Date: 1/14/2005






N.Ram & N.Ravi Editor/proprietor The Hindu News daily India

Dear Sirs,

If the freedom of press is real in India,i hope you will have the courage to publish this letter of mine without fearing the wrath of J.Jayalalitha.I am marking copies of this to all TV Stations and news papers across the world.

Can you discriminate 85 percent of your own population?

This was evidenced in the launch of Tsunami rescue by your military in the neighbouring countries first during the golden hour neglecting your own people and then in coastal Tamilnadu, Andaman and Nicobar islands.The victims are 85 % Hindus.

Also i refer to the news item " Video excerpts of Kanchi Acharya's custodial interrogation telecast " published in your paper CHENNAI, JAN.12,on the telecast by the DMK party organ Sun TV.

Url Refe: http://www.hindu.com/2005/01/13/stories/2005011308190100.htm

The news referred to Sun TV'S Telecast is a violation of privacy.As the case is being heard in various courts, the Supreme court has granted bail to the Kanchi Acharya,the matter is Sub Judice.Such a telecast then has malicious intent and the delivery of a compact disc at the Sun TV office by the police and the subsequesnt telecast is a crime under section 161 of the colonial law IPC Indian penal code.

A friend wrote "Tamil Nadu's descent into a banana republic status is a reality;the Indian Army and navy launching search and rescue to tsunami victims in the neibourhood, all the while its own victims crying for relief is a reality;all the while aid being syphoned off by corrupt politicians and police is also a reality; completed with a megalomaniacal tinpot dictator (who believes a wall will stop 60 ft, 500 km/hr waves); a seedy, corrupt police; inspector chaouseau; kangaroo courts & shyster prosecutors. The Indian press? roasted & lambasted by Andhra Pradesh high court judge Reddy.Meanwhile, the SC takes a healthy bite out of TN's backside."

Some years ago a Swiss body guard of the Pope of elite Vatican forces, was found murdered in the Vatican.For that reason the Italian police did not arrest the Pope and drag him down the courts of Italy.

The President of India APJ Abdul kalam was not arrested for the rape of a young girl in Delhi by the President's own mounted guards two years ago on the Presidential enclave: the Raj Path.

Directors of the Sun TV were not arrested for violating the privacy of the Sankaracharya by telecasting the doctored video clip while the matter is still in the apex court.All signs that the Acharya Sankara was drugged by the corrupt Tamilnadu police during interrogation was evident.

In India,if the President,the Press (biased against Hindus)Judges and politicians can claim special previleges as per the constitution;the Vatican representatives to India the Bishops,and arch Bishops can enjoy dual Passports,diplomatic protection,and minority previleges,the constitution has become a club;to be fair why not extend the same previleges to the most venerated and ancient Hindu religious heads also?

Can you discriminate 85 percent of your own population?

This was evidenced in the arrest of the acharya and in the launch of Tsunami rescue by your military in first in the neighbouring countries,neglecting your own people.

The BBC did a commendable job in exposing the decision of the tinpot regime at the centre and the tyrant at the state of Tamilnadu in its interview with the Indian ambassador to UK Sri.Kamlesh Sharma on 12 Jan 2005.


Laura Kelly Kunta Runta Varkaus Finland