Date: 1/25/2005



Today is the anniversary of world's most TREACHEROUS Constitution that completely covered up Congress Party's HIGH TREASON of surrendering one third of India without a single condition imposed on the enemy.

Such a DESPICABLE and disgusting surrender of Secularism and Patriotism has no parallel in the entire human history. That WORLD RECORD in Shame goes only to our PARTITIONED India that is now receiving a crippling moral and cultural input by ITALIAN MAFIA and devastating and demeaning ideological input by MOHAMMED.

The Constitution of India does not state the IMPLICATIONS of PARTITION but goes on to write up the new name for India, “BHARAT”, keeping the “mongrel” tricolour flag of Congress Party.

It completely escaped the attention of the morons to notice the disgusting map outline from where OVERNIGHT five provinces had vanished, simply vanished, yes, disappeared, just like that!

The first Article of this Constitution ought to have been, “The present map outline of this country called Bharat was carved by SWORD OF ISLAM and it is the pious hope and patriotic wish of the constitutional fathers to restore AKHAND BHARAT, where a Hindu and a Muslim can be fellow citizens, enjoying the same rights.

The Constitution PARTITIONED India was the work of an ignorant “BHANGI” with no knowledge of any HOLOCAUST on earth, especially the one the MORON had himself witnessed in 1947. In territorial terms it was the biggest HOLOOCAUST ever in world history. In human terms the tragedy was perhaps the second worst of mankind's entire history.

The constitutional fathers were “rats, vermin and JACKALS” who reflected their own TERROR of Mohammed onto their work by obliterating the mention of all the Muslim invasions and aggressions against India in the previous centuries, and later conquests and exploitation by the European invaders, in particular the ferocious Muslim onslaught of 1947.

This Constitution ignored all that, and wrote, “Hindus and Muslims have equal rights.” It meant that status quo that existed before the Pakistan Resolution of Lahore March 1940, was RESTORED.

Because of this grave and criminal omission, security of India is a vulgar joke that insults common sense.

As a direct result of this omission, the Hindu Muslim power struggle has begun once again in full earnest as before.

Indigenous Muslims are up in arms, showing blood thirsty angry eyes against any Hindu wishing to restore the grand Temple in Ayodhya.

Indigenous Muslims have not lifted a finger either to recover North Kashmir or to annul Partition totally. It is something that ONLY the indigenous Muslims can do.

The world knows that the Hindus do not possess the ability to counter attack or throw out the Muslims from PARTITIONED India like the CHRISTIANS did so magnificently in Spain, Bulgaria and Greece. Therefore, the world expects only the INDIGENOUS Indian Muslims to make what they broke.

As ever, the Hindus are being lulled into deep slumber once again as they were in pre PARTITION days.

Then, a cowardly Gandhi was at the head of a million strong useless “Army Of Liability” (AOL) of “sants, sadhus and holy men, most of whom had no literacy at all. They were chanting “ALL MANKIND IS ONE FAMILY,” day and night. Their counterparts, Muslim maulvis, mullahs and imams were preaching hatred against the Hindus (Kafirs) AS PER KORAN, day and night.

The Hindu and the Musalman lived in the same country, same town, village and city, side by side, but the Hindu remained CLUELESS. He was being “mesmerised and anaesthetised” by State policy and propaganda while the Muslim was getting ready in earnest to declare JEHAD.

And when he did just that in Noakhali in August 1946, the Hindus were totally taken aback. The Hindu nation froze in fear. There was NO retaliation in other parts of India because of the effectiveness of the ENEMY AGENTS who were none other than our holy “sadhus, sants and mahatmas.”

Constitution of India never discovered or identified the ENEMY WITHIN and went on to promise a peaceful and stable India for the future. Their India rested on soft MUD of bogus secularism, not on hard Hindu ROCK.

One cannot HIDE major defects in any piece of machinery or system. The result is always a disaster, sooner or later. India's Constitution has countless hidden DEFECTS and we are seeing the tensions on her unity and integrity.

This Constitution could not spot the leak in the hull of SS India, leave aside seal or plug it strongly.

What is coming slowly and gradually is becoming clear to the world but not to the native “desi” FOOLS who are adoring the “fathers” of this useless constitution that calls BROKEN Bharat “India”.

Now, who will tell the lick-spittle rotten sarkari Hindu stooges that the map of India in which Jinnah, Nehru, Gandhi and Patel were born was totally different from the one in which our defeated leaders left their children to live in fear and insecurity.

Today the entire Hindu nation should be wearing BLACK RIBBONS and thinking of the fierce struggle that lies ahead, and then BURN this treacherous Document of “Bandit & Bhangi” and write up a new decent one befitting the ancient land of glory, divinity and Vedas called Hindusthan.

JAI HIND (“Hind” that has KHYBER and CHITTAGONG in it and MOHAMMED out.)