Date: 3/9/2005



Buta Singh, known all over EAST Punjab as the Sikh with the IQ of a "Boot", and former "Sikh & TAMIL killer" Rajiv Khan's most favourite minister in Central cabinet, is now the Governor of Bihar. Where is the Opposition in India? Are they all dead like dodo?

What is the criteria for even considering such dark souls or "rascals" for top key posts in Bharat? Do we know the names of the other Governors in Bharat who are "keeping an eye" on the Hindus, while claiming to "remove corruption and poverty" and pampering the Fifth Column?

Here is Mr. Advani's weak lament about yet another "Governor" that we see in his recent letter to White Elephant Sonia's "Chicken" called Manmohan Singh.

Mr. Advani, the former Home Minister of Bharat, who couldn't try the Bofors "CHOR", nor proceed to Ayodhya while in office, wrote:

"I am writing this letter to you with a deep sense of anguish and outrage about the latest developments in Jharkhand.

A gross, brazen and egregious assault on the Constitution and the edifice of our democratic system was mounted in Jharkhand on March 1 by none other than the highest Constitutional authority in the state, its Governor Shri Syed Sabti Razi."

Hark! Do you see a MOHAMMED in the name "Shri Syed Sabti Razi?"

Where has HE come from? Why is he not in Pakistan, or, if he must be in Hindustan under Bandit Nehru's EVIL, and Bapu Gandhi's WEAK, desire, then why is Pakistan not blasted out of existence yet? India cannot be "rammed" from BOTH ends.

Who is responsible for raising Awareness, Patriotism and Democracy in India if not people like Advani when in office?

Now back to BOOTA Singh: Is he simply going through the motions like Bofors Chor who, too, promised a "clean administration", or is he going to remove poverty in Bihar, chanting "Gareebi Hatao" slogan of "Indira is India", that gave her Party the right to hang or shoot anyone who simply disagreed with her politics?

Here is the news:


Buta on mission to improve law and order

PATNA: Law and order will be priority number one for Bihar Governor Buta Singh, as the state came under president's rule on Wednesday (March 9, 2005), a day after six people were killed, 50 Dalit houses torched and three farmers abducted.

Official sources said Buta Singh had already received a detailed report from state police chief Narayan Mishra on the law and order situation in the state.

In his first public announcement since imposition of President's rule in the state, Singh on Wednesday said he will soon affect a major reshuffle to tone up the police and civil administration.

He is learnt to have told top officials of the state at an informal meeting on Tuesday, after the union cabinet approved president's rule on Monday, that his priority will be to improve law and order and take measures for overall development of the state.

Singh might even transfer several Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) officials considered close to former chief minister Rabri Devi and her husband Lalu Prasad.


O YES? We will ask this "BOGUS" Singh to put LALOO PRASHAD on the mat first, the shameless corrupt rascal and thug, who took fodder bribes and then replaced himself as Chief Minister by his own wife without elections or referendum.

Singh might also issue warrents of arrest against other cabinet ministers in New Delhi, hailing from Bihar, who are known criminals.

What do the PEOPLE of Bihar, even India, think? Are they all dumb or gagged, scared, illiterate, ignorant, or under TERROR?

How do we ascertain their wishes? Surely, if they could express themselves freely, then there would neither have been ONE decomposing Dynassty on top for six decades nor a Governor of a State with the calibre and IQ of Con(g)man Boota Singh.