Date: 1/20/2005



Thanks to an esteemed friend who has added the following curses contained in the Constitution of Hindustan that was NOT prepared by a Hindu but by Bandit Jawahar Lal NEHRU’S despicable stooge, an anti Hindu Buddhist Dalit called Ambedkar.

1. Whereas most Constitutions of the world promptly concede recogtnition and dignity to their citizens living and working abroad, the Indian Constitution DENIES them the petty concession of dual nationality with a view to discourage them from making any positive input in improving the lot of the poor in India.

2. The darkest, deepest and widest BLACK HOLE in the Constitution of India is its Article 370 which confers special privileges to the only Muslim majority State of Jammu and Kashmir projecting the Muslim as a "proud cock among a billion hens." Millions of rupees are spent every month to subsidise food, businesses and services like electricity, water and education in the State that can boast of being another HINDUKUSH, that is, Hindus' "KILLING GROUND" in Bharat.

No other State in India is thus rewarded. The Constitution deprives all the other chief ministers of their right to demand equal treatment.

3. There is NO Article in this “coolies’ constitution” to require the Government to RTECOVER any territory lost to the enemy. In the case of India, that territory is not only the entire ISLAMIC republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh but also North Kashmir and parts of west Bengal surrendered to MOHAMMED and to China after Partition of India.

4. There is no guidance in this legal and constitutional "GARBAGE" on how to curb or tackle the rampant Culture of Corruption that is ruining the economy at home and ruining the image of Bharat abroad. Supreme Court ought to have been required by Constitution to try members of Nehru Dynasty for corruption and embezzlement, in particular the notorious "BOFORS CHOR", the alleged father of Rahul "Gandhi", MP, and Priyenka Wadra.

5. There is NO Article in this useless Book to require the Governments at Centre and States to provide clean water, well equipped hospitals, good schools and universities and continuous supply of electricity and water to all the citizens of India.

6. The Constitution does not honour or recognise India’s NATIVE heroes and saviours. Some are equated to Mohammed of Arabia while the others are “dumped”. Men like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji laid the foundation of strong Hindu nation, but find no credit or mention in this "Book by Bhangi".

7. The Constitution does not consider the vital role of the MAJORITY COMMMUITY, the Hindus, who are supposed to ensure peace and stability of India by dominating their territory in a virile and manly manner.

8. This Constitution equates those whose spiritual loyalty is to FOREIGN masters with the natives. This has given rise to establishing the Minorities Commission that ignores the plight of Hindus in Kashmir, Assam and West Bengal but concentrates on the well being of Muslims (and Christians) in PARTITIONED India.

9. The Constitution does not even mention West Punjab and East Bengal, leave aside reflecting on their true political status with regard to India. It LEGITIMISES those surrenders at absurd and bogus Partition. Demoralised and confused by this Constitution many a top grade Hindu stalwart has banished the word "Partition" from their vocabulary, calling it "history".

Hence NO "Hindu/Sikh Holocaust Museum" is to be seen anywhere in Bharat. People of the world, when told of TWO MILLION Hindus SLAUGHTRED at Partition, are amazed to find NO monument anywhere to commemorate their memory. A decent and honourable Constitution would have mentioned them somewhere along with the names of those brave PATRIOTS who resisted India's break up and paid with their lives. Do we know any names?

All the Hindus were NOT like the SHEEP who walked into the abattoir willingly, though the Constitution of "Bandit Nehru & Bhangi Ambedkar" give this impression to the whole world.

Were those areas surrendered legally, constitutionally ande morally, and as a result of the verdict of referendum? They lie in the shady middle area of morality and legality, defeat and degradation. So is this rotten document called Constitution of Bharat. It is also shady, devious and dull, not bright like the sunshine.

10. The choice of the flag of Bharat is most unfortunate. Reflecting the HINDU nature and character of country, the new flag ought to have been BHAGWA and the symbol to go on it was TRISHUL or KHANDA CHAKRA.

The present flag is that of Congress Party with Gandhi's Charkha replaced by Ashoka Wheel. The colours of this mongrel flag have remained the same. It was for the new Constitution to have come up with an original flag for new India. It had also to choose another national anthem, not the one that was written in praise of Prince of Wales visiting Kolkata at that time.

11. This Constitution in no way honours India’s brave ARMED FORCES who are responsible for the defence of territory and nation. As a result of this omission, the armed forces do not feel motivated to put their heart and soul in their job in the service of Dynasty as mercenaries.

North Kashmir remains in enemy hands and citizens of India are delivered to Muslim terrorists and killers in South Kashmir and elsewhere, like sitting ducks.

Any general can cease fire and throw his weapon, quoting the “father of nation” MK Gandhi who disliked fighting. His statues in loin cloth stand prominently in all towns and cities in India, showing his emaciated frame leaning on a walking stick to spread his “morale destroying” cult of non violence and surrender.

12. This constitution has nothing in it to make sure that the Hindu majority does not slowly and eventually become a minority in areas where the position is already critical, e.g. West Bengal.

All the deadly weight of family planning fell on the Hindus and Sikhs while Muslims and Catholics were exempted. As a result of Muslim appeasement, the enemy is allowed to seduce, abduct and marry up to four females at a time, and produce up to two dozen MORE Mohammeds each.

The Constition is totally BLIND to the horrendous demographic storm that is about to blow over Hindustan. Such a Vidhan cannot be called “protector of nation” or defender of India’s remaining secular territory. WHAT GOOD IS THE DAMN THING THEN if we hear the words “HINDU BASHING” all the time?

13. This Constitution has nothing to guide, instruct or require the Government of India to react in a manly manner if entire Indian population in a foreign country is kicked, beaten, thrashed, raped, dispossessed or given a boot, e.g., Uganda and Fiji as well as South Kashmir and East Bengal.

14. This Constitution is BLIND to the rapidly spreading political CANCER in the body of India and COULDN’T CARE LESS if the Prime Minister is the daughter or grandson of the one who sat on the chair as far back in “history” as 1947, to establish Dirty DYNASTIC rule over Hindustan. It is also blind whether the President is a Christian, Atheist or a MUSLIM (despite Partition).

This Constitution treats the native HINDUS as inferior, expendable, even gun fodder. Catholics like PC ALEXANDER and Muslims like SALMAN HAIDAR are sent to important foreign capitals abroad on second and third tenures, to explain the culture, languages and religions of Hindustan.

What they think of Sanskrit, mandirs, the “Karsewaks” in Ayodhya, and the HINDUS, is unprintable. Similarly there are countless ALIENS like these, occupying chairs of GOVERNORS and chief ministers of states, cabinet posts at Centre and in State capitals and key police posts. They are eyes and ears of the "super pseudo-secular state" bent upon seeing the NATIVE Hindus crawl in dust before the Italians.

Please send in more ideas on this rotten Constitution of Bharat (to since NEHRU’S serfs and slaves, including countless bogus “Excellencies”, professors, scholars, ministers and leaders of enslaved Bharat are going to “celebrate” this Constitution on the so-called “Republic Day” in a week’s time, bearing in mind that its "Bharati Banana Republic" is headless (MINUS North Kashmir) armless (MUNIS West Punjab) legless (MINUS East Bengal) and even toothless with at least TWO degraded chief ministers (Haryana and East Punjab) sitting on “UNION” TERRITORY.

.........................20 January 2005.