Date: 1/12/2005


We have seen an esteemed contribution from the renowned Hindu scholar and patriot, Prof B. Gajjar, USA.

When any contribution or posting on Internet concerns EXPOSING the enemies of Hindus, Hindutva and BHARAT, we all have EVERYTHING to do with it, and ought to support the views of the writer to the hilt.

Our motivation is to restore Hindu DIGNITY and TERRITORIES lost due to devious and treacherous enemy action. We realise that the ENEMY is WITHIN, and none other than "All-India Congress Party", the Party that "led" India smoothly and effortlessly to death fields of massacres and PARTITION.

Below is the esteemed contribution by Prof Bharat Gajjar (addressed to several Hindu editors) and underneath is our COMMENT.


Jan. 10, 2005

Dear Editor,

Please print this article in your publication.


When the world said, “We want to help you,” regarding the tsumani disaster, the Indian Government told the world, “We do not need your help, we’ll take care of our own people.” India isolated itself. After many complaints from Indian organizations the government then changed it’s policy, telling the world, we’ll accept your money but we’ll distribute it ourselves.

BJP said, “We are shining,” and they lost the election. Now the ruling congress party is stating “we are a world power”. It seems when these people come into power they forget reality. In India, thousands of people go hungry every day. Education is a disaster so where is this world power coming from. In such a great disaster where 10,000 of our people died and billions of dollars of damage has occurred, people are left homeless, children orphaned, under these conditions we should accept all the help we can get. I’m sure India is really working hard to take care of our people however we need more help now.

The question is why is the ruling congress party who came into power with the help of the Indian Communist party playing politics now while our people are suffering. There are two elements here. The Congress party means control of everything. When the first Prime Minister Nehru did not follow Mahatma Gandhi’s suggestion and brought socialism into India and did not allow anyone to do anything individually everything was under government control then we didn’t make enough economical progress. Then when ex- Prime Minister Narasinga Rao wanted a loan from the International Monetary fund, he was required to open up some amount of India’s economy. He was forced to do this to get the loan. Only when BJP came into power all of India’s economy was fully opened up. Now the congress is back in power and cannot go back to socialism like the Communist Party would like them to do. The congress is trying to please the Communist party of India, who hate the West by denying Western help. The congress party claims that the western news media creates a circus, which they don’t like. They saw that during the Earthquake of Gujarat.

I’m very disappointed that the Indian government is playing politics at this time and has lost credibility within the worlds eyes. The world is wondering what’s wrong with these people.

.................Professor Bharat J. Gajjar

...................... ==============


You have given words to thoughts of many silent, confused and brainwashed Indians living abroad who have still NOT realised that it is the policy of rulers of India (ITALY, ISLAM AND THE FOOLISH TIMID, CLUELESS AND SUBSERVIENT HINDU) to keep India ISOLATED from world currents of development and progress, to keep India DEPRIVED of any input, intellectual or financial, however beneficial and life saving, from outside, in order to keep India IMPOVERISHED and her PEOPLE dependent on these alien "Hindu bashing" rulers.

The worst crime was committed by treacherous Pandit Nehru, who himself lived like a Sultan but succeeded in TURNING INDIA INWARDS and by freezing the dynamic Hindu genius into SIEGE MENTALITY so that economic stagnation and spiritual decomposition and discord among native communities, eg., Hindus and Sikhs, proceeded apace.

From that dark day in history in the middle of the last century, when due to lack of UNITY and AWARENESS, our society and nation perished and FRAGMENTED, our slide has been downhill till today when the whole world can see with their naked eyes our Lok Sabha and Prime Minister, sitting at the feet of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, both NON Hindu (on TOP in Hindusthan).

The older Indians can surely remember the years after PARTITION when Imperial Lord named Jawaharlal Nehru, busy courting Edwina Mountbatten, started "flogging" the nation by legislation and Constitution into INACTION and INACTIVITY, with a view to putting us all to eternal sleep.

By their strangulating restrictive economic policies, total neglect of education and rampant corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, our "hijacked" Motherland was forced to send countless brilliant young men to foreign shores in utter frustration.

That generation is now middle aged Indians abraod, especially in the USA, who were kept away from making contribution to the upllift and economic recovery of their own land of birth. Their land of birth was continuously plundered and driven down into dust, civil strife and minority (read MUSLIM) appeasement.

Today what could have been shining like Japan and China is a dark and dismal scene in our much badly neglected India. Even clean drinking water is not available to all and taps go dry for most of time and lights go out abruptly even in capital Delhi. Transport system is in a muddle and chaotic. Schools and universities are primitive, lacking books, computers and good teachers. Hospitals have not much changed since the days of British. No big corrupt cat has been sent to jail, not even BOFORS CHOR, totally demoralising the judiciary and the police. Military generals have been made to eat the dust of futile cease fires from Kashmir to Sri Lanka. What they fought bitterly and at great cost of life and limb of jawans to capture, was promptly RETURNED to the enemy, to the shock of the nation and amazement of the world.

We are left to watch and admire such "shining" countries like JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA and TAIWAN. We are left to wonder at the courage of tiny countries like SINGAPORE and Kuwait that claim to have put every family on Internet, and we watch like handcuffed prisoners the rapid PROGRESS of small countries like LITHUANIA, CZECH REPUBLIC and ESTONIA that got their independence only 13 years ago and are now galloping ahead. From starvation level under the Soviet Union, Estonia is now at par with Sweden and Latvia is at par with Italy in economic prosperity. These countries have NO sacred "bapu" to pull them down towards hand spinning (charkha), manual crafts, light from "deewa" and study under a rare street lamp.

One needs to go to Eastern Europe to see with one's own eyes how PEOPLE progress if there is NO treacherous Dynasty or Dictator on top with their own hidden agenda to keep the people as serfs and slaves, and HELD BACK.

The Hindus are really serfs and slaves if even aid cannot come from abroad while half the population of India do not have a good meal nor a pair of shoes, not even a bicycle.

It is only the CORRUPT and TREACHEROUS rulers who are living in luxury, travel about in limousines and enjoy holidays abroad while Kashmir is ruined like the Temple in Ayodhya, sans tourists.

And, ironically, it is this "DONKEY LOT" of Cabinet minsiters and Lok Sabha, sitting obediently at the feet of Italian born Sonia Khan, and Abdul Kalam, who are acting as BRAKES on the progress of people in PARTITIONED INDIA.

Sadly, due to this monstrous obstacle called the "Government" of India, the awareness among the much "bashed and battered" Hindu masses is spreading SO SLOWLY that it might take a thousand years before the word reaches them all, given the "Devil of Dynasty" standing between Progress and People.

This anti national "Government", by promptly refusing aid as "reflec action", may have LOST millions of dollars of aid that was meant for RECONSTRUCTION of devastated areas of Tamil Nadu.

(ONE TO ITALY, THE OTHER TO PAKISTAN (in a manner a lot more civilised and decent in contrast to OUR own extermination in, and expulsion from, ISLAMIC PAKISTAN)