Date: 1/18/2005


...............PRINCE HARRY, A FOOTNOTE:

Esteemed Readers,

Yesterday we posted the account of Prince Harry being taken to task for wearing the NAZI uniform at a fancy dress party in London.

To that account, posted on several HinduDiscussion LIsts, we wish to add the following FOOTNOTE.

(NB: The paragraphs in ITALICS were posted yesterday. These are reproduced to establish the link.)

"Finally the SHAMED Hindu minister who shook hands with any Abdul Kalam was asked to go and CLEAN UP A PIGSTYE.

"When the Indian public takes account of the ATTACK of 1947 as the British public take notice of the attack of 1939, we shall be equal to a European man to man (and to an Italian woman to woman) .

"Please do read the above news item once again to see why there is NO cuckoo eyed mahatma here who is shouting, “NAZIS and LANOUR or CONSERVATIVES). BHAI BHAI!” Now see how IMPOSSOIBLE it is for the morally superior Hindu nation to discard the deceptive chant of “Hindu Muslim bhai bhai.”

"Should we not wait till they return our LAHORE and NORTH KASHMIR and even EAST BENGAL with an apology?"

Please add the following footnote.

....................... =============


A frank Briton once told me, “We exterminated our NAZIS in Europe at that time while YOUR “NAZIS" (INDIAN Muslims) are still in occupation of one third of your "morally superior" Gandhian secular India, and they are also ON TOP all over, including the one who is your Supreme Commander.”

Then it dawned on me like sunshine, that while Europe UNITED in the shape of European Union so that NAZIS do nor recover or re-surface. our own Bharat has taken NO steps to UNITE Lahore and Dhaka with Delhi, nor even banned KORAN, the inflammatory Book of Sedition, Separatism, Mischief and Provocation, in Kerala and Kashmir.

For a long time to come, we will NOT be able to compare the solid rock of CHRISTIAN Europe with our own directionless, fatherless, ownerless, decomposing “mongrel mangey dog of a nation” afflicted all over her body with the “CANCER of ISLAM” that our despicable "constitutional expert" AMBEDKAR failed to notice while working under the stern gaze and command of treacherous Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

....................INSTT OF HINDU IDEO.

.....................January 18, 2005.