Date: 3/6/2005



Please see the item below pertaining to the Muslim editor from India who has amassed considerable wealth through media publications.

................."MJ Akbar exposed?

"Editor denies London liaison - Whose baby is it? Indian sucked into controversy

"London, March 6: M.J. Akbar, editor of The Asian Age, has emphatically denied he is the father of Kimberly Fortierís month-old baby in an interview with the Mail on Sunday. "

Read on:


Does it not show the depths to which DAVID BLUNKETT, a senior and responsible cabinet minister in Tony Blair's cabinet has SUNK, being spoken of widely for ILLEGITIMATE child or children?

Like an infant he was seen crying about this woman who is now associated with MJ AKBAR, "She is telling a lie. She is carrying MY baby. Carry out her DNA test. I will pay the cost."

Could we imagine that British politics will sink so low like the Congress Goondah and "BOFORS CHOR" politics in the land of Gandhi and Nehru?

But it appears that Labour here and Congress there have much in common. The former has built up through design or default a massive Muslim presence in this country (their "vote bank!") and the latter have imported a lot of MAFIA & MUSSOLINI from Italy through "mother of nation" Sonia.

This (damn) "INDIAN" ought not to have been allowed to breathe in India at all after Partition when over two million Hindus and Sikhs were butchered in cold blood, left lifeless, dying, in fields, homes and offices across western and eastern India in 1947.

By "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947", this "Indian" is really a PAKISTANI. Otherwise, pray, tell your children what Partition was about!

How many of his INDIAN readers in India and abroad knew how often he was in London, who he was meeting, or even sleeping with?


..................Mohammed Jalaluddin Akbar:

NEVER KNEW HE HAD "MOHAMMED" IN HIS NAME. In India he is known only as "MJ", rather affectionately, due to Hindu God called IGNORANCE.

Hats off to the courage of British media who exposed the MOHAMMED in his name.

One more challenge they are expected to take up is, to publish the birth certificate of FEROZE KHAN, who seduced, "impregnated" and married INDIRA NEHRU (daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru) and then became "Gandhi" overnight.

How many out of ONE BILLION Hindus living in PARTITIONED India (Partitioned, thanks to Mohammed) know even his second name?

We should tell the British media not to refer to him as Indian.

They partitioned India in broad day light between the "MUSLIMS and the REST", so they should know if he is still an Indian!

It is a universal practice in the UK that when a MUSALMAN or MOHAMMED does something most despicable, he is referred to as "Indian" or "Asian"

But when someone achieves something, like that youngster Imran Khan, who brought home a silver medal from Olympics, then he becomes a PAKISTANI or a MUSLIM.

When the Hindus and Sikhs living in the UK saw this pattern of media reporting that all the MUSLIM rapists, burglars, bag snatchers, pimps, drug pushers, thieves, rioters, trouble makers and criminals are reported as "Asian", they protested to the media, the police, and the politicians.

................But such practices die hard.