainwashing, conditioning and separatism for the good reason that the study of Koran and total blind faith in it, is mandatory for all.

In a strong NON Muslim country like the UK or France, the Muslims come in like gentle lambs but as their numbers and mosques grow and as they get better organised, they start developing a clout.

Within years they start twisting the ears of governments to give them exemptions from following secular laws. They become a vote bank that a politician can hardly ignore.

We thought that the British democracy was strong but now it is proving to be a paper tiger before the MUSLIM onslaught.

Tony Blair, as a CATHOLIC, may have his own agenda to strike at the official Church of England, but the nation is totally naive with respect to Islam.

Tony Blair's mother was not abducted, his sisters and daughters not raped, his father or uncle not killed, his church not set on fire, nor was a part of UK taken out to establish a separate hostile ISLAMIC republic as was the case with India and the Hindus.

It is the same Labour Party that pampered the Muslims in India and they are doing the same at home, too, now.

However the British people still have breath left in them. Rightist parties like BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY are gaining ground rapidly. A fierce reaction is developing against the Labour Government and the Muslims who now regard themselves as "indigenous" like the Indian Muslims before and since Partition.

Most national newspapers are very critical of the present government whose ministers have given right to stay to thousands of legal and ILLEGAL Muslims from Asia and Africa. What was once the British "way of life" has gone to wind, if not to dogs.

It is not possible to reproduce all the press reports warning the nation or shaming the government. But here is one, that is typical.

The Daily Mail, London, January 7, 2005, p. 1.


Labour’s cynical bid to win back the Muslim- vote it lost over Iraq.

By Graeme Wilson, Political correspondent

Labour has launched a shameless attempt to win back Muslim voters amid fears of a mass desertion over the Iraq war.

It assures them of the major influence they have on government policy and delivers an explosive attack on Opposition leader Michael Howard.

The offensive comes in an ingratiating article in Muslim Weekly, one of the biggest selling papers in the community, written by Energy Minister and loyal Blairite Mike O’Brien.

He boasts that the government has obediently introduced controversial legislation at the behest of Muslim leaders.

A ban on religious discrimination was delivered just two weeks after a request from the Muslim Council of Britain, he says. A clause recognizing religion as a factor in cases of violence and harassment was delivered in response to Muslim demands.

Mr. O’Brien also reminds Muslims that Mr. Blair has read the Koran. And he claimed a personal empathy with their fears over anti terror laws as an Irish Catholic who lived in Birmingham at the time of the pub bombings there

But perhaps the most controversial passages are the attacks on Mr. Howard, the most prominent Jewish figure in British politics. He questions whether the Tory leader would defend Muslim rights or stand up for Turkey’s bid to join the EU.

“Ask yourself what Michael Howard will do for British Muslims?” he asks. “Will his foreign policy aim to help Palestine? Will he promote legislation to protect you from religious hatred and discrimination?

“Will he give you the choice of sending your children to a faith school? Will he stand up for the right of Muslim women to wear the ‘hijab' (traditional dress)? Will he really fight the Turkey, a Muslim country, to join the EU? These are not academic questions.

“Remember the last thing we want is to vote in anger and repent at leisure as Michael Howard, with a big smile on his face, walks through the door of No. 10.”

The attack was condemned as ‘despicable’ by the Conservatives, who called for an immediate retraction.

The article exposes growing panic within Labour that thousands of Muslims will abandon the party at the election, decimating its vote and handing victory to the Tories on LibDems in scores of crucial constituencies.

Its imploring tone is reflected in the title – “Labour and British Muslims: can we dream the same dream?”

Mr. O’Brien acknowledges that Muslims are ‘very angry’ about the Iraq war but says that must be careful not to ‘vote against their own long term interests.”

He tells them they can trust Labour and, revealing that Iqbal Sacranie, head of the Muslim Council of Britain, asked Mr. Blair last year to announce laws to ban religious discrimination.

Two weeks later in the middle of his speech to the Labour Party C, Tony Blair promised that the next Labor Government would ban religious discrimination. It was a major victory for the Muslim Community in Britain.

When he was at the Home Office Mr. O’Brien says he personally amended the law following requests from Muslim leaders to ensure religion could be recognized as a factor in cases of violence and harassment.

On yet another front, he attempts to distance Mr. Blair from George Bush by claiming Britain had maintained contact with the late Yasser Arafat when Washington turned its back on him.

“Tony Blair’s message was clear: we will work with the elected leader of the Palestinians, even if the Americans will not,” he says.

Mr. O’Brien argues that the Premier’s decision to send British troops to Kosovo was based on his determination to stop Muslims being murdered by the Serbs. “Many Muslims in Kosovo owe their lives to British intervention,” he declares.

The lengthy list of benefits Mr. O’Brien say Labour has delivered included state funding and recognition for Muslim schools and the decision to send doctors to help British pilgrims who travel to Mecca. Mr. Blair had also been ‘appalled’ that Muslims used to be excluded from Remembrance Day ceremonies and had ordered changes to give them a prominent role.

Labour had also scrapped the Primary Purpose Rule, which Mr. O’Brien claims discriminated against people coming to Britain from Muslim countries.

He urges Muslims not to judge Labour on Iraq alone.

“Labour values equality, compression and a multi-religious Britain and so in that sense we share the dream of most British Muslims,” he says.

A Conservative spokesman challenged all Mr. O’Brien’s claims, saying the Tories broadly supported the new laws on religious discrimination and backed the growth of faith schools. The Party had also been a long term advocate of Turkey’s membership of the EU.

Shadow Cabinet member Tim Yeo said, “These comments are inaccurate and despicable. Michael O’Brien should withdraw them at once and apologize.”

The article was also greeted frostily by the Muslim Council of Britain. Spokesman Inayat Bunglawala said the Iraq war had cast an ‘enormously dark cloud’ and ‘caused a lot of Muslims to abandon Labour for a very long time.”

Muslim Weekly confirmed Mr. O’Brien approached them with the article.


Note: Tony Blair is said to have read the Koran. That does not say much. Does it?

Did he find its content ‘sweet sugar and honey’ like that of Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs, or did he find it fiery, bestial, separatist, crude and barbaric?

Is Tony Blair in full agreement with its views on WOMEN, limb amputation and killing the Kafirs?

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“Sunday”, Northamptonshire’s weekly, dated January 9, 2005, p. 3.

...................SHAM MARRIAGE PROBE

A three month investigation in Northamptonshire by the Home O revealed there could be up to five sham marriages taking place each week in the county.

Northampton’s proximity to London and its large immigrant population has led to it being targeted by organised gangs which charge between £2,000 and £10,000 for each sham wedding.

AS the Home Office has cracked down on the criminal trade in the capital Northampton has begun to be increasingly used as a venue for weddings between immigrants and EU nationals.

This has led to the Home Office including Northampton in a nationwide network of dedicated a register officers specifically set up to tackle the growing problem

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“Up to FIVE sham marriages in the County per week means 270 illegal immigrants, MOSTLY MUSLIM, getting the legal right of abode in England’s ONE county alone. One can imagine the number of INFILTRATION in London with 12 million population where now every fifth person you see in street may be from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and Sudan.

The nature of British society under LABOUR rule is changing rapidly throwing the traditional “British way of life” to the wind if not to dogs/