SIKH,: "SIPAAHI TO SEWAK TO SHEEP".   Progress in Broken Bharat is downhill.

Date: 3/3/2005


...................IS MANMOHAN SINGH A SIKH?


Guru Gobind Singh ji gave the Sikhs (shishyas or sewaks) the surname SINGH (LION) to tear apart and disembowel the Mogul ancestors of TALIBAN and the Turk "bastards" terrorising the native Hindus, abducting defenceless females at will.

But due to severe hammering received from the British rulers, and brainwashing carried out by Bandit Nehru's "HARAAMI AULAAD", most Sikhs today are goats and sheep.


There is NO voice of dissent among the Sikhs over the unconditional surrender of Lahore and Janamasthan Nankana Sahib.

The Sikh jackals and sparrows concede the point to the MUSLIM lecherous bullies that on the sacred HINDU soil of PUNJAB, where Vedas were composed and where two cities are named after the sons of Sri Rama (Luv and Kush) the Mohammed of Desert & Wilderness is above Guru Nanak of Talwandi in spiritual status.

The Sikhs ACCEPT without protest the PROVOCATIVE Mohammedan flag over Guru Nanak's janamasthan. NOT ONE dreams of flying his KHANDA CHAKRA or even "TRISHUL on BHAGWA" over Mecca or Jerusalem. Why this general panic, fear and DEMORALISATION across the entire Hindu nation?

The Sikhs have FAILED to encourage and inspire the "dead" Hindu mass to construct at least ONE Hindu HOLOCAUST MUSEUM anywhere on the territory that is still Bharat.

No Sikh has ever felt the HURT, SHAME, MISERY and MISFORTUNE of Lahore under Islam.

Lahore, once 75% NON MUSLIM, is today 99% MOHAMMED due to wholesale slaughter and expulsion of the Hindus and Sikhs there within weeks.

.............Here is the DIRTY SIKH TRINITY:

1. Baldev Singh BEWAQOOF.

He signed the unconditional surrender of West Punjab to the SEPARATIST savage Muslims in 1947 and did not fast even for one day in protest.

2. Zail Singh ZALEEL:

Cowardly stooge of Prime Minister Indira Khanum, wife of Feroze KHAN of ALLAHabad, appointed him Rashtrapati to HUMILIATE and degrade him for ever.

She sent military to attack his holiest shrine in Amritstar. The idea of the political WITCH ("bitch") was also to terrify the Hindus and make them shrink from dreaming of a grand Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

3. Manmohan Singh MOUSE.

A vast majority of clueless ignorant subservient Hindus, by raising their political voice to lick the feet of Sonia Khan, forced this clueless simple ex refugee academic to act as stooge of the semi literate Catholic daughter of MAFIA and Mussolini, the worthless import of BOFORS CHOR, in order to humiliate our own native sisters, mothers and daughters who are HINDU.

Not one Hindu "devi" is good enough in the eyes of the Congress SWINE for the title of RASHTRAMATA. (Some "Rashtra" of "niggers and coolies", and colonial servants like Laloo Prashad and Amarinder Singh of UNION TERRITORY of Chandigarh!)

So if the once warrior Sikhs are now "asses and jackals" under SONIA KHAN and ABDUL KALAM, what to speak of Hindu rank and file? These discussion lists are full of curses being hurled at them.

So, we must pray for PHOENIX to rise from the ASHES of Hindus to strike at the enemy and then recreate a HINDU RASHTRA.

We expect the RAJPUTS to take off the GLASS BANGLES and act with utmost courage to ELIMINATE THE ENEMY on top. What is their sword for? It is not the Sikhs alone who carried and wielded it.

HAIL Marathas for their act of courage on 30 January 1948.

Hail Sikhs for their courage to STRIKE at Halloween 1984 by despatching the "WITCH" to Hell.

Hail thee, O Tamil goddess, for blowing up BOFORS CHOR who was dreaming of misruling his Indian COOLIE COLONY well into the middle of 21st century.

Now we ask, When? O WHEN shall we say, "HAIL RAJPUTS for taking care of GANDHI NO. F______ FOUR, to remove the last blot of our national shame at the very top?


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....................Pathos of being Manmohan

...................Navin Upadhyay/ New Delhi

Five months ago when fortituous circumstances catapulated Dr Manmohan Singh into the coveted chair of Prime Minister, he had the image of a renowned economist, a gentleman politician and was considered a symbol of probity.

That was then. The image now has been besmirched with a taint of compromise, helplessness, escapism and infirmity. Dr Manmohan Singh has now become a picture of pathos, a helpless witness as his authority erodes at the hands of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her chosen ones.

Few had any doubt that Ms Gandhi pulled the strings of the UPA Government. But till Jharkhand happened, no one would have imagined how irrelevent the Prime Minister had become before 10, Janpath.

Since it is difficult to imagine how a man like Dr Singh could have consented to the unholy design of Jharkhand Governor, one can easily assume that he was not a willing participant to the farce. Unless, of course, he comes out and admits that he too has, as Jean Paul Sartre would say, "dirty hands".

The happenings in Jharkhand have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Dr Manmohan Singh was merely the titular head while Congress president Sonia Gandhi was the real decision-maker of the UPA Government.

Dr Singh's silence in the face of desperate SOSs from the NDA camp to prevent rape of democracy in Ranchi shows that he is a helpless captive within the UPA. On Tuesday, both former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Leader of Opposition LK Advani spoke to Dr Singh, urging him to ensure that the Jharkhand Governor respected the people's mandate and invited the NDA to form the Government. When Mr Advani first spoke to Dr Singh he promised to discuss the matter with Home Minister Shivraj Patil. Two hours later, when Mr Vajpyee called him up, Dr singh said he had not been able to get in touch with his Home Minister. So much for the authority of the Prime Minister!

On Wednesday (March 2, 2005), realising his helplessness in intervening effectively in the matter, the Prime Minister took the easy way out and went into hibernation. He could not be accessed on phone by top Opposition leaders throughout the day even as the Governor went ahead with his unholy plans.

It is common knowledge that the entire Jharkhand drama was scripted and staged at the behest of Ms Gandhi. From 10, Janpath her political secretary Ahmad Patel and old Congress hands round-the-clock co-ordinated the effort, even as Mrs Gandhi's trusted lieutenant and Water Resources Minister Priyaranjan Dasmunshi held the fort at Ranchi.

Dr Singh also had no role in containing the warring UPA allies from Bihar. While LJP president Ramvilas Paswan met Ms Gandhi to discuss the Bihar situation, Mr Lalu Prasad kept in touch with her through his emissary Prem Chand Gupta. No one bothered to touch base with Prime Minister.

In fact, the Prime Minister is clueless about most political developments, to the extent that at 4 pm on February 27 when the results of the three Assembly polls were out, he refused to comment to the Press at Jammu, saying he "did not have the details."

Dr Singh's tame surrender in including Ms Gandhi's wishlist in the Union Budget has further exposed the authority of 10, Janpath over the PMO.