Date: 3/15/2005



True Guardians of "British Way of Life":

Criminals, ruffians, thugs, prisoners, and the NATIONAL FRONT (BNP).



This is the bold headline on page 1 of "The Sun" newspaper in England on March 7, 2005. (www.thesun.co.uk). It describes the plight of Abu Hamza, an INFLUENTIAL Muslim cleric in jail in the UK. This would be UNTHINKABLE in our Bharat.

Abu Hamza preached openly Islamic terrorism and fanaticism against secularism. In his younger days he blew up his right hand while making a bomb and had a HOOK fitted instead.

His mosque in London was locked up due to internal financial mismanagement; he started holding his Friday Namaz OUTSIDE.

This brought the traffic to standstill and police officers stood guard while his followers listened to his hate filled sermons.

At one time he was thought to be beyond law like our own BOFORS CHOR.

That’s where the similarity to our Bofors Chor and home grown Islamic terrorists ends since he was arrested by British authorities, and PUT IN PRISON.

Instead of getting VIP cell in jail, he was put alongside common criminals one of whom attacked him while all of them gave him DIRTY stares.

Here is the news item:

(Quote) Exclusive by Neil Syson.

HOOK-HANDED Abu Hamza has been viciously attacked by a fellow jail inmate, it emerged last night.

The fanatical Muslim cleric, 47, was thumped inside London’s top security Belmarsh prison, a jail source said.

Hamza, awaiting trial for incitement to murder and hated for his vile rants against the West, is said to fear for his life behind bars. He told a pal, “They want to kill me.”

Abu Hamza believes a vicious attack on him in jail was part of a well-planned campaign of hate.

The hook-handed cleric was thumped by another inmate. And he is now compiling a dossier of alleged bullying by staff and cons, to give to human rights lawyers.

Hamza, loathed for his rants against the West, told a visitor of the incident at London Belmarsh prison.

The pal then informed the fanatic’s cronies from Finsbury Park Mosque, North London, who call themselves “Supporters of Shariah”.

Their spokesman Abu Musa called the attack on Hamza “an attempt on his life.”

He said, “He has not made a complaint. We are now working on a full complaint to the prison authorities.

“It was a violent physical incident involving another inmate but I do not know whether a weapon was used. There is no information on whether he received treatment.

He had previously received threats from other prisoners on the lines of “we are going to kill you.”

Hamza also claimed guards turn off his heating, deprive him of blankets and use dogs to wake him and search his cell.

Musa said the treatment amounted to “torture”.

Top-security Belmarsh houses some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals including dozens of murderers.

A prison source said he understood the attack took place last week in the segregation unit, a jail within a jail.

He added, “There are some nasty characters in there. They don’t care about getting caught and some of them wanted to show Hamza exactly what they think of him.”

The Sun told last week how Hamza, awaiting trial for incitement to murder, cries himself to seep in his cell.

A Home Office spokesman said, “All complaints of mistreatment are investigated.” (Unquote).

THE EDITOR, AT THE BOTTOM, WRITES, “Did you whack Hook? If so, call The Sun on (telephone No. given). And by the way, WELL DONE."


Just see what the brave British editor wrote at the bottom. He couldn’t care less about any Islamic demonstration by followers of Hamza in front of his office tomorrow.


What is the equivalent of this incident of terrorist-bashing in a jail in our Bharat?

It would be like having some Kashmiri terrorists put in Jodhpur jail and the Hindu prisoners there broke their bones in anger.

And if that happened, which Indian editor would write “WELL DONE”?

To the question, WHO IS THE REAL GUARDIAN OF ENGLAND? The answer is, “NOT TONY BLAIR, but the criminals, the murderers and the drug addicts in Britain’s top security PRISON.

Such a Britain, where even the prisoners are baying for the blood of a formidable Islamic IMAM, is solid and strong like a ROCK.

Now finally let us spare a thought for the "VIP treatment" of Islamic terrorists in INDIAN prisons.

After the war in East BENGAL, 90,000 copies of KORAN were BOUGHT at state expense and distributed to the “bastards” of Pakistani Armed who took on General Jagjit Singh Aurora.

Imagine the number of cows slaughtered by INDIRA KHANUM’S Hindustan to feed all these Mohammeds. Not one of them was vegetarian.

They were also allowed to broadcast “I am well looked after here, Ammi Jaan ko Salaam” kind of messages to their relatives back home.

Did we find out what THEY were doing to our Bharati Jawans taken prisoner by them? That task was left at the discretion of rogue editors like MJ (MOHAMMED JALALUDDIN) AKBAR.


NOW TO MJ AKBAR: The Indian readers are so poor that one copy of newspaper gets passed around in the whole bus, page at a time. Yet those who make millions from such poor readership, set off for Europe and America and enter the night club society. They are seldom exposed unless they are up to some mischief. Who would have heard of Rahul on drugs deal in Columbia through his girl friend if he had not been body searched at New York Airport to discover $200,000 cash on him?

Who would have known of MJ AKBAR had he not been involved with Home Secretary's woman? Akbar, the Mohammedan had no scruples about a married woman who was a "game.

On page 4 of the same paper we read under the headline, KIMBERLY SON: WHO IS FATHER?

Asian media mogul MJ Akbar, 54, denies he is the father. His wife Mallika said, "It's not that he's not capable of doing such a thing but I don't' think it is true."

One would ask promptly, "Who is this MALLIKA? Was she Hindu before Akbar seduced her into NIKAH? Secondly, is it how normal Indian wives talk about their husbands? ("It's not that my husband is not capable of sleeping around with other women!)

Obviously this is the kind of "dog's" morality that the GANGSTERS (Italy and Islam) are making popular in our Hindu "desh", even among the top editors. Yet the PEOPLE of Bharat are unable to EXTERMINATE such "vermin" and put Hindustan in Hindu hands at last.