Date: 3/8/2005


It's far better to live as part of a large country than the landlocked banana republic which any State formed in Punjab at the time of Independence would've become.

Input from UNION TERRITORY of Chandigarh, (PARTITIONED) India




.......provided that large country is not decomposing, disintegrating, on fire in Kashmir, unstable in North East, rotting in Ayodhya, and minus FIVE limbs which are now "foreign" since the Islamic HAMMER hit Hindustan's head to knock off memory (Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjabm, North Kashmir and East Bengal), and unable to move, even sit up.....provided that large country has ONE language and ONE boss like the United States with 52 states, or a free, voluntary and democratic NON DYNASTIC government like the one in Brussels that rules 25 Sovereign States in Europe.. But when that large country is a "buggers' muddle" like Broken Bleeding Bharat, then God help the ignorant citizens walking BLINDLY into another holocaust.

We strongly commend to all on this List, to manage a short stay in a landlocked "banana" (your idea) republic like Czech Republic, Slovenia or even Austria to see the GLORY, PRIDE AND JOY that is sovereignty and independence and the feeling and thrill of saying, "IT IS MY COUNTRY. There is NO dynasty and NO Musalmaan in any key post." East Bengal in 1972 had such strong love of parting companyh with the "niggers" of Hindustan that their wish was granted promptly by INDIRAS KHANUM whose mercenary army had earlier conquered them.

A Sikh, who used to sing, "Punjab is like Gulaab" soon found out that Lahore belonged to Mohammed of Arabia, Shimla went to Hanuman ji of Himalayas, and Ambala went to a "banana in dhoti" who shared the Capital with a Gursikh.

Please take my advice seriously and put LITHUANIA, too, on your world travel to see how within 14 years that country has progressed as India will in the next 1400.

I am sorry to say that in India, Hindus, Sikhs, Dalits, Buddhists and Catholics are eventually going to sort out things as they are in the rest of the world. Every conqueror, occupier and Master leaves his MUCK behind when he leaves while taking away gold and diamonds, and India has the notoriety to have been conquered, invaded and occupied most of the time, most often and for the longest period in history.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED if one billion Hindu hens can still feel comfortable and safe under one Cock called Abdul Kalam and if none of the hens can recall PARTITION for TERROR of inviting the wrath of Abdul Kalam, Sonia Khan and Shah Rukh Khan..

May God, none on this earth be in the position of an Indian, adoring ITALIAN- born worthless semi literate female in preference to his own kind, and call her "Rashtramata" and to say, Our Sikh Manmohan Singh owes his chair to her, not to the Sword given by Tenth Master.

Please defy the Will of Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam and do visit Slovakia to compare it with EAST Punjab. It is the same earth but the people SO different. What good is Rehat Maryada then? Seeing is believing.