Date: 1/25/2005


The Fututre of Hindu Bharat?

The events of this year in particular have put a big question mark against the future of Bhararvarsha or the Hindus- Bharat and everything attached to glorious word “Bharat” and Hindu.

All the evil forces have joined together to be in power to suppress, humiliate, degrade, diminish and finally destroy everything attached to Hindu culture, civilisation, heritage, traditions, languages , Dharma and Hinduism.

This is very disturbing, demoralising, demeaning, disgusting and depressing. The future of Hindus--Bharat is in danger now, so wake up Hindus. It is getting late. Wake up Hindu boys and girls, men and women, teachers and farmers, officers and workers, sadhus and Dharam Gurus, Doctors and engineers, army and army officers, police, prisoners and judges , rich and poors, voters and leaders and stop saying:

“Kou nrip honhi hame ka hani//. It matters who runs the country.”

Eight hundred million Hindus have been pushed into a corner and being marginised by a bunch of thugs, murderers, rapists, chors, headed by a Christian woman called Sonia Gandhi as the President of Congress Party of India.

What is the cause of it? This is easy to pinpoint and I think it is hunger for power and greed to dominate, to rule and rule, to dominate the Hindus by policy of divide and rule under the umbrella of secularism by Congress--Islamic, Communists, opportunists [Mulayam, Mayavati, Laloo and Jayalalitha] to destroy the native culture and convert the majority Hindus to Islam and Christianity and they have been successful in their aims by gaining Pakistan, Bangladesh and creating mini Muslim/Christian majority areas in parts of Kerala, West Bengal, Assam. Bihar, Uttarpradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Goa.

There are two districts in Tamilnadu declared as Muslim districts, and some parts of Bihar like Kishangunj, and kerala where Hindu girls once gone into Muslim areas never come back as Hindu.

The kidnapping and rape of Hindu females is a pastime of Muslims still going on since 712 A.D.

The famous case of Mrs Kanchan Mishra of Patna who was kidnapped with her 4 year old son in day light by Sultan Mian in 2001 . He forcefully married her in a Mosque in the presence of a Muslim cabinet minister of Bihar [Rabari Devi's Government], and it took 8 months to catch Sultan Mian.

He is a known rapist, murderer, mugger,dacoit, and above all, a friend of Bihari supremo. After national and international efforts he was caught. So this is the condition of Bharat after57 years of independence.

There are countless cases like this in Bharat which never come to light.

The condition of Bihar is far wose than Cuba before Castro in 1959 if there is hell on earth it is Bihar where lawlessness is the order of the day loot, murder, kidnapping, ransum and rape is seen daily and no one is safe.

Criminals rule from inside the jails in Bihar. The Chief Minister of Bihar is incapable and her husband is known Chor of Chara Scam in which he looted a billion dollar worth of money and during the last 15 years of Lalu's MISRULE there have been OVER 20000 Kidnapping, an equal numer of rapes, dacotis and murders everywhere, due to his and Sonia's blessings and no one is safe in Bihar.

The women and cattle are stolen from Bharat bordering on Bangladesh/Pakistan.

The drug/ arms and Hindu women trafficking is open secret along these borders.

The illegal immigration of over 20 Million Muslim Bangladeshis over the years is a very serious matter but B.J.P. being in power for six years [1999--2004] also failed to address this problem.

This shows their impotence , A.B. Vajpayee being Prime Minister who can only talk and wanted to be P.M. let Bharat and the Hindus go to hell and he just did it.

Now recently in Dec. 2004 the supreme court has issued an order to trace and remove the names of these illegal two carores Bangladeshi Muslims from electotorate register but government of the day U.P.A. headed by super P.M. Sonia will ignore this because the P.M. Sardar M.M. Singh is an obedient servant of Sonia and will not take action so Supreme court is only on peice of paper.

The Muslims coming in Bharat mainly from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afaghaistan and middle east are staying in Bharat and this is slow but sure invasion of Bharart by Muslims to convert it from Darul Harb to Darul Islam and name it to Islamistan.

This is their aim and they are working for it. For example Mulims could not win Sudan for one thousand years but ultimately they won by infiltrating into Sudan and converted it to an Islamic country. So the Hindus of Bharat must change the policy of weakness , tolerance and appeasement into a policy of dominance at every level to save themselves from Islam/Muslims/ Christians/ Christianity.

In 1983 during the 2nd. Islamic conference at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the then President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, said that Allah had spoken twice to Arab Muslims. Once he gave us Koran through Mohammad and second time he gave us black liquid gold as petrol. So let us use this money to convert the whole word to Islam.

Saudi Arabia with all the oil rich Muslim countries established a fund and they are sending unlimited money to Muslim organisations in all the 200 countries of the world for this goal. [The Sunday Times, London in 1983].

The Pope and various Christian organisations are also engaged in this work but mainly in Bharat they have divided Bharat in 117 zones to speed up the conversion of Hindus and Hindu Vanvasis to Christianity. There is plenty of Money available for this contributed by the people of all Christian nations through Pope and directly to Christian organisations.

The population growth in Bharat is at alarming rate mainly the Muslims/ Christians are increasing faster than ever before which is clear from the report published in Sept 2004. The B.J.P. lead government did not let this report come out was a grave political, social and moral mistake and sign of weakness in the character of its leaders. I have been sending letters to B.J.P. leaders since 1992 about this problem but it was ignored and when they came in power failed on their duty.

The situation is alarming but we can change all this in favour of Hindus, it is getting late but it is never too late if we all plan, organise and work to dominate to rule and rule to dominate from now.

We must go to villages and to remote areas to work for the people and care for them and build up the confidence in them that we are with them and we are all Hindus. Social and basic medical care must be adopted and provided by Hindu organisations to deprived people because we have to compete with Christian and Muslims . The schools must be opened and started and this is the most influencial base of all.

Ekal Vidyalaya is doing well but it needs more support and money.

The followings must be started along with all other efforts-----------------

1. The collection of funds to do the work. you need money to do the work so Hindus must donate for the work.

2. Agitation to expel all foreign Christian , Muslim missionaries and all illegal immigrants.India needs an organisation to do this work at central level with power and force to trace, catch and send them to their countries of origin.

3. Go to Dharmacharyas and alert them that their days of existence and meditations are numbered so they must work in the areas of Dalits, vanavasis and villages to stop conversion of Hindus to foreign faiths.They must do the solid work and stop lecturing about life after death or hell and heaven.Remind them that in Pakistan/ Bangladesh/ Afghaistan they were extinct long ago and days are numbered before they will be extinct if they do not wake up from day dreaming. The temples have all been destroyed in Pakistan/ Bangladesh and Afghanistan so no place for Hindu Sadhus and same will happen if they do not come out of Mathas, caves and Ashrams to save Hindus and Hindu culture.

4. Tell the Hindus to have more children and stop family planning.This is the big game of Numbers now so number of Hindus must increase

5. Think what will happen if Bangladesh goes under the sea due to rise in sea level? The entire population will come to Bharat and it will be final nail in the coffin of Hindus and it will make sure that Bharat would become Islamistan. It will happen slowly.I have been writing to B.J.P. on this issue since 1985 but no response so far. The hole in the ozone layer is increasing and as a result threre is rise in atmoshpheric temperature so more ice is melting giving rise to sea level and as result Maldives and Bangladesh will go under sea this is a real possibility and it is bound to happen. Bharat must severe all relations with Bangladesh only then they will make family planning compulsory.

6. The reconversion of Muslims and Christians must be intensified to bring them to Hinduism.

7. The bus, train and air travel between Bharat and these countries[Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afaghanistan] is harmful to Bharat because now the terrorists are coming with ease and majority of these Muslims are not going back so it must be stopped.

8. The Madarssas must be closed.The financial support must stop by the Bharatiya Government.

9. The borders must be sealed to stop infiltrartion of Muslims from Pakistan/ Bangladesh/ Afaghanistan.

10. Start compaign to expel 20 million illegal Muslims of Bangladesh/Pakistan and from all other countries.

11. Leave SAARC and severe all links with Pakistan/ Bangladesh/Afaghanistan[ the drug state supplying 90 percent of total opium to the world]if Hindus wish to survive.

12. The Most Favoured Nation status of Pakistan must end with immediate effect which is dangerous and disasterous for Indian trade and economy. This makes me wonder that Pakistan is destroying our life with Al Quaeda/Taliban/ Arab infiltrators in Kashmir and all over the country by attacking Parliament [13. 12. 2001] and Kashmir assembly, Akshar Dham Temple, Raghunath Temple and pilgrims to Amarnath and several other places but THE GOVENMENT OF INDIA has given M.F.N. status to Pakistan . Pakistan has been manufacturing fake Indian currency and helping Muslims in India to make and ditribute fake Indian currency. These people have been captured at many places in the past. This is an act of betrayal by G.O.I. Whoever has done it will be campared with mad king Mohammad Tughalak.This is important to mention that Pakistan has refused to give M.F.N. status to India.

If you think you can win then you can win and I am sure we Hindus will win so let us work to defeat the enemy within and without.

13. The V.H.P. must think, organise and plan a nationwide agitation to demand abolition of Hajj subsidy to Muslims which ammounts to several carores. If not then demand similar subsidy for all Hindus/ Sikhs for pilgrimage.

14. Illegal immigrants totalling over TWO CARORES[Twenty millions] are in the voting list their NAMES MUST BE REMOVED AND AT THE SAME TIME SENT BACK TO BANGLADESH TO PURIFY THE ELECTORAL REGISTER OF INDIA.The Supreme court of India has asked recently in Dec. 2004 to the Indian Government remove names of these illegal immigrants from electoral register but Sonia’s government does not wish to take action in this matter of national security.

Kaun the kya hogaye, aur kya honge abhi, aao vicharen in samshyaon par Hindu sabhi . I had warned B.J.P. two and half years ago before 2004 general Lok Saha elections that if Congress/ communists/ opportunists come in power then they will try and ban B.J.P., R.S.S., V.H.P., Bajarang dal and other Hindu organisations at first opportunity and recent events of arrest of Sadhavi Uma shree Bharati/ Sankaracharya Jee is first step in that direction The arrest of Shri Sankaracharya is to destroy the foundation of Sanatan Dharma/Hinduism and this is the scam by anti Hindu elements so Hindus must identify and destroy them without second thouht. In 1948 J.L. Nehru had banned R.S.S and in 1970s Indira Priyadarshini Nehru- Gandhi- Khan had also banned be careful and prepare for the fight to win.

Q. Why did'nt B.J.P. expel all the illegal immigrants? Because B.J.P. also tried to appease Muslims/ Christians but they did not trust B.J.P. so lost the elections.

Q. Why did'nt B.J.P. close Madarssas?

Because B.J.P. wanted to gain Muslim votes by appeasing anti Hindu- anti Bharat, Sahi Imam Bukari who declared Fatwa to vote in favour of B.J.P. but Muslims were far away from the influence of opportunist Imam.B.J.P. should have known it better than others.

Q. Why did B.J.P. lose 2004 elections? Because they lost the trust of Hindus and let it be clear to B.J.P. that they will never win the trust of Muslims by appeasing them.

Q. Why did B.J.P. invite Pope on state visit in year 2000? Because they wanted to appease Christians but Christians voted for congress as directed by Christian leaders. Has any country invited our Supreme Spiritual Master H.H. Shree Sankaracharya Jee on state visit.

Q. Why did A.B. Vajpayee arrange Iftekhar party? Because he was dreaming to appease Muslims to win their votes to win in general election but he was proved wrong because Muslim leaders and Muslim in general have no trust in B.J.P.

Q.Has government of India invited Shree Sankaracharya Jee and decorated him?

The Pope has been invited three times in India once in 1960s, second time by Rajiv Robert Gandhi in 1986 and third time by A. B. Vajpayee Why?

To please Christians in India and abroad but proved wrong again because Christians do not vote B.J.P. is a known fact.

I know our Nivrit Sankaracharya [only example in history of Sankaracharyas] Swami Satyamitranand Giri jee Maharaj of Hardwar once went to see the Pope at Vatican , Italy by appointment but Pope refused to see him in 1990s.

If B.J.P. is secular then why did it invite Pope or let him come to Bharat on state visit who in turn said it on the face of A.B. Vajpayee that all Hindus to be converted to Christianity to make them civilized. Where did Vajpayee' s self respect go?.

Q. Why did 't B.J.P. stop financial aid to each and every Hajj travellers?

Because B.J.P. believes in appeasement of Muslims to get votes but Muslims donot believe in B.J.P. inspite of increased aid to each and every Muslim Hajj travellers and as a result A.B. Vajpayee has been decorated by new name of Mr. Hajjpayee.

Government of India spends over 200 carores of Rupees on Muslim Hajj travellers every year .Is it secularism? This money if used to build public toilets/baths in India then India can be a cleaner place. we need 10 million public toilets/bath in the country[ one for one hundred people] . Ladies have no facilities for toilet in public places a disgrace on government of India.I have seen people[men and boys] urinating around Indian Parliament and all over the country that equals to urinating on the face of democrasy / P.M. but they have no self respect.Sanitatation in India is very poor people urinate and defecate everywhere even on main roads and our president dreaming to make India a developed nation by 2020 A.D. because he is light year away from reality. We have failed even to provide clean drinking water to all our people.

Q. Why did't B.J.P. led government ban Cow slaughter? Because they kept thinking and thinking and still thinking, wasted six years in office.

Q. Why the income of Hindu Temples taken by the government and given to Muslims/ Christians? Is it secularism?

Q.Why a Muslim/ Christian child is given religious education in schools but Hindu child is denied? What did B.J.P. led government do for Hindu children?

Q. Why did B.J.P. led government invite the butcher of Kargil Parvez Musharaff at Agra and restored full diplomatic relations with Pakistan without eradicating terrorism iniciated and incited by Pakistan. To please Muslims for votes but Muslims did not trust B.J.P., a miscalculation.

Q.Why did' t B.J.P. pass a law banning person of foreign origin to take highest post in the government? They were over confident and lacked experience in administration.

Q. Why did B.J.P. lose in general elections? The reasons are many but mainly it failed to fulfill its promises and failed to go to poor/ dalits/ harijans and believed in compaign by electronic media/ India shinning slogan.They underestimated the opposition parties.

Q. Why did't B.J.P. pass laws to prevent criminals, murderes and antinational elements to contest elections?

This was the mistake and we have to pay the heavy price.

Q why did't B.J.P. led government close embassy of Vatican/Pope's embassy in New Delhi?

Q. Vatican is a place in Italy situated in only seven acre of land from where Pope organises, plans and governs the affairs of Christianity to spread christianity and provide huge ammount of money to Christian missionaries all over the world to convert non christans to christianity and in India they are convering Hindus to Christianity.

B.J.P failed to close this anti antional, anti Hindu centre which is doing enormous damage to Hindus because of weakness in its leaders.

There is no need of this embassy in New Delhi and there is no benefit to India. This embassy was opend by the help of Rajiv Robert Gandhi/ Sonia Gandhi. He was secretly converted to Christianity because Sonia Gandhi is a catholic Christian. He also adopted a Christian name Robert a disgrace on Nehru - Gandhi name.

All Hindus must be given subsidy for pilgrimage but Hindus HAVE TO PAY EXTRA TAX TO GO TO Amarnath and Vaishno Devi . Is this secularism?

In the battle the savage wins.--------Swami Vivekanand.

I doubt that there is democracy in India because majority Hindus have been cornered by a bunch of opportunists/thugs who are corrupt and people with serious criminal records are now in the cabinet of Sardar M.M. Singh the P.M. of India.

Sonia Gandhi is a liar who gave totally false information about her Cambridge University education in England to be included in Loksabha members book.She is ruling the population of one Billion Indians so India is not free from foreign/ minority rule a disgrace on us all Indians. The truth has to be said and I ask more intelligent, capable, educated and more informed patriots to take the facts seriouly and save us from Islam otherwise there will not be democracy/freedom once lost as it happend in 55 Islamic/Muslim nations of the world. The Hindus can only win to save themselves from present decline, humiliation and total destruction by anti Hindu elements if they are organised, united, dedicated ,patriots ready to sacrifice for their cause. They need to be ruthless and savage to destroy the enemy like the worriors of Mahabharat, the Pandavas.

The last battle has begun so play your role to save mother India from Congress[Islamic], Communism, Islam, Christianity, opportunists and secularists.

Suno hind ke veer suno, Bharatmata tumhe pookar rahi.

Firangi--Gaddaron ke jaal mein fansi, teri rah neehar rahi.

Truly speaking the democracy in India has totally failed and I sincerely hope Army takes over to clear the mess created by Islamic Congress, communists, secularists and opportunists to save mother India. Jaya Hind.Vande Mataram. Veer bhogya vashundhara, please think over this who is enjoying the land of Hindus/ Hindusthan. So be brave to enjoy the land from Himalayas to Hindmahasagar but first liberate this land of ours from traitors/Gddars and foreign white women Sonia Gandhi and her slaves.