Why did the Americans shoot dead the ITALIAN?

Date: 3/11/2005


.......Why did the Americans shoot dead the ITALIAN?

After America "stilled" the Taliban guns in Afghanistan, India felt much safer and better without lifting a finger.

Then America caught Pakistan by the neck and made her walk the straight path of peace and leave Kashmir alone. Our Bharat felt greatly relieved and much better again without lifting a Hindu finger.

Never in history of conflict had the Indian Army crossed that border to destroy the terrorists at bases or bombed Muzaffarabad. American intervention came like Gift of God to the undeserving, the COWARDS.

What India does, makes a deep impression in the American public psyche. We forgot PARTITION in one second. The Americans are not like that. They are still making films on World War 2. We know how they are STUCK to their September 11.

America, not even our Russian allies then, lifted a finger when Idi Amin kicked out the Indians. They didn't issue any warning to Col Rabuka when his Indian subjects had to flee for life.

Therefore, Bandit Nehru's (not your or my) India, in the eyes of the Americans is a "fair weather friend" who is keeping her regiments in "wool" instead of offering them to fight anybody along side the Americans, including the savage Taliban who put "DOG COLLAR" around Hindu necks and destroyed the two ancient Buddha statues.

India had to know that any reduction of FORCE and MENACE of "ALLAH HU AKBAR" anywhere on earth benefits the KAFIRS, INFIDELS, THE HINDUS, the INDIANS- the ultimate target of Allah hu Akbar (Koran).

Even the European nations quite often save their own skin and let America fight the battles against beastly fundamentalist Islamic dictators, generals, and regimes who wish to make nuclear bombs, first for Israel and then for the "red rag" (for the bull) called HINDUSTAN.

Many countries have now a growing Islamic clout within their own frontiers. This inhibits them from acting openly anywhere where the Muslims might get killed.


......."ITALIAN SCUM" as the Americans see them in IRAQ.

What happened earlier this week, made world headlines.

The terrorists were true to their culture and morality of Mohammed and ABDUCTED at gun point a defenceless female in IRAQ who was NO match to them in the brutal art of abductions and assassinations.

What was worst, that she was a journalist, simply a reporter from an Italian LEFT Wing newspaper, that opposes the American role in Iraq?

Still there was NO mercy.

Today (March 11) is the anniversary of bombing in Madrid in Spain, and you will recall that the Spanish people, who were killed, maimed and mutilated, similarly opposed American intervention in Iraq. Those dead were NOT soldiers in uniform fighting in Iraq under NATO command.

But when it comes to ISLAM, there is no logic, decency or morality. Even infants are "game" for the suicide bombers.

As Indians, we can also ask, "What was the sin or fault of the innocent unarmed Hindu families in NOAKHALI in August 1946 and, later, of all the Hindu and Sikh families in West Punjab and Kashmir?

Back to Iraq: A few weeks earlier, they ABDUCTED an Irish born British citizen, and BEHEADED her, showing no mercy to her pleas, disregarding the humanitarian work she was doing.

Margaret Hassan even converted to Islam to feel safe among the "wolves".

The weak-kneed Italian Government, with little loyalty to their American allies in the theatre of brutal war, sent a top security officer to negotiate her release secretly.

Ransoms are not paid in front of world media, so please use your common-sense.

A huge ransom was paid and the Italian female journalist was rescued.

The one who heaved a sigh of big relief was none else but our own "Mother of India", SONIA KHAN, also "Born in Italy".

Will we ever know if she, too, intervened and offered to pay a million dollars from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation or another "Gandhi" Foundation?

She, too, is not going to announce it to the press. But we ought to know that the Italians have great kinship among themselves and when one is in trouble the whole nation starts crying just like the Indonesian Muslim who is burning with anger and rage because his "Muslim brother" in Palestine, on the other side of the world, was killed.

Sonia is in a "desh" where if the Hindus are killed in Srinagar, life goes on as usual in Shimla and Chandigarh. O yes! When the whole of West Punjab and East Bengal vanished from the map of India, life in Bihar and Karnataka went on as before

After receiving the huge sum of money from the unscrupulous Italian Government, the ISLAMIC terrorists released their captive and began to count the money.

The Americans, who have sacrificed more than 1500 lives for the sake of secularism and peace on earth, including Italy and India, watched this cowardly wheeling and dealing of Italians with disgust.

They recalled the worth of ITALIAN fair weather allies of Germany from World War 2. Just ask any German veteran who fought in AFRIKA CORPS in North Africa.

Hitler and Mussolini had happily set out to "conquer" the world. But it was not long afterwards that the British troops, including many brave Indian "Jawans" under their command, reached the Italians in their bunkers and fortifications in the Italian colony of Ethiopia.

The Italians immediately sent SOS to Hitler who despatched a large force under Field Marshal Rommel to repulse the British and RESCUE the Italians.

This led to depletion of German forces from other fronts in Europe. It cost Hitler dearly. He swore, "Never trust an Italian."

Our own Bandit Jawahar Lala Nehru heard him but he was himself half Muslim and half Italian and 100% a "bastard", who gave away Lahore "just like that!". (Anyone from Lahore reading this?)

Thus Hitler's cry went unheard in India and the BOFORS CHOR brought one from ITALY, and imposed her on his own "coolie colony" as "Rashtramata".

Many Hindus are now crying in anguish, "If the Son of a "Witch" had to bring a FOREIGN bride, then he could have asked her to embrace a native Faith. And, he could also have brought one from JAPAN who would not be so dead keen on CONVERTING the Hindus like Sonia."

The freed Italian hostage and her rescuer, got into the car and were speeding to catch the first flight out, when they approached an alert American check point.

The American troops fired on the car and wounded the freed woman while KILLING her rescuer.

No less Excellencies than the President and the Prime Minister of Italy came to Rome Airport to receive the coffin and the wounded rescuer. The whole of Italy plunged into mourning.

It ought to be realised that what the Americans undertook in Afghanistan, and are now doing in Iraq, is not the kind of "Wolf and Lamb game" which India wins hands down every time, against her soul mate ("bhai bhai") PAKISTAN.

The "HERO OF KARGIL", who decorated hundreds of his own soldiers for killing Hindu and Sikh Jawans, is now arriving in Bharat on special invitation from ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN, with all the Hindu "hens" waiting to applaud him.

The Sikhs, who have lost the memory of their grandparents dying or chased out of Rawalpindi, are waiting to throw flowers at his motorcade when it crosses the BORDER that was carved out across the "bleeding body" of Lady Hindustan by SWORD OF ISLAM in 1947.

Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, has special cause to be thrilled at receiving the formidable GENERAL, now Head of State, from PAKISTAN.

The Superiority of Islam is imprinted deep on the MOHAJIR (refugee) psyche of our own Manmohan SINGH.

In our Bharat the arrival of Musharraf amounts to Chamberlain inviting Adolf Hitler to watch the game of cricket at the Lords in London.

Tell this to "Bihari Bull" Laloo Prashad. (Is anyone from Bihar reading this?)

Indiaís own World War 2 canít be far now.

You might ask in wonder, "Is there any Italian SCUM in India?"

"YES, look at Sonia Khan and think of her BOFORS CHOR."

Timely reminder to the Hindus and Sikhs alike. We have NO memories of defeats and disasters because there is no memorial to the past, no holocaust museums, no Partition Day, and we see Pakistan and Bangladesh embassy cars roaming the streets of Delhi with their Islamic Flags flying proudly, enjoying diplomatic privileges and immunities.

.......................What is going on?

.........................March 11, 2005.