Date: 1/17/2005



Dear Mr. Singh,

From "The Daily Tribune", dated 14th inst. we learn that you have erected the statue of "bhangi" AMBEDKAR, credited with having written world's best Constitution, in the town of AJNALA near Amritsar.

You did this "crime of TREACHERY and DENIAL" against the ignorant citizens of your own State, EAST Punjab.

Did you ask your meek and sheepish subjects present on the occasion, "Who was Ambedkar?"

We can bet our bottom dollar that NOT ONE would have known the guy whose Constitution on Nehru's orders, does not contain the word LAHORE, or PARTITION, nor even the consequences of SIKH Genocide of 1947.

Normally, people honour heroes of their own states. Will you see a statue of a Polish or French hero in London? Will you see one of a hero of England in Portugal? Will you see a statue of your BAPU GANDHI in Pakistan or Bangladesh?

Why is your Punjab the "dog" who will go a mile out of way to please the FEMALE MAFIA OF ITALY, and ABDUL KALAM, wearing the Congress Collar?

Could you NOT find a single noteworthy and illustrious man or woman from your own Punjab whose statue would for ever remain safe from the "abuse, stick and spit" of the honourable SIKH youth of Punjab?

Statues are supposed to be of heroes who INSPIRE the nation. Your State, now ONE FIFTH of its original whole in British times, is dotted with statues of skinny, half naked cowardly MK Gandhi who only inspired surrenders and ceasefires.

The statue of a jackal has a different effect on the MORALE and SPIRIT of a nation than that of a LION. That is why brave and honourable nations have statues of LIONS.

How do YOU think, the statue of alien "BHANGI" Ambedkar will inspire the youth of your State that lies next to Pakistan.

You have also failed to notice the air of degradation in which you are quite contented to rule your State from Union Territory. You ought to be MANLY enough to rule from Patiala or Sri Anandpur Sahib.

As the descendent of Maharaja Ala Singh, you should really have chosen your brave ancestor's statue for AJNALA, if not of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Other names worthy of your consideration are-


Mata Bhago

The four sons of Guru Gobind Singh


Master Tara Singh (He is definitely your own while Ambedkar is an UNKNOWN ALIEN).

General Hari Singh Nalwa who INSPIRED his army to capture KHYBER.

If you were to choose one of our own SIKH heroes, it is quite likely and possible that your subjects would manage to recover LAHORE and move your Bhawan and Secretariat to that city.

But under the defeatist air of Ambedkar you will not even move to PATIALA but decompose further, AND DIE, on Union Territory.

In your speech given at the dark occasion, you also condemned Anandpur Sahib Resolution and called it SECESSIONIST.

Secessionist from what?

From united strong and inspiring AKHAND BHARAT, in which your own father was born, OR from the decomposing, disintegrating BROKEN Bharat, also known as Partitioned Indian Secular State (PISS) where frontiers and borders are like lines drawn in sand?

Can you not look at the political status of Kashmir under Article 370 of Ambedkar's Vidhan, or at full SOVEREIGNTY of East Bengal which is a million times ahead of petty concessions being demanded under Anandpur Sahib Resolution?

DO NOT CONSIDER YOUR OWN STATE ANY INFERIOR EVEN TO STARVING EAST BENGAL that did not have to beg and pray like your EAST Punjab for petty concessions under Anandpur Sahib Resolution!!

Do you want the world to laugh and say, "Look at the offspring of Maharaja Ala Singh, now kissing the foot of Italian born SONIA KHAN!"

We should condemn that Vidhan and that BOGUS Indian "constitutional expert" Ambedkar whose India does not have LAHORE in it, nor Sri Nankana Sahib and whose Punjab is one that was broken up into FIVE fragments with its capital OUTSIDE the lot.

Finally, STOP cursing the elders demanding Anandpur Sahib Resolution and STOP castigating our glorious youth who demand KHALISTAN.

Have the guts, courage AND AQAL to comprehend their slogan, "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN."

And also have the EYES to see that Pakistan is a long POLE UP HINDUSTAN'S.

So, SMASH all those statues of ALIEN Gandhi and Ambedkar and replace them by those of NATIVE Sikh heroes of PUNJAB who have drenched its soil with their blood,


PS: SHAME ON YOU THAT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT KNOWN TO ANYONE. You have been to England and America where even a road sweeper is on Internet.

Instead of concentrating on Ambedkar, it was far better to start a crusade for "EVERY SIKH FAMILY IN EAST PUNJAB TO BE ON INTERNET with its own e-mail address."

What can be the moral standard of "rats" who dare not speak up for conclusion of corruption case against BOFORS CHOR?

What can be the state of self esteem of "dogs" who trail behind a semi literate Italian born brat and do a deep salaam to Abdul Kalam, a PAKISTANI as per Act of PARTITION of India, 1947?

What can be the state of guts of a "mouse" who cannot move his "BUM & BHAWAN" out of Union Territory to RULE his State of "Lions" from ANANDPUR SAHIB or even PATIALA?

The dull, duffer and (damn) fool HINDUS AND SIKHS are both lost in Broken Bharat in which LAHORE is OUT OF BOUNDS to the chief minister of Punjab.