Date: 1/19/2005


.........................Market Buzz

............Direct flight to Milan from Amritsar soon

.....................Tribune News Service

The Air Slovakia has announced the introduction of direct flight from Amritsar to Milan via Bratislava from February 7. The flights would take off on weekly basis during the first phase. The proposed flight would take eight hours to reach its destination, including one-hour stay at Bratislava.

Giving details, General Director of the Air Slovakia, Mr Augustin Bernat, and Commercial Director, Mr Tibor Varga, said that the flights would be primarily aimed at catering to the needs of over 70,000 Punjabi families in and around Milan city of Italy. The frequency of flights would be doubled after some time, they said.

Mr Bernat said that the Air Slovakia had already been operating Amritsar-Birmingham flights thrice a week since April last year. "After conducting a detailed survey about the need of direct flight from Amritsar to Milan due to a large presence of Punjabis in and around Milan and Rome, we decided to make the flights operational from February 7," he added.

Elaborating further, Mr Bernat revealed that it was further planned to appoint Punjabi-speaking girls as air hostesses to ensure better facilities to passengers, who would be mostly from Punjab. "Besides, it has been decided to introduce Punjabi meals and beverages for on-the-board passengers. Very shortly, all announcements would be made in Punjabi and English for the convenience of the passengers," he said.



Shame on "MUCH REDUCED EAST PUNJAB" and its "man" on UNION TERRITORY, and SHAME on the coolie colony of Congress that flights can be offered by SLOVAKIA, the size on one district in EAST Punjab.

It has to be MILAN due to Italian born "MOTHER OF HINDU NATION", Sonia Khan. Her patriotism will put any Sardar who fled Lahore, Multan or Rawalpindi, to shame.

It is not amazing that Government of EAST Punjab resting on UNION TERRITORY could not copy Slovakia which is not seen on most world maps.

Now watch out for the staff recruited in EAST Punjab. NOT ONE WILL BE HINDU OR SIKH. There are enough CATHOLICS like Priyenka's husband who dumped their own TEN Lords to run after the one from Palestine due to COLLAPSE of what we call SGPC.

In decomposing India Independence does not mean dignity, pride, patriotism or self esteem. They apply only to Slovakia.

NB: Such news seem to go to the following URL very quickly where List Owners cannot withhold any bold and frank (life saving) posting.

There is one Gursikh living in TORONTO who has reserved the web site called He will keep on and on and on waiting, while Slovakians REAP THE HARVEST.

Oh NO! There is no case for Khalistan whatsoever though Hindustan saw a very big case for conceding Pakistan to Muslims.