Date: 3/7/2005


The following would only be of interest to readers in the UK who might have seen the Channel 4 film entitled, LET 'M ALL IN. (8 p.m. March 7, 2005). The producer pleads for no border controls.

Please go through the comment and put your own if you wish.


The programme by Channel 4 TV disappointed us.

1. To start with, the reporter (by name) seems to be a MUSLIM, or with vested interest in Islam- Kenan Malik.

So he will set a dishonest premise to build his case and argument upon.

2. He mentioned the Chinese and the Poles.

In the context of Boston, he spoke of Portugal and Poland only.

He seemed to shield the vast numbers of MUSLIMS, with totally opposite ideology and "way of life" from the natives of this country, rather with the hidden agenda to "blow up" everything here in accordance with dictates of Global Islam & Koran, openly propagated by Abu Hamza.

He tried to prove that everyone in Poland has total loyalty and PATRIOTISM as in every other poor country in EU. That is correct but no surprise.

Europeans are all at ONE level of self esteem, self respect and patriotism. None can compel a Pole or even an Estonian to work in grovelling jobs, or to follow orders obediently like the non Europeans. This is a fact born out of history.

For example, take Lithuania, a poor country in North East of Europe. We do not know of even ONE person there who has moved over here given the temperature as low as MINUS 20. Yet trains, buses and even planes and all the workers are on time and on duty every day. None is keen on English weather, only on money, and that, too, for the shortest possible time, to buy a car or flat back home.

We do not know of even one teacher who has moved to England. But we know of even school headmasters from Pakistan who are working as unskilled labour on factory floor here. They wouldn't go back at any cost.

The reporter did not say that while poor countries in Eastern Europe are rapidly transforming themselves FOR THE BETTER, those in Asia and Africa are getting worse due to NEPOTISM and CORRUPTION.

In India, for example, there is ONE dynasty in power since 1947 (We need not hide the truth or act as cover for our native rascals from the world. It only encourages them to entrench themselves even more deeply. Congress goons and thugs are NOT India!) and more than 60% of the present cabinet in New Delhi are criminals. It is impossible to see one going on trial.

Sham trials for corruption go on for decades and then are lost out of public perception with the new generation. Example: Bofors bribe that Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi took some THIRTY years ago.

Ironically, a government that is corrupt, is glad to "get rid of" as many as can be forced to pack up for Europe.

We know that the three Baltic States and Czech Republic are really proud of themselves and their history. It was therefore no surprise that even the POLES seen in this film prefer to stick to their poverty rather than flee with families to UK. So the reporter dwelt a long time on the OBVIOUS.

He did not mention even ONE Islamic Republic. In each one, the pressure to EMIGRATE, is extremely great due to macho dictators, generals and Mafia ruling with whip and gun. Afghanistan is said to be reverting back to chaos, drug barons and war lords despite her liberation only the other day. Indonesia is a big peril for Australia.

Thus the reporter commissioned by Channel 4, showed total deceit, deviousness and manipulation, for which Muslims are notorious all over the world.

He never cared to look at the "Books" that inspire the Poles and the Turks, e.g., Bible and KORAN respectively.

Everyone knows that NOT ONE Pole or Czech facing deportation order will crawl and cry and appeal against such orders like a Pakistani, Bangladeshi or the Indian who will tell all the judges, the reporters and the whole world, "Sending me back is like sending me to HELL, or DEATH."

The reporter did not mention TURKEY at all with 70 million Muslims who wish to join EU after showing their true colours by invading and occupying Northern Cyprus. We saw her police savagely beating up unarmed women only yesterday. All they wanted was some civic rights which their MEN have in total and which we take for granted here.

No Pole or Estonian will go to disco or pub, leaving his female friend or relatives BEHIND and seduce a female on ideological or religious motivation.

Muslims are UNIQUELY "lethal" for the unwary and unsuspecting, well-settled and peaceful SECULAR European (or any NON Muslim) society.

None else has a special hidden agenda of INCREASING numbers to topple the prevailing secular and democratic political system or to make the local POLITICIANS hostage to their whims and aims.

We are beginning to see how some mainstream parties in the UK are now pandering to the demands from the Muslims. Why has Hijab or Jilba suddenly become a major political issue at schools, offices, shop floor and universities since Sep 11, 2001?

Why was it not practised when the first Muslims arrived carrying the same Koran?

Which Pole will FORCE his bride to embrace his own Faith and who will have three wives back home and one here?

Which Pole will fly out to Afghanistan or Iraq to attack and kill the British soldiers?

Is there any other community that has become a headache for Scotland Yard with the imminent threat of a surprise and sudden ATTACK on British society, installations and institutions?

Which Polish dissident or preacher, LIKE ABU HAMZA, would hold mass or church service with congregations spilling over into British streets, to the annoyance of the natives and the non Muslims?

Dishonestly, he did not go to KARACHI, KABUL or DHAKA to explore the Third World conditions but went to BOMBAY (known as the Paris of East) and talked to an affluent man (his name was not displayed but we think he was a Muslim) who was evidently briefed in advance to say "None here is keen on emigrating to UK."

That rich man was having his suit tailored by a European tailor. So obviously a guy like him living in a mansion, with swimming pool inside and Cadillac outside, was not going to say, "I would love to go to UK."

The people who are eager and keen, even selling their wives' jewellery and ancestral lands to come to England, who pack themselves in containers like sardines, and come on freight lorries, are like the BILLION other souls from the sub continent, Africa and the Middle East, apart from this man.

The reporter did not turn up at Dover docks to film a container being opened up by customs' dogs.

He could have gone to Somalia, Nigeria, Algeria, Albania, even Kosovo, to see how they are risking their lives in overcrowded leaking boats to cross over to Europe. They are all dreaming of what this Channel 4 reporter advocated, "OPEN DOORS INTO BRITAIN."

What kind of treacherous journalism is this?

We are still relatively FREE in this country to express views without fear of "Sword of Islam". But given the rapid INCREASE in Muslim numbers, how long will we, or even a cabinet minister in the UK, feel safe to speak his mind out like this?

Since the word "MUSLIM" was not mentioned even once, the programme is a complete HOAX to deceive the trusting British people.

Once the whole of India was innocently trusting, with none mentioning the word "Muslim". It was too late when the sub continent BLEW UP and we saw its three fragments emerging from smoke and ruins.

We think NO American TV channel will let such an "elephant" slip through the eye of the needle so imperceptibly and easily like Channel 4 in this country.

.....................7 March 2005.