Date: 1/11/2005





A rabbit walked in step with a sheep. When the pack of lions appeared, they were both eaten up.

The Sikh minority in 1947 walked in step with the HINDUS, considering them to be "majority community" with more votes than anyone else in South Asia. Soon the Axe of PARTITION fell and sliced them all off into pieces.

When our simple and brave Sikh youth, misled by IGNORANT THIRD RATE leaders, UNILATERALLY shouted, "Khalistan," they provided perfect excuse to killers like KPS GILL and RIBIERO, the "butchers" of Punjab, to shoot them dead on sight.

Their lives were lost IN VAIN and there is no mark on the world of their sacrifices, not even on the third rate PANTH who are too scared to erect a tall memorial to their memory on our own TERRITORY where our TWO flags fly.

By the way, neither is there any Memorial to HALF A MILLION Sikhs massacred at PARTITION in 1947. The day is called "independence" by Indian "monkeys" UNMINDFUL of loss of one third of India overnight in that year.

The wise thing would have been to LINK Khalistan with Pakistan. Thus the slogan ought to have been "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN." OR "EITHER FRONTIER BACK TO KHYBER, OR KHALISTAN."

The devastating effect of such slogans can be imagined on the rulers of the world from Delhi to London and Washington.

Now another drama is unfolding before our eyes that the third class Sikh POLITICAL leaders back home have not taken into account.

It is the creation, BY STAGES of a new State of PALESTINE.

The world, including mischievous Tony Blair, who is happy to hear "Pakistan" but gets annoyed on hearing "Khalistan", and the mightiest man on earth, George Bush, fully support the aspirations to sovereignty of the displaced Palestinians. The newly elected leader is expecting an invitation to Washington any day to ensure the SOVEREIGNTY of his tiny State of Palestine.

Why is there NO voice on behalf of the Sikhs (ten times the numer of Palestinians) to INSIST on our right, too, to return to our homes in WEST Punjab?

How can we behave in such sheer CONTRAST to the Palestinians who have been praying and struggling to GET BACK to their ancestral homes? You can make the Hindus run away from whole provinces but cannot make the Muslims yield even an inch of territory.

We commend to the Sikh POLITICAL leaders to watch the PROGRESS of Palestinians and compare it to our own STINKING STALEMATE in EAST Punjab that is now under the foot of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan with our mightiest "man" sitting on UNION Territory.

With regard to our view on "LINK UP WITH SOMETHING BIGGER AND STRONGER," let us remind the readers of a chapter that is TORN OUT of history of Sikhs and thrown away by our dull and duffer LEADERS.

In 1947 the Sikhs linked up with Congress Party that was led by a "Mouse" called Mahatma Gandhi, the great champion of Ahimsa, surrenders and cease-fires. Now he is called the real "Father of Pakistan."

The Indian Muslims, on the other hand, linked up with the Imperial LION called GREAT Britain.

What happened then is an eye opener. The Sikhs fled Lahore and the Hindus never looked back on FIVE provinces they left behind while the happy Muslims proclaimed the birth of a new ISLAMIC republic in South Asia.

The Sikhs had become complacent and left it all to HINDU leaders. Later they had to run, riding the Hindu sheep like ticks. It was an ignominious end of a fine community in West Punjab.

Since we have deleted the word "PARTITION" from our vocabulary, NONE has learnt any lesson from 1947. After that the Sikhs were ready for the attack in 1984 and further removed from the dream of recovering Lahore and Nankana Sahib.

Now the successful Palestinian example is before our eyes.

........................Any comment?

......................January 9, 2005.