Date: 3/19/2005


Everyone in the RULING circles of India, along with their Catholic and Muslim allies, is charging "poor" Mr. Modi, Chief Minister of Gujerat of "Muslim genocide".

Here is one accusation, levied by Biju Mathew, Co-Coordinator, Forum of Inqulabi* Leftists (FOIL), Organizer, The New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Board Member, The Brecht Forum.

"You may remember the massacre of more than 2000 Indians (mostly Muslim and Christian minorities) and the brutal rapes of hundreds of women and young girls that happened in March 2002 in the western Indian state of Gujarat."


COMMENT: We HINDUS did ourselves the biggest disservice, and at the same time the biggest service to our enemies by denying PARTITION under the Terror of FOREIGN GROWN Mohammed and HOME GROWNBandit Nehru.

So how can we counter now to the above by saying, "You "bloody bastard", you may remember the massacre of more than TWO MILLION Indians, mostly HIDU AND SIKH minoritries) and the brutal rape of thousands of women and young girls that happened from MARCH TO OCTOBER 1947 in the western and eastern parts of India that formed the newly established Pakistan?

KURU partitionofindia.com NB: The subservient HINDUS called it "Independence" so that Nehru could not be blamed for accepting the unconditional surrender of one third of India, and then indicted of HIGH TREASON and stood before a firing squad. That is why the whole of India, Sikhs included, deleted the word "PARTITION" from their vocabulary. The repercussions of that cowardice will hit India hard till eternity.