Date: 3/8/2005


Very good news:

Dr. Ranbir Singh Sandhu has done an excellent job of translating all the taped speeches and conversations of Jarnail Singh Bhindravale and published in a beautiful book. It was a very tough, tedious and taxing work of translating Malwai Punjabi into English for which I admire Sandhu Sahib Ji. This book must be owned and read for any Sikh and get the information about the mind of JSB and his accomplishments. STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE-Speeches and conversations of saint JSKB Sikh Educational & Religious Foundation PO BOX 1553, DUBLIN, OHIO 43017<<<

Sandhu's labor of love is listed among The Sikh Times' Top Ten reading recommendations on "Sikh Affairs."




It is indeed a great labour of love for which the Sikh Panth ought to be extremely grateful.

May we submit the core reason for that attack (June 1984) and many others against the Sikhs in BROKEN BHARAT? Fundamentally, BROKEN BHARAT in not in Hindu hands despite Partition. The Hindus have shown NO self assertiveness in a world where everyone is rushing forward to subjugating the Hindus for the legendary Wealth of Hindustan.

Sikhs who could not be eliminated by Congress and its Ally (Muslim League) will now be conquered and finished off by love.

Please see the present close embrace of Lady Hindustan. Wouldn't that surprise you, after killing thousands in 1984, refusing to try any criminal and refusing to pay any compensation to all the dead of 1984 and after a decade of "hunting and KILLING" our Sikh youth all over EAST Punjab including those "FAKE" encounters?

.............Yes, wouldn't that surprise you?

Let us now EXPOSE the evil that is "sarkar" in Broken Bharat:-

All-India Congress Party was AND IS the shadow of All India MUSLIM League. It was not banned after Partition.

At the talks for independence, Nehru the Bandit, had either to INSIST on representing the Muslims, too, in order to put Muslim League out of picture or insist on having Hindu Maha Sabha too, at the same conference table as the COUNTERWEIGHT to Muslim League.

But the Hindus were, and are, equally clueless and ignorant of higher politics and would TRUST any Sonia Khan, Abdul Kalam and WOLF, and happily PERISH in the Rest of India as they did in the Best of India in 1947.

So, at Partition Nehru spoke for (on behalf of) the HINDUS AND SIKHS, too, but at the same time calling Jinnah "fake" and claiming to represent the Muslims.

Do we begin to see that the Muslims had Muslim League and Congress TOO, to speak for them? Mountbatten was very excited and happy about this total LOSS OF HINDU & SIKH FACE.

Hence Congress, representing Muslims, as well, surrendered one third of India so rapidly and UNCONDITIONALLY on just one day.

Was there an agitation? Was there a challenge? Was there any resistence or fight? Was there a CONDITION laid? NO.

Nehru, "the Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwan," noticed that while the Hindus became "hens" overnight, it was a Sikh, Master Tara Singh, who tore up the Paki flag in Lahore on March 3, 1947, opposing the creation of fundamentalist intolerant ISLAMIC Pakistan.

So, Nehru the Bandit, Nehru the Musalman, swore enmity against the Sikhs and incorporated it with indelible ink in his Congress Party's ethos and psyche, and India's Vidhan.

Indira KHAN, (married to Feroze KHAN) happily continued in father's footprints. Her ISLAM came out like the sunshine when she RETURNED East Bengal after its capture to the Muslims.

Did she commend Secularism of her own slaves to Shaikh Mujiburrahman? No.

Fearing similar aspirations among the Sikhs, too, she planned and LAUNCHED a devastating attack on East Punjab in June 1984 exactly at Gurpurb to MAXIMISE casualties and impact. Was it a soft Hindu heart?

We suggest that THIS write up be incorporated in this illustrious book to make people understand the IDEOLOGICAL background in which a decent, holy and simple Sikh Jarnail Singh came about and was CORNERED and killed.

Headless Sikh community without an Institution of Ideology of its own, "celebrates" the surrender of whole of West Punjab ALONG WITH THE HINDUS on August 15 every year. There can also not be any Sikh (or Hindu) Holocaust Museum anywhere since it will annoy Bandit Nehru's "Haraami Aulaad", allies, friends and constituency.

Martyr Bhindranwale had not yet reached this state of awareness and understanding of "Mother" India that was captured, tied up, put down, PINNED DOWN, and then violated (raped), MUTILATED and fragmented in broad day light to produce THREE fragments out of one.

Was it in accordance with the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib? That then was the "SIKH" voice in the whole sordid Hindu/Muslim and Hindustani affair.