Date: 1/18/2005


Dear readers,

Among the supportive comments received on our earlier posting on the subject, here is one from a patriot:

"Through Radio Talk Sport, London, I know that in Germany to wear Nazi Symbols gets three years imprisonment."


The question then arises: "Why does wearing NAZI symbols mean THREE-YEAR jail sentendce in UNITED Germany while in PARTITIONED INDIA to shake hands with a MUSALMAAN is considered a great honour?

Our HINDU cabinet ministers go OUT OF THEIR WAY to eat "Iftar" with them and our Government even provides them with HAJJ facilities. Even their "madrassas" at DEOBAND and ALIGARH are safe and thriving, busy training Jehadis to cut Hindu throats once the long awaited CIVIL WAR breaks out to correct the bogus, provocative and artificial borders of PARTITIONED India.

Traitor's "JINNAH HOUSE" in Mumbai is safe and solid like a rock while our Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is in ruins.

Let the Hidnu nation rise, become manly, and treat the follower of MOHAMMED exactly as the Europeans treat the follower of HITLER.

Then the whole world will respect the HINDU, and Sonia of "BOFORS CHOR" will be seen packing.