Madam Condolisa Rice, please speak to Sonia KHAN, the Empress of Hindustan

Date: 3/16/2005


In a message dated 16/03/2005 08:53:43 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Condi Rice has told Natwar Singh that the United States wants India to scotch a potential deal to build an oil pipeline from Iran to serve the expanding economy in India, the world's largest democracy.

Rice said U.S. objections to the pipeline are well-known. The United States has no diplomatic relations with Iran and wants to keep international pressure on the Tehran regime to give up nuclear ambitions and institute democratic reforms.

A few months down the line Iran could be a cauldron, if the US or Israel blow of the Iranina nucke sites, in that scenario an India- Iran pipeline would be wasted effort and dead investment for India, so it makes great sense for India to scrap the pipedream idea about the pipeline.


Madam Condi Rice,

Poor Natwar Singh is only a degraded subervient Hindu slave of "Rashtramata" SONIA KHAN who was especially imported from Italy to keep the Hindus in their place in Ayodhya.

Please address your misgivings about the Iranian pipeline to her.