Date: 3/12/2005


BBC World Service is repeatedly broadcasting the news that Tushar Gandhi, the grandson of MK Gandhi is going to do the REPEAT of Salt March in Gujerat later this month.

We should beware. Gandhi is a very DIRTY word now. So what is the idea?

The idea is, firstly to tell the Indians, Gujeratis in particular, "Submit to Bapu and admire and adore him and learn his humbleness and acquire his political impoverishment.

"In brief, put down the arms, and pick up the rosary. Be killed and enjoy your moral superiority over the enemy. He will die of remorse. March slowly, don't run fast."

The second idea is to tell the world how the Indian slaves were confronted by British WHIP and GUN that they had to undertake the march peacefully like the girls at a convent school.

The third idea is to tell us that the man in loin cloth, walking on stick, drinking goat's milk, was a warrior and a hero who chased out the British.

O yes? How is it that nearly SIXTY years have passed and his "teachings, courage, patrotism and inspiration" have not yet inspired his "boot licking" Indian followers to chase out Sonia Khan back to ITALY since she degrades the entire native womanhood of Bharat including Tushar Gandhi's own wife, unless she is a Colombian, too?

The people who are already licking the shoes of FOREIGNERS, are being indirectly and subconsciously urged to agitate and protest in the SAME humble and gentle manner irrespective of what the terrible "haraami" SARKAR does to them.

The Indians are reminded of the frame of life of abject slavery of 1930's but not of the FREEDOMS and DIGNITY that the citizens in the West enjoy. The Indian head is turned to look at the past, though NOT AT PARTITION (vast territorial surrenders by Gandhi among others, of 1947).

Neither is the CAPTIVE Hindu Head turned towards the golden "GANDHI FREE" future.

The Indians are not being told of the CONTEXT of life then or from where and why they got the Bapu to "demoralise" them rather than INSPIRE them like Netaji Subhash Bose, Shiva ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji.

None of those REAL warriors could be imagined to lead such a march to the palace of Emperor Aurangzeb to gain the privilege of riding a horse, wearing a clean white shirt, openly worship in temples, or to carry a small dagger for personal safety.

The circumstance of Gandhi's arrival from South Africa is being kept TOP SECRET from the nation. It is as follows:

After getting qualified as barrister at law in London, Gandhi went to South Africa to practice Law. There was more MONEY there than in India.

He saw the miserable conditions of the Indian coolies and Black slaves and tried to inspire them. The Whites badly insulted him.

For example, when he took his seat in a railway carriage, he was thrown out despite the fact that he had bought the ticket and was entitled to the seat. He was beaten up, insulted and degraded in front of all the passengers.

Later, he was arrested for giving a speech in public. He was interned. The Jail warden, perhaps on instructions from his superiors, came to his solitary cell and threatened, point blank (those were horribly impolite times for the slaves),

"You Indian coolie, Son of a Goat, if you stay on in South Africa trying to start a revolution among the Blacks, we will smash your skull.

"If you want to live, go to India where the British wish to have a non violent "warrior" like you. They want to get on with ruling their colony and don't wish to see any violent confrontation with their slaves.

"They are fed up with the violence they are seeing from so many Rajputs, Jats, Marathas, Tamils, Bengalis and Sikhs. Go and demoralise them."

MK Gandhi packed up his holdall, and arrived in India where he was given full publicity, including the permission for Salt march.

Those who wish to remember the life of coloured slaves in South Africa ought to find out about STEVE BIKO as late as 1990's.

APARTHEID was as brutal as the British were towards GENUINE freedom fighters. Ever heard of Shaheed Bhagat Singh or of the MASSACRE of Jallianwala Bagh in April 1919? That's how the REAL and GENUINE patriots met their swift end.

Please DON'T "buy" the myth of Gandhi's courage. The proof of THAT is PARTITION that "rats" like Tushar Gandhi don't wish to mention.

It is a great shame for "sarkari funded and encouraged" TUSHAR GANDHI to enact this disgusting episode from India's SLAVE era, and to get international publicity at no cost. It tickles the Americans and amuses the British.

If it is meant to INSPIRE any Indian "coolie" today, then it ought to be ENACTED in Bihar where the President has killed democracy and IMPOSED his own rule.

If it is meant to INSPIRE the slave nation today, then the march ought to head towards Ayodhya.

Today everyone can buy salt "Made in Bharat" freely, but the Temple site in Ayodhya is still not LIBERATED.

Tushar, the demoralised bogus Hindu, ought to be TOLD, "A march towards AYODHYA is more relevant today than the one to the sea coast for salt. The British Empire is dead but a new and more vicious GANDHIAN Empire has come up to replace it.

"In that Empire, the most corrupt "bastard" is called Mr. Clean, and any FOREIGN Hindu-hating "bitch" from Italy can be called "Rashtramata"."

Tushar should be stood before a FIRING SQUAD to show the world how Gandhi's third rate theory of the slaves' non violence actually caused unprecedented VIOLENCE and BLOODSHED, abduction and rape in West Punjab and Kashmir, not to forget EAST Bengal.

If his BAPU was such a hero, why is there NO trace of his heroism, even existence, in Pakistan and Bogusdesh?

"DON'T make a fool of the HINDU nation any more. Go and attend to the liberation of Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka and of the HINDUS of Indian origin in EAST Bengal. You were nowhere to be seen in Uganda and Fiji in our hour of need."

Dear members of this brave List, Don't expect our enemies in high chairs to enact the scene of any BATTLE where Hindu arms won victory.

Could they not sponsor or produce a film or drama where Ranjit Singh's Khalsa armies are seen flying Bhagwa over KHYBER?

Could TUSHAR not attend to increase literacy and sanitation in Bharat? Could he not take up the cause of REMOVING CORRUPTION from the ruling establishment?

Could he not even tell the slaves that to have an Italian "mem" on top is just as bad as having a British Viceroy on top.

Tushar has his role cut out for him but the grandson of a "Goat" cannot be a tiger cub. He is deriving pleasure, instead, by reminding the Indians of their slavery and SUBMISSION.

There is a hidden defeatist message for them to march silently till whipped, beaten, spat on, and KILLED, but not to take up the gun or sword in hand.

Could the rulers of Broken Bharat not show NETAJI inspiring the Indians, rather than Gandhi demoralising the Hindus and SIKHS?

The only beneficiaries of Gandhi's cowardly collapse were the Indian Muslims who created Pakistan, occupied North Kashmir, have their Sharia Law in secular Bharat, threaten civil war over Ayodhya and have even claimed Taj Mahal.

The nation has fallen so low down that NO Hindu is seen at the top and Pakistan has occupied Lahore and Chittagong despite that Salt March.

Mr. TUSHAR, who is said to live in New York in preference to Bharat, could have done a LIBERATION MARCH from Delhi to Wagah to press home the point to his MUSLIM masters to VACATE their Aggression on the Akhand Bharat of his grandfather.

In that case we could call him real hero. But we cannot expect such courage from the grandson of a "goat" who "died" on the day his AKHAND BHARAT was killed by ISLAMIC dagger to take out Pakistan.

Please don't buy TRASH thrown at us by Congress (Italy and Islam). All we need to do now is to cry out,

"Forget the Salt March, FORCE the Italian MAFIA and SONIA KHAN to QUIT INDIA."

How is it that ITALY & ISLAM have appeared on top of Hindusthan after our warrior" Bapu chased out the British?"

.......................March 12, 2005