Date: 3/20/2005



We prayed for six decades for a Hindu who could defy the Will of Devil and be proud of his Faith and Land.

God listened to our prayers and now we have Narendra Modi in Gujarat, the genuine “Rashtrapita”. That honour did not go to any sword bearing Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh ji, whose top political leader, while being confined to UNION Territory of Chandigarh, is looking forward to a smile from the Italian born “White Elephant” of Bharat.

Some regard Narendra Modi as the reincarnation of Maharana Pratap, even Chatrapati Shivaji. But the hue & cry against him expose the Powers that hold India in their suffocating grip, and the vulnerability of the Hindus on their own territory.

In our view an individual like Shri Modi should really be the PRESIDENT of India and not hounded in international wilderness. His noble wife deserves to be the First Lady of Hindustan. But who do we have, instead? The Daughter of POPE and MAFIA, holding irrevocable dual nationality by right of birth, who is an insult to India’s NATIVE womanhood. What she thinks of Hinduism, Sri Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar and Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, is unprintable.

Let us do a REALITY check on “mera desh mahaan”, Bharatvarsha.

When a nondescript CATHOLIC member of British Parliament, born in Yemen but claiming his roots in Portuguese Goa, demands to be seen as the “Voice of India” in Parliament in London, we need to sit up. He was especially invited to India as State Guest by the then Prime Minister LOAFER Rajiv Khan, and given a hero’s welcome. Then, like some monarch, he was invited to address both Houses of Parliament in New Delhi.

Our BOFORS CHOR made the second rate man from England seem like a VVIP to the intellectually impoverished “GOATS & BABOO(N)S” of Indian Parliament. The “native niggers”, listened to his secular TRASH with rapt attention. None had any clue to his dishonest dealings in UK for which he was SACKED from office by Tony Blair soon afterwards.

Catholic Keith Vaz is also said to have given advice to Her Majesty the Queen on her proposed visit to Golden Temple in Amritsar. She didn’t ask a Sikh- so LOW was the Sikhs’ sanding in East Punjab and United Kingdom.

Our REALITY check then takes us to the unwritten directive from the anti Hindu rulers to their HINDU/SIKH flock: It commands, “YOU follow your Bapu Gandhi in letter and spirit and stick to non violence and surrender (AHIMSA and TYAAG) while WE go for plunder and loot, and bashing your heads, throwing your turbans in gutter and giving a “bloody nose” to those who once were the masters of LAHORE.

“We shall widen the Hindu Sikh DIVIDE while projecting the Muslims as patriots and the Catholics as secular.”

Continuing with our REALITY check we now find so many top key posts such as President, Supreme Commander of (demoralised and misused) Armed Forces, Governors, Ambassadors, Directors and Chairmen of departments at central and provincial level in the hands of NON HINDUS.

The REALITY check now reveals the reason why we ourselves call the most horrendous defeat and surrender of our history “INDEPENDENCE” in order NOT to learn any lesson from history. It is primarily to save Bandit Nehru from any aspersion of HIGH TREASON that would call for his death by firing squad and confiscation of all property and assets of his Dirty Dynasty.

History does not respect the coward and the blind. And when we Hindus all voluntarily go under the command of a MUSLIM Supreme Commander, and dare not set up 20 HINDU (and two SIKH) HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS in PARTITIONED INDIA, then we are BOTH.

The doomed Red Indians who had vast lands and power did not know what kind of background Columbus had and what kind of Bible he had read before arriving in North America. In their traditional way of life and IGNORANCE of the world, they welcomed their enemy who saw their land and wealth, and immediately set about enslaving, exploiting, plundering and decimating them.

Centuries later we see one George Bush in command of their vast territories while their great grandchildren are confined to reservations as tourist attraction.

Let us ask a “Red” Indian (Native American) as to what he thinks of his kind and hospitable ancestors.

In the same way the Hindus of future will ABUSE our leaders who negotiated Independence for all but accepted PARTITION (the UNCONDTIONAL surrender of five provinces to MOHAMMED).

We can hurl the filthiest abuse at them but it is no use. India is ONE THIRD LESS today and the few surviving Hindus in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal are like the Red Indians on reservations, a tourist attraction, acting as the most visible “Stamp of Superiority” of the barbarians and the final collapse of our great Hindu nation.

Narendra Modi comes from THIS background even if we call 1947 the “Year of Independence”.

In India we tolerated the Muslim invaders and kept them in our land when we could have thrown them out, lock, stock and the “ball of fire and violence” called KORAN.

That collective stupidity cost us the loss of FIVE PROVINCES outright and also plagued us with a vicious eternally mischievous minority who do not let us raise our heads in Ayodhya or breathe in Srinagar.

Those so-called Indian Muslims (Broken Bharat’s biggest FIFTH COLUMN) have now found a new and powerful ally, George Bush- who won his last election on RELIGIOUS ticket. What a contrast to Bharat.

The Hindus, like those DOOMED Red Indians, do not know what powers the Pope enjoys and what manipulations they do and what Sonia Khan (called Gandhi by fools) has in store for them.

She dreams of the Hindus impoverished, and then converted, killed or confined to reservations.

She wields enormous power over the natives who think she is the most gifted and intelligent female on earth, far superior to their own kind and will give them “Roti Kapda” (food, clothing and shelter).

Under her command and authority, we Hindus are perishing slowly but surely. Bharat’s decomposing body is showing ugly festering scars and wounds in many ways.

The Constitution had to be totally different in the wake of savage Muslim attack at PARTITION. We deleted the word, and called it INDEPENDENCE in order not to cast aspersion on the HIGH TREASON committed by our cowardly leaders, foremost Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, not to demand his execution by firing squad.

We retained the MUSLIMS when they slaughtered us by the million and chased us out in rags and three clothes from our own territory that became ISLAMIC Pakistan.

We went along with Rajiv Khan’s invasion of Northern Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin and we went along with his mother Indira KHAN when she badly distorted the politics in East Punjab to find an excuse to decimate the Sikhs.

We have been silently watching and tolerating the key top posts going to NON Hindus, not only that of the Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces.

And we now see that a democratically elected Chief Minister is refused visa to enter the USA while every dictator and general (Musharraf) and absolute monarch (Saudi Arabia) is America’s closest ally.

America is listening to those whose “democracy” is the KORAN and to the powerful Catholic lobby within Bharat who are enjoying freedoms that the Hindus do not have in Italy, Germany and Portugal.

The Hindus are most certainly on the path to extinction like the Red Indians. We have no guts to look back at PARTITION and no eyes to see our FUTURE in the “Islamic Republic” of Hindustan.

White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (“WASP”) RULING America are, after all, the descendants of Columbus, not only in Faith and Fundamentalism that produced the KU KLUX KLAN.

The Hindus have to start a new tradition, of coming out in their hundreds of thousands in streets to show COLLECTIVE power, something that the Muslims and the Christians are expert at.

At present a million “Gandhian” Hindus are visualised by the world, following silently an emaciated lean old tottering man in loin cloth and wooden sandals, leaning over his walking stick while leading the “salt march”, like well behaved obedient SLAVES.

George Bush’s ancestors, on the other hand, rode chargers into battle, flags flying, and fired guns, grenades and missiles and dropping bombs on the enemy in two World Wars. The inspiration and spirit that he has inherited from his conquering ancestors, is totally opposite of what we Indians claim to be ours.

Hindu leaders failed to see PEOPLE POWER in Dresden, Leipzig and Prague that brought down the mighty Soviet Empire, and more recently, in Kiev that changed the government in Ukraine.

When will we put Shri Modi in front, and see a MILLION HINDUS marching together behind him through the streets of Delhi, passing in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Lok Sabha and No. 10 JANPATH?

When will we see Hindu police and army “Jawans” refuse to obey orders to fire on the Hindus in Hindustan?

The reality check is not in favour of the Hindus at present. Some of the States in India are larger than France and Germany and in a world where even Czech Republic has her Man in UNO, Mr. Modi, despite his democracy and popular mandate, has no international standing.

Sonia Khan at Centre has the power to topple him and even put him before court while the whole country cannot get the final verdict on BOFORS CHOR delivered by any court.

The REALITY check says, America is not interested in Hindus but in their future economic potential as a rival of the US. The genius of Hindus will flourish only when we get rid of scheming Hindu bashing devils of Delhi.

That potential is tremendous and seen as life threatening by the West. Already we see jitters about China’s rapid rise. What if India takes off in the same way?

The only way to stop her is to boost her INTERNAL Fifth Column. That is why if the whole Hindu population is degraded or wiped out under State design (an Islamic Constitution kills or degrades the non Muslims by STATE Design) or wiped out in North Kashmir and East Bengal, it would NOT trouble America in the least, and Mr. Modi is a Hindu.

A few years back one hundred Hindu pilgrims, on their way to Amarnath Yatra, were massacred near Jammu in one night, and on the eve of Bill Clinton’s visit to India 36 Sikhs were stood against the wall and shot dead in cold blood. Was there a voice raised on their behalf in Amerirca?

The worst FEAR of the West, America included, is the possibiltity that after India wipes out her Congress (Italy and Islam) the Hindus will go out to embrace their first cousins in Buddhist China and Japan.

The whole world knows that Nehru was a “haraami”. Hence his slogan “Hindu Chini Bhai Bhai” was a grand deception while he was planning for the conflict, NOT peace.

When India becomes HINDU RASHTRA the “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai” will become deception and fraud.

After Hindustan acquires her own brain and perceptions, India-China alliance will be formidable like the alliance of EU and USA. Hindu India will create a climate in which thousands of tourists and pilgrims will come from the East, not Mohammedans from the Middle East who come to “pick up” girls.

The two great Asian civilisations will meet, thus keeping the plunderers, looters, “CHORS” and Hindu-haters AWAY.

The REALITY check finally shows a way forward. To raise awareness of the ordinary Indians to the level of people of South Korea where 60% of citizens are on Broadband Internet connection.

It means all hands together. This is a challenge for Mr Modi now and there are numerous computer engineers and technicians at home to do so. This may be a forward looking idea but be prepared to face bullets from two sides, front and rear.

There is deep frozen fear of modern communications among Hindus on one side and the Wrath of Sarkar on the other.

We hope Mr. Modi will rise above the storm and make Gujarat the leading State with regard to computers in classrooms. Hopefully his good deed will catch on with the chief ministers of Maharashtra and EAST Punjab. The latter will be liberated by his people from Union Territory.

By Internet one can reach out to the masses DIRECT without Sonia and her RAW coming in between.

Rejoice, dear Hindus. A silent REVOLUTION is brewing in Bharat to sweep away the ideological filth gathered over centuries. A new era is dawning, the Era of the proud HINDU. Narendra Modi may well have initiated it.