Date: 3/13/2005


A Hindu Movement Born

By: Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD

February 28, 2005


(The views expressed here are author's own. The writer is a nuclear physicist based in America. He is also a director of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, a New York-based non-profit organization. His contact address: MoorthyM@comcast.net)


There has been an increasing awareness of genocidal acts of Islam and Muslims in South Asia - directed toward exterminating non-Muslim cultures in this part of the world and extend Islam's fascist frontiers. This is particularly so among Indians settled in the United States. Such awareness didn't exist when I started focusing on this topic about seven years ago.

Since then a series of publications by me and others have built up this awareness that is now showing signs of becoming a movement.

Lacking an institutionalized backing Hindus in America are frustrated by their inability come together as a community to defend their interests. As I have pointed out, past has shown that "You are only as strong or as weak as your community".

While many may not realize it, a Hindu movement has been underway to tackle militant Indian Islam right here in America. This paper discusses how an organized and focused movement can be built and take the war to the enemy.

What is at Stake?

Let me first point out what is at stake for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and their families who don't even live in India. If India fails and gets destroyed they will be seen as an extension of a failed civilization. This will lead to future generation Indian children disassociating themselves from Indian religion, language and culture. A much weakened or destroyed India could result in the repetition of Fijian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi experiences for Hindus around the world. On the other hand a thriving India will offer opportunities - from religious, cultural, economic to social. It will be a good "brand" to be associated with. A strong India will come to the aid of Hindus everywhere. Finally, we all look impotent in allowing Islam to destroy India. Time has come to permanently crush Islamic fascism!

Upper middle class and rich in India appear to benefit from freedom enshrined under Indian democracy. However, the escalating costs of battling militant Islam within India, subsidies and reservation extracted unfairly by Indian Muslims is taking away land, wealth and opportunities from deserving Hindus. Also, due to these costs India is unable to invest significantly in education, improve infrastructure etc to achieve strong economic growth rates and create more opportunities. Unlike the Hindus in cities, the Hindu poor in villages have not seen their lives improve. Frustrated, increasingly they are embracing naxal ideologies. Hence in the long-run, without a decisive leadership to deal with both fast-growing and extremized Muslims and naxals, India is all set to crumble from within. Upper middle class and even the rich will then loose everything, not just wealth -- like in Muslim majority regions of Pakistan, Bangladesh or Kashmir valley from where Hindus were driven out to India.

At the moment the majority Hindu population is too fragmented due to anti-majority, pro-jihadi left-oriented Indian media's one-sided view. Hence this confused majority hardly understands the extent of the ongoing jihad directed at them and how to fight back. This Hindu fragmentation in combination with united Muslim pressure on elected regimes has led to extreme marginalizing of majority interests, and promotion of various forms of jihad Indian Muslims have readily embraced. Short-term freedom under the current dysfunctional Indian democracy certainly means eventual long-term annihilation (How can India Defeat Militant Islam?)!

Hindu Movement Building is on!

In a recent exchange between Indian express columnist Tavleen Singh and a jihadi-front represented by Teesta and Javed, most reader comments came from Hindu NRI based in America. This is activism at the very best. Also, the recent mobilizing in America against Association for India's Development (AID), an organization with links to pro-jihadi communists in India is notable. Nowadays with the advent of Internet, Hindu NRI's comments are often seen in most Indian newspapers and magazines. What is notable is NRI's ability to articulate in a knowledgeable fashion and their promotion of Hindu majority's interests.

Internet has made accessible vital alternate views of mine and many others, making Hindu fight back feasible. It has also created a new opportunity to bring together or "institutionalize" Hindu community in America. Internet has brought Hindus together, in ways, religious and social institutions could not! The movement we are now seeing with American Hindus is almost exclusively internet-based. This movement is inherently de-centralized (a good thing!) and multi-faceted.

India has been ravaged by Islam in the last sixty years or more because of this reason: Inability of Hindus in India to work together to promote their interests. The weakly institutionalized nature of Hinduism too has not helped. The root cause of this lies in a civilization that was under slavery for a thousand years (Slaves, Servants & Rulers). Left alone, current trends indicate that India is certain to be doomed under the onslaught of Islam.

I would put NRI in America as a community that is gaining the attributes of a ruling class. I am proposing here that Hindus based abroad, and particularly in the United States, help Hindus back home build a movement culminating in eradicating genocidal Islamic fascism. As we will see with the advent of Internet this is a doable project, and importantly, it will be an intellectually challenging and an immensely satisfying one. In addition, as I pointed out before, this is actually an investment in the future of NRI children.

At the moment, aided by Indian Muslims and strategized by Pakistanis, Saudi Arabia and many other West Asian Islamic nations are pumping huge amounts of wealth in order to destroy India and extend Islam's frontiers. This can be only defeated by able NRI community's efforts and with their wealth acting as a counter weight to help the beleaguered Hindu children of India.

De-legitimize Indian Islam and Indian Muslims

In my earlier analysis titled How were Srilankan Hindus United? I had mentioned "The appropriate way to define Indian Muslims is to describe them as modern-day cannibals living among the civilized who continue to devour the civilized."

For the sake of completeness I will point out how Indian Muslims have massively marginalized non-Muslims and largely exterminated them and their culture in EVERY area of South Asia where they have power through majority status. They have now reserved almost 25% jobs and other opportunities for themselves at the expense of non-Muslims (Muslim Reservation = Jihad).

Conclusively, this points to most Ind ian Muslims being corrupt, evil, inferior, and genocidal cannibals.

If one person can carry out various forms of jihad, so can a large number of people, with most in the population base supporting this jihad. This scenario has developed among Indian Muslims thanks to corrupt, fraudulent and fascist versions of Islam practiced in India.

Does education or living in America change this Indian Muslim cannibalism?

The most prominent Indian Muslim association in America, Indian Muslim council USA (http://www.imc-usa.org) is conducting various forms of jihad on the Indian state and even on the Hindu community in America. The modus operandi of these cannibals is simple: portray Indian Muslims as innocent victims but downplay their acts of violence and jihadism, while unfairly maligning Hindu organizations. This again goes to prove how corrupt, inferior, genocidal Islam practiced in India is.

South Asian Muslims genuinely believe, as followers of Islam, they are superior in everyway - when the reality is exactly the opposite, as borne by various indicators of progress. India's recent resurgence is almost exclusively due to Hindu community which has openly embraced modernism, while the evidence only indicates Indian Muslims' deep embrace of medievalism (Dynamics of Proselytizing). In fact, indiscriminate killings of Hindu children, women and men by South Asian Muslims in the last sixty years or more tell us that they do not even think that Hindus deserve to live. This calls for a strategy whereby South Asian Muslims and South Asian Islam must be demeaned and discredited in every way possible to create confusion among the flock and to finally set the stage for using massive force to permanently neutralize their threat.

Indian community in America shouldn't give any form of representation to Muslims of Indian origin affiliated with jihad sponsoring associations. The onus must be put on Indian Muslims to prove that they want to be part of civilization.

It is legitimate to investigate the origins of Muslim "holy book" given that its tenets are used to impose war on non-Muslims. As agreed even by most Islamic scholars, the Koran was put together in the current format at least one hundred years after the death of Prophet Mohammed. It is said that when the Prophet made "revelations", notes were taken in leaves and other material. Given the level of the ignorance exhibited by the Arabic tribes at that time it is highly unlikely that they could really appreciate any "revelations" or distinguish "real" ones. Even then, here is an open question: How complete, accurate or well-preserved were these "notes" for over one hundred years? This observation points out that calling this "holy book" as the "word of god" may be the biggest fraud imposed on humanity. This may also imply that the Muslim "law" -- Sharia may have little basis or credibility.

It is also quite appropriate to categorize Indian Muslims as slaves of non-performing and fascist Arab Muslim imperialism. The bottom line is that this proven inferior Arab-originated ideology couldn't bring progress to most South Asian Muslim children and has perpetuated a never-ending war using them as a tool.

Even an America that is pluralistic and tolerant has seen the hollowness of its Muslim residents. Recently over 40% polled wanted American Muslim rights be restricted. In the long run this spells a bleak future for Islam in America, and once again discredits Islam and Muslims.

Taking on Journalists and Pseudo-seculars

It is no exaggeration to say that left-dominated Indian English language dailies are the gatekeepers of pseudo-secularism - a view that puts the blame on the beleaguered majority even as it is taken advantage of and victimized by a violent and exclusive minority.

It is a must to win over this Hindu pseudo-secular crowd if India is to successfully confront Islam. What is the reason behind their outlook? Among the reasons: the left dominated - pseudo-secular -- humanities faculty in Indian universities under whom the journalists studied. This, in combination with lack of objective analysis in media has led to sustaining utterly false ideas about what Indian Islam and Muslims stand for. Also, humanities, journalism in particular, get at best mediocre students, with the elite preferring to acquire professional degrees. These journalists have little idea of how problems are solved or wealth is created - in short, they have little idea of how a functional democracy works. Their sense of inferiority complex vis-à-vis elite of the society has been taken advantage of by Islamists who falsely portray their community as victims

(Journalists: Unwitting Friends of Jihadis?).

In the long-run well-articulated submissions from NRI in the form of opinions or letters to editor should help change the mindset of the editorial boards in India-based newspapers. Even many Indian journalists are seeing these points of views for the first time. Also, the status of NRI as able and intelligent people can only help. Even these pseudo-secular Hindus are afraid of Islam. When they are made to see that Indian Islam and Indian Muslims are endangering the future of their children they will begin to see the light. Another area to work on is to contact the ownership of the newspapers and make them see how national interests and the very future of their children are being undermined by their editorial boards.

Entrenched and adamant pseudo-secular journalists or others need to be discredited by pointing out their "weak" humanities (if that is the case) background, and their possible mediocre high school track record. Almost the entire pro-jihadi gang of Indian pseudo-seculars in the United States - Angana Chatterjee, Vijay Prashad, to name a few - consists of individuals with such a background.

Action Items Going Forward

It is important for the movement to have a vision at hand. This vision should drive the action and strategies at the ground level. For instance, for most South Asian Muslims the vision is an Islamic conquest of South Asia. These communities have proven that they would use every level of barbarism to achieve this vision. This clear and evil vision has made South Asian Muslim communities very effective in advancing their cause.

The underlying vision for Hindus or even non-Muslim Indians is eradication of genocidal Islamic ideology within India's boundaries. I am fairly confident that this is an achievable goal. I would like to further divide this vision into two stages.

Stage I

Since this movement has to eventually yield results in India, at this stage the goal should be to help Hindu majority in India identify Indian Muslims as the root cause of poverty and wealth-loss, insecurity, naxal insurgency, loss of jobs and opportunities (How were Srilankan Hindus United?). In other words, help most Hindus understand the big picture of Islamization of South Asia, including India at their expense and how to defeat it. To achieve these goals, I suggest the following action areas:

a.. Any project that weakens Indian Muslims and discredits Indian Islam or strengthens Hindus vis-à-vis Muslims is a good project

b.. Letter writing in India-based news media and in Indian-American news media -- make sure to list your educational credentials and professional standing

c.. Put the blame for naxal insurgency on Indian Muslims

d.. Befriend Indian editors visiting America, conveying the extent cannibalism practiced by Indian Muslims and put the fear of Islam in their minds. Also, use wealth to induce fear of Islam in the minds non-Muslim Indian dignitaries of all hue and suggest to them how India can finally overcome this centuries of bullying by Muslims

e.. Leverage subscriptions in weekly newspapers such as India Abroad to take an anti-jihadi and pro-Hindu stance

f.. Swamp pseudo-secular/jihadi arranged meetings on Kashmir, Gujarat etc with nationalistic fellows and simply impose our own agenda on them

g.. Cajole nationalist relief organizations such as India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) to focus on rehabilitation of Hindus - the forgotten and oppressed people of South Asia

h.. Websites such as USA: www.Indiacause.com, Canada: www.hccanada.com, can act as information centers for mobilizing activities -- countering the meetings organized by jihadis and their pseudo-secular friends. Nationalists NRI may find attending these meetings and voicing their views a good way of venting their inbuilt anger and be part of a movement

i.. Islamic fascism's power flows from wealth. In order to neutralize it, non-Muslim Indians need to be nudged toward NOT giving employment or business to Indian Muslims - on the grounds that Indian Muslims are proven bloodthirsty, selfish and ruthless cannibals out to exterminate Hindus and other non-Muslims

j.. There should be an effort for a more unified front involving non-Muslim Indians given their aversion to Islam and given the reality that only a strong and united Hindu majority can ensure a secure, secular and prosperous India at the border of Islamic fascism Stage II

Extensive campaigning by NRI as noted in Stage I should lead to flowering of a movement within India itself. This should materialize in regimes and leadership with a broad-based support that can act decisively against cannibalism Islam represents in India. An effective regime would undertake the following steps (Islam's Weakness):

a.. Declaration of emergency or martial law

b.. Full-fledged military strikes on power centers of genocidal and cannibalistic Islam and liquidation of its hierarchy and core supporters. It has been shown that militant Islam is a one trick pony. Once these power centers are taken out, it has no way of striking back (The Art of War on Terror)

c.. Liquidate naxal leadership by calling them as friends of jihadis. Hindus across the society are simply fearful of Islam

d.. Ban the practitioners of cannibalism from jobs and holding property

e.. Drive out cannibal populations in the border areas and Muslim Bangladeshis to Pakistan or Bangladesh - the natural South Asian homes of cannibals

f.. Deploy religious freedom force (New Ideas for a New War) to liberate Indian Muslims from inferior, fascist and useless cannibalism to Hinduism

g.. With cannibalism gone, time to focus on wealth creation (A New Paradigm: Civilization through Wealth Creation)

h.. Only an Islamic fascism-free India can ensure a stable, secure nation That can focus on wealth creation. Large scale wealth creation will lead to uplifting of everyone, including the poor and a capable Hindu population.

Such a capable population will automatically reflect a reformed Hinduism, including dissolved caste and other hierarchies

Bharatiya Experts' Forum (BEF) Moderator: G. Anil Kumar