Date: 1/17/2005



Why England will never be attacked and broken up or beaten up, is seen from the following incident.

Last week Queen’s grandson, third in line to the throne, Prince Harry, who is 20, wore NAZI uniform for fun at a fancy dress party. (Now compare: Who would have bothered in India over any Hindu lad wearing an Islamic dress, or a Hindu female wearing a burqa for fun, at a fancy dress party?)

But not in England where every child knows about the NAZI attack of 1939, EIGHT YEARS BEFORE THE MUSLIM ATTACK ON INDIA.

For us that attack, that cost India one third of her territory, is “history”, but for the proud British it is as topical today as then.

There was immediate uproar in the media. Jewish and patriotic lobbies condemned the prank and there were calls to teach Harry history of his country.

Some thought he should spend a week at AUSHCHWITZ concentration camp in Poland where Jews were massacred. Others wanted his name to be struck off the list of cadets who will attend Sandhurst Military Academy in May next. Some suggested that he should read the history of Holocaust thoroughly.

Today’s news is given below. As the whole world can see on BBC website, the erring Prince is required to clean out the muck at a PIG STYE.

What a terrible punishment for a member of British Royalty to wear the uniform of the FORMER FOE!!



Shamed Harry Ordered to Muck out Pigs

Disgraced Prince Harry has been ordered to make amends for his Nazi fancy dress shame by mucking out the pigs on his dad's Highgrove farm.

Angry Prince Charles, who read the riot act to his youngest son after he was pictured wearing a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party, has told Harry, 20, to keep a low profile and steer clear of local pubs.

And it seems he feels a spot of hard work wouldn't do the tearaway Prince any harm.

A security source revealed: "Harry's been told in no uncertain terms to stay out of mischief.

"His father thought a few days doing some honest work might focus his mind. He'd been kicking his heels around Highgrove all week since the fancy dress party.

"I think his dad decided he might as well do something useful and stay out of trouble at the same time."

Farm manager David Wilson has been told to keep his eye on Harry and ensure he pulls his weight.

Prince Harry, who has been roundly condemned by the British public for his gaffe, is yet to make a public apology.

Two out of three adults believe his choice of fancy dress outfit was in extremely bad taste and an overwhelming 73 per cent say his team of advisers should have stopped him from attending the party in his Nazi get-up.


Now let us be brave to RELATE this scene to PARTITIONED India. A Hindu minister eats IFTAR with his Muslim constituents. There is immediate uproar in Lok Sabha. Some accuse him of total ignorance of MASSACRES in NOAKHALI and later during Partition which took some TWO MILLION Hindu lives.

Others demanded that he be taken out to RAWALPINDI district to meet the old men there to find out about the devastation of Hindus and Sikhs systematically and brutally, village after village, town after town till not one Hindu or Sikh was to be seen in the whole of West Punjab.

Some asked for his dismissal and removal from Lok Sabha while the others demanded a course on MUSLIM ATROCITIES IN INDIA DURING THE PAST CENTURIES.

Others wanted a course on KORAN for him to see with his own eyes passages that say, “You can divorce your wife by saying divorce three times,” and others that ask a Muslim to KILL a Kafir, and yet others that describe the paradise and the rewards for Mujahideen, and so on.

Finally the SHAMED Hindu minister who shook hands with any Abdul Kalam was asked to go and CLEAN UP A PIGSTYE as a punishment.

When the Indian public takes account of the ATTACK of 1947 as the British public take notice of the attack of 1939, we shall be equal to a European, man to man.

Please do read the above news item once again to see why there is NO cuckoo eyed mahatma here who is shouting, “LABOUR (or CONSERVATIVES) BHAI BHAI!”

Now see how IMPOSSOIBLE it is for the morally superior Hindu nation to discard the deceptive chant of “Hindu Muslim bhai bhai.” Should we not wait till they return our LAHORE and NORTH KASHMIR and even EAST BENGAL with an apology?