Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Yasin, Ponial, Chitral and Skardu Etc. OUR TERRITORIES THROWN TO DOGS IN 1948 BY "BANDIT" JAWAHARLAL NEHRU

Date: 1/11/2005


Courtesy: Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005

Legal Status of Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Yasin, Ponial, Chitral and Skardu Etc.

The following treaty was affected in August, 1870 between the Mir and Kashmir Darbar :

By the Holy Quran..........................

I am Raja Ghazan Khan son of Raja Ghazanfar Khan and grandson of the late Raja Saleem Khan of Hunza. Whereas my father late Ghazanfar Khan remained under the control of Kashmir from a long time, especially the deceased Raja was obedient to the Maharaja, I also agree to remain obedient and present the tribute in the same manner. Hence I on my own accord, without force or pressure, depute my motabir, Wazir Fazal Khan and accept the following terms:-

1. The following Nazrana will be paid by me to the Maharaja annually :

Gold 12 Tolas

Horses 2

In return, a Khilat-Fakhira and 2,000 Srinagari coins will be granted to me and also a Khilat to my Wazir.

The revenue of Chaprot, that has been fixed from old times will be paid annually at Gilgit.

One Motabir of mine will always remain present in Gilgit and he will be paid thirty rupees per month by the State and one Motamid will yearly present to the Maharaja the annual Nazrana.

The friends of the Maharaja will be my friends and his enemies will be my enemies. If a force be required in Gilgit, I shall place my troops at the disposal of the Maharaja for service and I shall not spare any effort in doing the service.

As this agreement has been written, after swearing the Holy Quran, no change whatsoever will take place on my part.

The tribute was paid regularly. When Hari Singh ascended the throne the Mir at Hunza went personally to Srinagar to take part in the coronation. He offered some presents besides the stipulated tribute, and received a robe in return. Before Gilgit was leased out to the British in 1935, a procedure was adopted so that the Mir did not discontinue his offering of tribute to Kashmir Darbar. The Mir was also in receipt of a subsidy of Rs. 2,000/- a year from Kashmir Darbar.


The Nagar territory lies on the opposite side to Hunza bounded on the north by the river Hunza and possesses the same geographical and Geological features. It remained under the suzerainty of Jammu and Kashmir State right up to 1947.

Since 1867 the State of Nagar had been paying a small tribute, to the Maharaja of Kashmir, receiving in return a present of larger value. Here is a translation of an undertaking in Persian given by the representatives of Nagar in 1870 A.D.

We undertake to confer with Ghazan Khan, the Raja of Hunza that his son, as also the son of his Wazir should remain in attendance on the Maharaja of Kashmir and in case he does not agree, we shall send our forces against him.

If any Motabir of Hunza comes for secret work into our State, we shall kill him.

We shall ask Raja Ghazan Khan to handover the forts of Chaprot, and Nomal, if he agrees well and good : if not, we shall march against him and take their possession by fighting out. That one of us four, Shah Murad, Mohammad Shah, Mirza and Nadlu will always remain in attendance at Gilgit turn by turn.

Inter communication between the Gilgit and the Nagar subjects of the Maharaja and others will continue. If any loss occurs, we shall be held responsible.

One real son of the Raja of Nagar and one son of the wazir will remain always in the service of the Maharaja.

Friends of the Maharaja of Kashmir will be considered friends and his enemies taken as enemies.