Date: 1/11/2005


Till Italian Maino led Congress came to power with support of traitor communists and other opportunist slavic minded hindus thing was atleast within a limit. Once this xtian-Islamist govt came to power, they have started systematic Jihad-Crusade against our dharma, culture, heritage which culminated with inhuman arrests of our Great Vedic sankaracharyas.

Nothing left with to be proud of being a Hindu, a Bharatiya. Thats what these forces wanted, to crush hindu proud, hindu civilization, hindu heritage so that they can establish their xtian-islamic-communist empire.

You are 100% right. Its time, hindus must learn and practice from what our Tamil brothers doing to protect their existence. Nothing else left. We few hindus will be just shouting and screaming. There's nobody to hear us. Why shall they? They knows Hindus can at best shout and scream. What happened for the last two months is enough example of it. UPA govt is just ignoring all shouting and screaming of hindus. Manmohan, a name-sake PM, offers his usual lip-service and lectures 'law must take its own course'. Where is law for all criminals in his govt? Where is the law for Bofor chor Italians? Where is law for ISI agent Imum Bhukhari? Where are laws for christian missionary terrorists?

Our ineffectiveness and silent acceptance will completely destroy us soon. This situation must change. RSS, VHP and we all hindus must give BJP final ultimatum to act, even if it is necessary to resign en-masse from parliament and start movement. BJP must stop playing Congress-B team game now.